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  1. Hit the nail on the head. He's the worst sports writer in the league.
  2. You're bang on! Never have we been even close to this quantity and quality of prospects. I remember when our top two prospects were Rob Murphy and Steve Veillieux. Nothing against those two guys but man we've come along way! Even compared to the illustrious duo of Josh Holden and Rick Girard. Oh my the memories...
  3. No doubt they are 3 points out of first in the division and top 3 in most categories league wide. Only their goaltending and their penalty kill have let them down. And those two go hand in hand. Dumb move.
  4. The most consistent thing about this team is it's inconsistency!
  5. Plays with Tyler Madden and is a childhood friend of Jack Rathbone...
  6. It would be fitting. The Devils are a mess, some might even go so far as to call them 'Mickey Mouse' lol right Wayne?
  7. Do you mean JB as in Jim Benning or JB as in Judd Brackett? Either way JB is awesome and I want him part of this organization long term!! ;)
  8. Matthew Thiessen got the start for Maine last night against the US under-18 team and made 30 saves for the shutout. https://mobile.twitter.com/MaineIceHockey/status/1216183739568377856
  9. Fair enough. But when they aren't the first team to score they have a disturbing trend of getting scored on in the first 2-3 minutes. I don't know if this is because the team as a whole isn't ready or if it's a goaltender issue. But it does seem to be an issue, and not just this season...
  10. So the Panthers scored two goals in the first three minutes. Why does it seem like this team is never ready to start a game? It seems like a very disturbing trend to me...
  11. It's our society's fault, everybody gets a medal! Don't want to make anyone feel bad about themselves...
  12. Canucks looked like a playoff team tonight. Hope they can keep it up...