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  1. 2018-2019 Potential Line-up (with what we have)

    Goldobin/Baertschi Horvat Boeser Eriksson Gagner Petterson Leipsic Gaudette Virtanen Archibald Sutter Motte/Granlund **I don't see both of baertschi/Granlund coming back **I feel like it's either time for goldobin to play in the NHL or be traded. ** Gaunce the extra forward Would like to see Hutton, Granlund, baertschi flipped for picks to shore up the defence in the coming years.
  2. Kole Lind | RW

    I don't think we've ever had a player in our system before that had gads anything like the gads that Lind has.
  3. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I seem to remember Vegas still being the team to beat when they were on their 5th string goalie. Pittsburgh severed ties with Fleury because he is 33 and Matt Murray is 23 ...and the goalie of their future. Who was drafted 83rd overall. Obviously his point is you don't need first overall players to build a team that is a cup contender. Does it help? Obviously doesn't hurt but look at Edmonton LMAO. Most Number 1 goaltenders weren't drafted first overall... Lundqvist is regarded as one of the world's best, drafted at 205th overall. Price at 5th overall. Brodeur 20th. Luongo 4th. Quick 72nd. Holtby 93rd. Vegas is a perfect example of how a well built TEAM can be better than a team that relies on a first overall pick. Nashville also doesn't have a first overall player on their roster. Kyle Turris @ 3rd overall is the highest. There are probably other teams I'm too lazy to look though. Perfect examples though of how first overall picks mean nothing unless you have a well built team..and how a well built team doesn't even need a first overall pick. Edit*** The 2011 Boston Bruins didn't have a first overall pick The Bruins didn't have a first overall this season either until they TRADED for dirty ol' Rick Nash. Soooo. Let's put the whole "first overall pick or you can't build a contender" theory to bed now ok??? It's just NOT TRUE. And it doesn't make you SMART if you believe thats the only way. Does it hurt the odds of drafting first overall to win games at this point? Yes Is their anything we can do about it? No. Do you want you future captain Bo Horvat to be a player who would ever throw a game? No So take some pride in your hockey team you wet sandwiches!!!
  4. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    If you had to draft fans... Tankers would go undrafted. For their unwarranted sense of superiority. And for having to tell people how smart and of a higher evolution they are to cheer for their team to lose.
  5. [PGT] Anaheim Ducks vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Smh at these pointless win comments. Go ahead and accept the losses or even cheer for them I's a good opportunity for us to draft another impact NHL player. Sure. No one can say finishing last at the end of the day doesn't have the silver lining of best odds in the draft lottery. But how can you be so ignorant as to actually be UPSET that a sports team tried to win a game?... The tank and "stealth tank" are not real, not from a players perspective. There is no reverse standings. No race to the bottom. Just a team that ends up finishing in last place. Whiny bunch some of you. *** We are the SMART fans.. we are the only ones who want a first overall pick. No other teams fanbase realizes that if you finish in last get the best chance at drafting first overall. Just some of us in Vancouver.... The SMART fans. That's why we actively cheer for our team to lose, and get mad when they win. Because we're so SMART. And we make such a huge sacrifice trying to get these L's and when these players don't lay down and die... It's just stupid. Ughh... Stupid hockey players and their competitive nature that got them into the NHL in the first place. Why can't you be SMART and WHINY like us? And takes some L's for the greater good. I know some of you may never play long in the NHL that long. But yadda yadda yadda bunch of other sarcastic BS I could go on much further.
  6. Tank Thread

    Just getting into the playoffs be will be enough to keep going Bo and the kids hungry IMO. and if EP plays next year and is half as good as we hope, plus the same for Gaudette... aswell as a hopefully a top 3 pick this year being an NHL ready player...AND A HEALTHY LINEUP**** we would be pushing for a spot next year IMO. Then again I thought the team this year could have pushed for a spot until we were ravashed by injuries... We just don't have the depth to deal with them at this point. Look at how big of a difference boeser made. We just need a couple more game changers like him. Gaudette could prove to be one of those guys. You can tell the kid is a gamer. I think and hope his development curve will continue to trend upwards. EP has been one of those players in every league outside the NHL so far. Svechnikov and Dahlin look amazing and ready to go... The Canucks have played the lottery odds a few years in a row maybe this is the year we finally hit. No one can say the team this year wasn't able to push for a spot because we were in it at the jump. we didn't burn out, we had injuries to key players, with not enough quality players to stay competitive afterwards.
  7. [Signing] Canucks sign Adam Gaudette

    Yup. Who cares, even IF tryamkin did care about his number. Tryamkin left the team for his own reasons and Gaudette signed onto the team for the same. You don't get to be wishy washy and expect your old jersey to be clean and pressed waiting for you for the OFF CHANCE you decide to come back to play one day. There is no contract stipulation or inclination that says Tryamkin is ever coming back so no number "belongs to him".
  8. [Signing] Canucks sign Adam Gaudette

    When the Canucks have the same depth as the Pittsburgh Penguins they will be able to have the luxury to take into consideration not burning a year on a players ELC. To even compare what the Penguins did with Guetnzel to the Canucks and Gaudette makes little to no sense whatsoever. Given that the Penguins won the Stanley Cup the year they signed guetnzel, before he ever played a game for them. They also won the Stanley Cup the year after signing him during the first year of his ELC. At this point we can afford to do this type of deal and give some young players a chance to hit the ground running in their first full season. So yes, Guentzel and Gaudette both were collegiate players, but other than that there is completely zero relevant context in their comparison.
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    As nice as it would be to see Gaudette go help Utica in a Calder push, if he belongs in the NHL then so be it. Will definitely be going to some games to check him out if he does land here if not just the last home game for the off chance IMO that the sedins do retire after this year. Can't be too careful Canucks have taken too much of my money this year including the most recent LA / ANA road trip with 0 goals and little entertainment haha. Definitely a TV team at this point.
  10. Edmonton Oilers - Are they broken?

    they've been on a tear lately so maybe mcdavids goal should only be to win the art ross. and then his next goal should be to try and win the conn smythe. far less pressure then making the playoffs and winning the stanley cup.
  11. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    people need to learn to put their arguments into context.. the NHL has gotten faster. thats made the sedins LOOK slower. they were never fast. they were never outstanding defensively they just used to dominate dont to play defence when you have the other team hemmed in their zone for 2 minute shifts. This team has been bad defensively. That has to do with lack of offence, lack of defence, and inconsistent goaltending. and our best, youngest players are both -5. Horvat and Boeser... - 5. look through the entire lineup. you dont even need a full hand to count the players on our team who will finish with positive +/-. the only thing the rebuild needs to move along is time. sorry edgar you arent being patient enough. there is literally no one in our system capable of playing better hockey than them at this point. you could make the argument that their are faster players then them though.... that would be correct edgar. better hockey players.....NO. silly edgar. impatient edgar. uninformed pitch fork weilding edgar.... in edgars world. 50 pt players need to move on from the NHL. they are to slow.
  12. Yes or no to the Sedin’s next year?

    never thought i would be grateful towards jason botchford for anything, but he just wrote a piece that should get some of his mindless followers to pipe down on the subject of their retirement. he makes all the neccesary points that those in favor of them resigning have made all along and I just hope that finally some of pitchfork wielding "sedins are bums/ play every kid 20 minutes a game" crowd will change their mind now that the puppeteer has made a public position on the matter. because even though i disagree with it... there is simply no denying that jason botchford has a massive influence on this teams perception. MASSIVE. edit**** id like to add... F U botchford you slimy POS
  13. Whoever bumped this thread is a salty piece of trash. Btw the same media that predicted us to be bottom feeders are the same people who predicted Vegas to be a bottom feeder this year and oilers to be cup contenders. Obviously injuries have plagued us and we just don't have the depth in our lineup yet to handle substantial injuries. Simple as that IMO.
  14. [PGT] New York Islanders vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Canuck fans hoping for barzal being injured ... Boeser gets injured.. Canuck luck?... How about Canuck karma! Shameful. GG Virtanen. Games like these will be fewer and far less between as time goes on.

    Vaneks whole career is with a new team. Also being younger and having a higher shot percentage on net I would argue should give him a better statline than Daniel wouldn't you? But how much less is his ATOI? I didn't look because I'm sure it's very close. I don't have to look like you did to know that it probably is. The only thing you've really added IMO is that Vanek blocks more shots and plays slightly harder minutes with those extra dzone starts. You've made it sound like they are night and day when really they aren't. Both players, given their minor differences in some areas, produce at an identical rate . Also noone can really say the twins need each other on the same line to do well. Their passing between each other revolutionized hockey. They definitely have a chemistry that we now take for granted. But to say Daniel wouldn't be able to score and Henrik wouldn't be a playmaker is highly unlikely. I don't know where this recently popular rhetoric came from. Botchford maybe? I'd like to add as long as people blame the sedins for every loss and then back them up on every win... I'm not the one who should be discredited. But CDC has always had a bit of a fairweather vibe to it hasn't it.