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  1. Griffin Reinhart?? Lol just kidding I guess the only one recently would be Darnel Nurse (and Bouchard last year of course)
  2. I agree was just speculating about why his ranking has fallen so far...
  3. There have been rumours that Podkolzin is signed for two more years in Russia, Kaliyev is already playing in North America so maybe that's what he's basing it on?? Just my thoughts...
  4. The standard in this league is determined by the color of the offending players jersey...hope that helps...
  5. Yeah and somehow Aaron Rome got a 5 minute major and a 4 game suspension...still pissed off about that...Boston sucks!
  6. Yeah, it isn't Green's fault that Loui isn't producing. He was put on the Sedin's line, Horvat's and this year Pettersson's line...and whatever line he's been put on has fallen off the cliff offensively. He's done. Hopefully they trade him to Ottawa after his 'bonus' is paid in July....
  7. I don't like this. Would rather he stayed in Moose Jaw, the Hitmen are a freaking horribly run organization lately...I don't trust them to not screw up Woo's development... although I will admit it will be pretty funny to see all those Hitman fans doing Rick Flair's 'woo!'
  8. RIP Botch. My condolences to his family...
  9. lol I didn't catch that, thanks, sometimes my fat fingers on this small keyboard can cause problems....
  10. You honestly believe that teams put zero effort into these kids development? They have way too much on the line with their prospects. Ask Brock Border or Adam Gaudette how much effort the Canucks put into them....
  11. Why are you jumping to assumptions about what I believe? Why shouldn't a team that puts time into developing a player have a little bit of a guarantee that they'll benefit from that development time?? Maybe it should just be a free for all and they should do away with the draft all together? Would that make YOU happy?
  12. The NHL needs to change this rule, college players should not be treated any differently than junior or European draft picks.
  13. There is always a surprise pick or two in the top ten that shuffle things up. I will be thrilled if one of Dylan Cozens or Vasili Podkolzin falls to ten...never know maybe Bowen Byram falls, lol, big dreams I know but I didn't think there was any chance that Quinn Hughes would still be there at 7 last year. I am excited to see who Benning and Brackett pick this year, lots of talent in this draft...
  14. IMHO he plays the wrong side to be a serious consideration for the Canucks at 10th. It'll be a right side defenseman or one of the forwards...