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  1. I don't agree with Brian Burke very often but he says the Sabres look like a clown show after this firing and I have to agree with him...
  2. Not surprised he probably wants the fastest track to the NHL he can find...
  3. Yep he was pretty pissed for sure! And I don't think I can recall Bure having any issues after that either...I also remember Gino being super proud of his buddy!!
  4. Hmmm I seem to remember something like that happening
  5. If he's playing against the Canucks then probably 100%
  6. I hope JB finds a way to re-sign Toffoli he's a fantastic addition to this group just like JT Miller and Tanner Pearson.
  7. Yes and we all know how big a factor the power play is especially in the playoffs. I think bringing in Barrie gives the Canucks a real shot at making it to at least the West final...
  8. Only thing I can think is that coaching and management want to take advantage of our forward depth and want two defensemen who will drive the offensive attack. As we saw last night when the Canucks attack at their best there is not much anyone can do to slow them down...
  9. Ahhh I missed that didn't turn it on till the third...
  10. If this guy doesn't give up a goal doesn't he at least deserve to be named the game's third star?
  11. Can't see it doing anything but help. One less rightie on the market and still the same number of teams shopping...
  12. If they make the playoffs and don't fix whatever the hell is wrong with this team it will be 4 and out
  13. I am curious to see if Tryamkin really does come back...