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  1. I am very happy with the Miller trade. He seems to be pulling everyone else together...he moves the puck with such confidence and accuracy
  2. 100% agree. Slow ass starts are on the coach...
  3. He's taking Fantenberg's spot in the press box (out sick)
  4. I agree with you I like DeBrusk he surprised me the first time I watched him. He's a lot more impartial than I expected...
  5. Yep you better get used to it Doughty. This Canucks team is going to spank a few teams this year...oh and the Kings are going to be cellar dwellers for at least the next 5 seasons.
  6. That was the common theme with Quinn in all the scouting reports, needs to work on his shot. It was considered his biggest weakness as far as the offensive side of the puck anyways. I'd say he definitely worked on it...this is going to be a very fun season!
  7. Its funny how the game has changed. That hit that Rome threw on Horton is part of the reason Scott Stevens is in the hall of fame...
  8. Wow bet he would have looked good on Petey's wing...
  9. I just saw that too lol can't wait to hear how they spin this in Cowtown
  10. I had the same experience. Wouldn't let me in
  11. Can't wait for Bo to pull that captains jersey on. Its about time...
  12. I don't have a problem with any of these 3 being waived. It means we are that much deeper this year. They have a combined 2 games of NHL playoff experience and both those games are from Sven. If these are the cuts JB and TG believe are right then I am 100% behind them.
  13. With both Focht and Woo on the Hitmen I am going to have to make a couple trips to Calgary to watch them...
  14. Canucks have reassigned Jake Kielly from Utica (AHL) to Kalamazoo (ECHL) http://www.uticacomets.com/news/detail/comets-reduce-preseason-roster-by-nine COMETS REDUCE PRESEASON ROSTER BY NINE Sep 29, 2019 Utica, N.Y. – Utica Comets General Manager Ryan Johnson announced today that the club has reduced its preseason roster by nine players. The following player has been re-assigned by Vancouver to the Kalamazoo Wings: Jake Kielly The following players have been loaned by Utica to Kalamazoo: Zach Frye Aaron Thow Tanner Sorenson Dylan Sadowy The following player has been loaned by Utica to Brampton: Matt Petgrave The following players have been released from their professional tryouts: Gregg Burmaster Ian Edmondson Matt Iacopelli