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  1. (Proposal) What are the Chances...

    So you saying there is a chance! Dare to dream qwijibo, dare to dream!
  2. That is awesome. I know the jerseys are considered ugly. I personally love them!
  3. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Ottawa Senators

    I wish there were tickets to watch canucks on road games. All inclusive. They are better away then at home. (For same price) I'd go every away game!
  4. I believe if we had traded Gudbranson it would have looked something like this, To Florida: Gudbranson + late pick To Vanvouver: Demers + prospect they knew they were gonna lose in expansion ( Jonathan Marchessault ) and maybe a 2/3rd round pick. Benning isn't dumb if Tallon wanted him back, Jim knew Dave was gonna have to pay. Keep in mind at the time Tryamkin was looking good and Guddy looked expendable. New season, new look.... Gudbranson should not be going anywhere. He doesn't put up a lot of points but he looks like the type of guy who's gonna prevent a pile of points, which is worth more in my book.
  5. If someone would have posted Pedan + a fourth round pick for Pouliot, people on here would have said your crazy never gonna happen....... Super excited!!!!
  6. CDC Yahoo Fantasy League - Season 5

    Count me in!
  7. [Discussion] What would you do for Duchene?

    Tanev Tryamkin before everyone gets mad. I love this guy, his number 1 fan. He seems through with the Canucks for now anyway. 2nd round pick next year Why would sakic go for this? I dunno but it would be pretty sweet to lose minimal for Duchene.
  8. RIP Bryan Murray

    He was a great hockey man. He hung in there in Ottawa, in my opinion he should have left earlier but it just shows his love for the game. I expect the league to show immense gratitude, specifically the Senators. RIP
  9. [Signing] Wild re-sign Nino Niederreiter

    I always liked this guy. When the islanders traded him I really gave up hope for them in the foreseeable future. Just had a feeling, now look at where they are. It's a real mess.
  10. [Signing] Predators re-sign Ryan Johansen

    Mark Scheifele contract looks more and more like a steal. 6.1 AAV he puts up more point and his +/- is better and getting better every year. He can score and hold onto those points. Johansens +/- this year is a whopping +1 lol last year +10 and 13-14 +3. Every other year a -. At 8 mil either preds got ripped off or the Jets GM is a genius....
  11. Hortankin's CDC fantasy hockey

    Alright I'll be the Pittsburgh Penguins
  12. Hortankin's CDC fantasy hockey

    @hortankin I want to join... The Mighty Morphing Flower Arrangers
  13. Is Benning just a checker player at trades

    Burke did a fantastic job getting the Sedins, no question. It took 5-6 years to really feel there potential, wow what a career. In 5-6 years Benning won't be around if he makes that kind of deal. Maybe if it were a different owner. The way the nhl is now you cant give up a 26 year old and two third rounds picks or whatever for two player lol. It would take Olli plus our 1st just to get and this is a maybe in the top two. Doesn't matter if it's a shifty draft or an excellent one. So no Benning is good in my books, he's not dumb like some might think!
  14. If this was last year and we were second last and dropped to 5th, boy I would be crushed. This year however it's a win win situation, if we ended up with pick 1 or 2 and we drafted Patrick and he turned out not necessarily a bust but injured a lot we would be worse off. Of course there is always the chance he has a great career but at 5th we will get a player with good skill and that supports the 1st line with secondary scoring. I know we have great players to fill that role but competition is never weak thing to have, now not having enough depth or competition on a team is the difference between a Stanley Cup and making it into the playoffs. We are better off because of the way the lottery went this year.