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  1. So you're so stubborn that you are going to say his whole point is invalid and your idea of erasing games that teams have already played is the right thing to do because you don't like that he said "winning percentage" instead of "point percentage"? Give your head a shake.
  2. I'm confused as to what the conversation is here. Alf asked if any GM's have ever stuck around long enough to hire 3 coaches of their own. I answered. What context is needed?
  3. Big Game! We have games in hand on the teams around us. Our fate is still very much in our own hands... and it's March. When is the last time you remember being able to say that. What a season this team has had to get to this point. Now they have to fight through adversity and injuries and cross the finish line. It's exciting to be on the edge of my seat again. This is the first real step up for our new core of Canucks, and i would love nothing more than to see them get to the dance. But, they have scratched, clawed and fought there way to this point. IF they fall short, and we have to face another long off-season with a top 15 pick, i will swallow it and anxiously await next season to see the next step this young group of players will take. Huge game... Let's Go Canucks!
  4. Sanity.... A-Are you lost? This is not the place for such calmness. Not the PLACE! Only overreacting please... going forward, if we win 3, acknowledge the fact that we are Cup Contenders, easily one of the best teams in the league. Just remember though, if we lose 3, FIRE EVERYONE!
  5. Ah. didnt realize that powerplay points didn't count count toward your plus minus. Interesting. Thanks for the info. learning is always fun isnt it. It would have likely still been incorrect just because Leon is on the ice for more goals than he registers points on... Was really just supposed to be some dry humour... but ... here we are.
  6. I had to go double check the standings the way this forum is reacting. This whole place is toxic because of some loud mouths who know less than they care to pretend. It's embarassing. This team deserves a better fan interaction forum. Almost nobody here was predicting the Canucks to make the playoffs, and now if we aren't winning the division, you're up in arms... THAT is a huge statement on how well they have played and been coached thus far. But.. short term memory i suppose. The Canucks are 2nd in the division, down by 1 point, with games in hand on every team below us. A better ROW than every team below us. 1st in Goal differential. 4th in the conference by the way. Tied for 1st in Wins. 4th in the conference. 2nd best goals for in the conference. 5th best goals against in the conference. ............ Guess these last two really prop up that Markstrom is the only reason we win any games argument eh. Other than three powerhouse teams, one of which just won a stanley cup, the Canucks are one of the best teams in the conference. I don't really care about what you think you saw through your I HATE GREEN! FIRE EVERYONE! BENNING IS A JOKE! BLUGGH! Filter, because the fact is that this team is outperforming 90% of pre-season predictions. They are good again. Not great yet. AND they are outperforming the majority of the conference, nonetheless the division, in every team category that matters. So try to stop puking garbage, take a little breath, and enjoy the fact that in the first season that this new core has been given some tools, they are already a top 5 team in the conference. And if they don't happen to make it in this, their first season back to being a GOOD team, then hey, we have next season and the season after where they will have only grown into a better team, hopefully becoming one of those Powerhouse teams i just mentioned. Reel in the expectations and the childish angst. F'n Chill and help make this forum and this fanbase a little less embarassingly toxic.
  7. Lol! Usually these things are fun to read through on gamedays. But yikes, lotsa bitching and moaning by couch Gm's and Coaches (there always is, but geez louise. The team loses a couple games and everyones losing their minds!) 1. It's just a game folks. 2. This team is light-years ahead of where they were last year, and in fact, where most predicted they would be at this time this year. 3. Just relax and enjoy the beginnings of this teams next Up period. It will be gone sooner than later and we will all have enough angst then to make up for the angst you lose now by just enjoying things a little. 4. Let the Coaches and GM do their jobs. You, and i cannot stress this enough, do not know better. 5. It's just a game folks. We're trending up. There will be some downs. But we will continue to trend up for the next several years. 1 player... 1 game... 1 trade or 1 mistake will not destroy the future that has already been built. Relax. Have a little bit of fun on the ride, there's a lot more left before it's all said and done.
  8. Div Standings: VGK CAL SJS VAN * WC - 7th ARI EDM ANA LAK Playoffs: 1st Round - Game 7 Heroics by Boes 2nd Round - Lose Series in 6 Season Stats: Markstrom 61GP 2.61GAA .916SV% Demko 21GP 2.74GAA .911SV% Top10 Scoring: Pettersson 75Gp 33G 49A 82P Boeser 73Gp 36G 34A 70P Horvat 80Gp 29G 38A 67P Miller 82Gp 24G 32A 56P Edler 72Gp 9G 32A 41P Ferland 68Gp 21G 18A 39P Pearson 74Gp 23G 16A 39P Hughes 65Gp 6G 31A 37P Gaudette 71Gp 16G 18A 34P Virtanen 76Gp 18G 15A 33P
  9. Look, the guy is an upgrade on D. He is worth money in today's market, and it will take a big contract to get him. We could start to fight for a spot in the next year or two and start to contend with the maturation of our young guys within 2- 4. So he would be worth it. The problem is the value of the contract in the later years, and the cap situation in 4 or 5 years. So if it needed to be 7x7 to land him. Could we not do something like $49 Million over 7 years, but broken down in a way that doesn't hinder us. Something like: Year 1: 10 Million Year 2: 9 Miliion Year 3: 7 Million Year 4: 6 Million Year 5: 6 Million Years 6 and 7: 5.5 Million Right? Years 5, 6 and 7 where we would be worried of him dropping off at age 34, 35, 36 his cap hit is less and the Percentage of that hit on the cap at that time will no doubt be tremendously smaller than it is now. Which would mean he is either at a fair deal, or moveable in the least. (Like actually though, I'm asking if this is realistic, or if there is a rule that prevents this kind of manipulation of the money over long term deals?) If that can be done, then I would have next to no issue with his signing, because it does not hinder us in the future like people seem to be afraid of. 6 Mil or 5.5 Mil in 5 years is going to be peanuts.
  10. This Though! This is just wrong. So many people keep saying this. No there is not a big difference between making the playoffs and being a contender. All your points revolve around the team becoming a legit contender before ever even making the playoffs. Its just silly. And wrong. Look at these last playoffs. Look at the #1 Example of your LEGIT contender in Tampa. Swept in 1st round. Look at the majority of the top seeds being bounced. Look at the Cup Winners, being in last place in January. That is anything but a Legit contender. And they made the playoffs and won the cup. Making the playoffs... Making moves to improve your team to be able to start making runs is how you win... Not just losing over and over until you have a team of McDavids aged between 20 and 35. Stop. You're being silly.
  11. Thank God! I haven't looked at this thread since a few hours after the trade happened, when I had to look away from the incredible over reactions to getting a great all around player. I came back to the last few pages and am happy to see that at least a discussion is taking place. There is some sanity here - very nice. We can not just keep losing. For so long, I have been reading people arguing to continue to be bottom 5. It's like there has been this desire to win the Draft Lottery for 4 years now and since it hasn't happened it has turned into an all-encompassing carrot on the end of a stick. We can't do anything else until we get that Carrot. No. Luckily enough, we have a GM and scouting team who are competent enough that we have pulled ourselves out of the depths without needing that Lottery win. I, for one, am so happy. You can't compare this trade to the Marleau or the Subban trade. Totally different circumstance. Marleau is a guy that is not going to be a productive member of your team for any real amount of time. He will be bought out. Subban is 9 Million dollars, aging, and a known S disturber - though no doubt a great Dman. THIS was a cap dump and They still gave up 4 assets. Santini is a good prospect. Miller is a young player in his prime, still getting better at a reasonable cap hit. He is by far the best value that moved. Not just a cap dump. When we drafted Podkolzin, a majority of posters were talking about "Big Ball Jim". Well this move is another Ballsy move, and I love it. This sends the message that, yeah, lets go boys, lets win some games finally. This is where our franchise is now. Accept it. Enjoy it. Stop yearning for us to be perennial losers so that we can catch a big fish. We have our Big fish. Horvat. Pettersson Boeser Hughes to a lesser extent... Demko Podkolzin Guys.... We did it. We made it through the nightmare. We can start looking up. We just added a legit top 6 winger. We have two indisputably Top 6 Lines. Its a good thing. Baer - Petey - Boeser Pearson/Virtanen/Leivo/frigginwhocareslethorvatandmillerhandleit - Horvat - Miller This is the right move. Because its Jim going big balls and betting on this team to start competing and having the depth we need to continue to throw in some young guys through the coming years. Lind Gaudette Woo Rathbone Podkolzin Hoglander Utunen Juolevi Madden DiPietro ... Just to name a few. If even only a few of these guys turn into NHL players.... Guys! lets give up a valuable draft pick to start trying to win... Stop chasing that friggin Carrot.