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  1. November I have said this a couple of week back. This month will prove who we really ARE.
  2. Podkolzin is coming soon, STEAL of the Draft this Year. Tryamkin back? Maaan
  3. It’s ok broski, we have 61 more games after this, and we can still come back. But I do feel you’re pain. Cheers
  4. I was just laughing HARD, with that Alain Vigneault, GIF/Video courtesy of the Fellas. But now I am sad, why did They take the lead????
  5. “It was fine for the first 5-15 seconds, after that I was wondering, if there something seriously wrong with this guy?” Kevin Bieksa LMFAO.
  6. Ok brother.......laughing my ass off. I love that clip, wish we had a Meme for that! I remember watching that game lol. Fiddler killed it. I have been looking for this for a long ass time.
  7. Roger Nielsen Towel!!!!! Every time you comment I get a notification, with others as well! I followed you and you’re Cow Bell, not the whole CDC, much ❤️. post that Cow Bell @debluvscanucks
  8. Just like Auston Matthews, these two shouldn’t be allowed 500m within ANY Elementary School, Nation Wide.
  9. Hey guys do you remember Willie Desjardin, Del Zotto, Megan, the guy Pittsburgh picked in the first round lol, and so many more. Please add on to this. I have so many just can’t think of them @ this moment.
  10. LOL LOL, ok like I happen to watch the game and read that comment while, having a drink. It spat out. Deb!!! Lol you nailed it.