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  1. Ok so I totally agree with everyone saying erikkson roussel and Sutter need to be benched/Scratched and that's a no brainer. Are you guys forgetting when edler was injured we went on a little streak? The man is old he skates slow and doesn't complete his checks. Huge gap that needs to be filled and when guys like edler are out on the PPK it's KILLING US. The man has aged and cannot skate at an NHL level. He struggles to get to loose pucks to clear and he's running out of energy getting there. The vets are hurting us. Let's shake this team up bring in Bailey , Boucher or even goldobin and start BENN or maybe Rafferty?. If we fighting for a spot we need some energy in this group. With toffolli it was an ALL IN for making a run for the playoffs so coaching staff needs to step the heck up and just do what's best for the group. We getting pounded 40 shots per game. Fans need to stop pointing fingers at goalies. Markstrom was a blessing but our defense is absolutely drilling us right now. We are lost puppies in our own zone. Greens such a joke can't believe he can't see this.