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  1. Canucks leaders

    I love how they have the lights going during the fight haha
  2. thanks for posting this a hole i was trying not to cry today
  3. [GDT] Canucks vs Habs 4:00PM PST SNP/SN650

    What's the message I love playing in the AHL?..
  4. you gotta admire a team willing to do whatever it takes to win
  5. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    positives.. kesler didnt score a goal. edler got throttled into the boards on the last PP. (hehe) the oilers got equally dicked by LA tonight and they are supposed to be a cup contender. LOL. I love when hockey pundits eat their words. missing you bo
  6. [GDT] Ducks @ Nucks | January 2nd | 7 pm PST

    At least the CDC came to play tonight. Frickin poetry bud.
  7. Olli Juolevi | D

    Watched the shootout at the gym and before I knew it was OJ up last I literally said to myself I would hate to be the kid taking this shot... And then when I saw his face...LOL What immense pressure these kids are under. At least they have the unyielding support of the best fanbase in the world !!!
  8. [GDT] Ducks @ Nucks | January 2nd | 7 pm PST

    Don't you just wish boeser played in the 70s and we could watch his hair blow around in the wind while he skated around the ice scoring goals. #freetheflow
  9. [PGT] Edmonton Oilers vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Made a bet with an oilers fan in my class; Loser of this game has to wear the others team jersey for the day. He gets off easy though because I would never let a slimy coilers fan put on my Canucks jersey.
  10. Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Kings Sept. 16th 2:00pm

    They would have to call him the BroDog
  11. Preseason GDT/PGT Canucks vs Kings Sept. 16th 2:00pm

    If I could Frankenstein a hockey player... I would use biega's heart. Guy is an absolute beauty.
  12. [Official] 2017 Training Camp Thread

    People crapping on OJ him without actually watching is not TROLLING. that is just a big portion of any teams fanbase... misinformed, pitch fork wielding fanatics. some people just cannot AND will not understand that no two players are the same in development. Just because others in juolevi's draft have shown a certain level of success, they equate anything less than that to be failure. Plain and simple, they will all be fans again if he turns out to be the player we drafted for. They just don't understand development. draft picks are nothing but shiny toys to some people, not investments. It is what it is. I would say that instead of giving these kids grief at every mistake and slip-up...why not take a step back and realize how truly impressive it is if a kid can actually step into this league at 18 19,20, 21 years old and be a true professional and contribute in the best hockey league in the world. Think of what an unmotivated, party animal, part timer degenerate you might have been at their age.... and think of how easy it is to sit where you are and say these kids arent doing good enough. the fact is...they are closer to the NHL than many many others have tried or wanted to be... Not just because of pure skill...they have been practicing their whole lives. hockey development has come a long way...more players are becoming very highly skilled at a younger ages. people, however, seem to be getting dumber and less mature lol. expecting every kid to be ready to devote nearly every waking hour out of the best years of their lives to working out, eating right, and getting lots of sleep is unrealistic. They are highly talented KIDS. mistakes will be made. And i can almost guarantee the mistakes these kids are making are probably less than whatever horrible things we all did at this age. lol draft+1 draft+2 players who come in and contribute are the exception...not the standard. horvat is an exception. boeser is an exception. virtanen is.....virtanen! lol juolevi looks to be the standard..not an exception. it is what it is. Sorry for this rant but its not a good start in overall tone on the boards towards our best prospect pool ever. Were making a stew here folks not pizza pops. I suggest you sit down to enjoy this ride.
  13. [Discussion] Grit. 17/18

    Concussions will go way down when they bring in a bunch of oafs to punch each other in face and seek retribution for any liberties taken on star players? Nah. Teams can't afford to ice players like that anymore. Pedan and Dorsett aren't going to be gifted spots in the lineup for toughness. Not in a lineup where you are looking at weircioch, Subban and juolevi fighting for a spot... Not when you have goldobin boucher gaunce virtanen all knocking on the door. NOT A CHANCE. This ain't rock em sock em anymore boys.
  14. [Discussion] Grit. 17/18

    Lol who cares about Roman polak the guy is a goon. The new core is forming and they have already shown they will take care of each other. The gladiator days are over. .. What year is it lol?
  15. Teens Laugh and Taunt Man as he Drowns

    I agree that this is awful. I completely disagree that you can just chalk this up to 'the way the world is now'. In my opinion that stance is indicative of someone who watches too much news, and has actually formed their opinion of humanity based off on what they see from it. News is about ratings. REAL journalists, scientists, and psychologists have done far more extensive research into the state of humanity and when they publish articles they tend to have actual headlines like "violence trending downwards in the following countries in the past decade" or "violence trending upward in these countries" and they go into great detail on what they have found to be causing these trends. "Teens film and tease as a man drowns" This is clickbait journalism and that headline was posted to generate clicks on their website so people would share and share and generate ad revenue and discuss it adnasuem and tell all their friends and get even more clicks and more ad revenue and more ratings and more money. What is the story? Someone did something terrible again? Wait. There's a video? Share share share. Don't fool yourself into thinking that 5 kids like this have never existed before. This isn't a new breed. People like this have existed time and time again and will continue to exist. The only difference is it gets shared around the world in half a second and like a carcrash people can't look away. You are literally letting rating and money driven journalists decide the way you see the world. Do yourself a favor a don't watch crap like this.