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  1. I'm confused about the bolded. What teams have guys that have been discussed as potential 1st rounders in a redraft? Theres a few out there but not every team has them. This is Demko's first real and full season as a pro and backup. He will get the games, just be patient. Gaudette cant find a role because there aren't many guys he can replace on this team at this stage. He's a great player and will be a regular for us in the future. However, the way the team has been playing, can you blame them for keeping Gaudette out of the lineup? Did you see that 4th line yesterday against Detroit? Where would you like Gaudette to play? We have Baertschi who is a proven 40 point guy sitting in Utica. There is enough room for 12 forwards on this team. Pettersson, Boeser, Miller, Horvat, Ferland, and Pearson are definitely not going anywhere. There is no reason for Gaudette to play 4th line minutes or take on the role that a 4th line is expected to play. That leaves 3 spots...who you sending down? Sutter? Not likely! Virtanen? Not likely either! Leivo? Possibly! You can continue to swap Leivo and Gaudette as long as you want but eventually Roussel is coming back. If Schaller, Motte, and Beagle play anything like they did against Detroit for the next couple games, I would fully expect Leivo and Gaudette to remain out of the lineup. So Gaudette, Demko, Boeser, Pettersson, Hughes, Rathbone, Madden, Woo, DiPietro, Juolevi (wait and see), Trymakin, Podk, Hoglander is a great prospect pool and definite wins for the Canucks. You don't have to draft 1st line players with every pick to consider drafting successful.
  2. This is what I would do, but i'm no expert so.... Trade Beagle for a 5th or 6th round pick to any team looking for bottom 6 center depth. Move Sutter down to the 4th line. Trade Schaller for a 7th to whoever wants him Goldobin down to the minors. Let him get some decent minutes, develop some confidence and further develop his game away from the puck. He does seem to have a better work ethic this year and has shown some flashes of a NHL caliber mainstay. Hopefully he can crack the lineup later this year. We save just over 7million in cap space with these moves. I just don't see how Baertschi loses his spot with Horvat. He is healthy, has been decent in pre-season and thinks the game better than anyone outside Pettersson, and Horvat in our forward group. He has been on pace for 40-50 points for the last 3 seasons. He just needs to stay healthy. When Roussel returns, I put him with Gaudette and Virtanen and move Pearson to another team. Pearson just hasn't looked good. Playing disinterested and too casual for my tastes. We have time to see how Pearson does and if in the next 12-18 games he isn't showing anything, then time to move on and have Roussel slot into the 3rd line. Ferland Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Miller Roussel/Pearson Gaudette Virtanen Eriksson Sutter Leivo
  3. Unless its Connor coming back, I will forever be against moving Gaudette after his showing this training camp. Also, the Jets are likely looking for more experienced options as they still hope to contend and we just don't have the pieces to make that move.
  4. I've supported JV since he was drafted and haven't lost complete hope in him yet. However, based on the reports from training camp and how JV has played thus far, I make this trade with the Oilers. Those who argue that JV is an NHL caliber player or that just because he wont amount to the hype of a top 10 pick he can still play in the bottom 6, etc should realize that bottom 6 players are expendable and replaceable. At least more so, than players with top 6 potential. Others that argue that Pool party hasn't shown much. I'm almost certain they have similar ppp production. I also think that the lack of production from Poolparty has a lot to do with how he was handled in Edmonton and his deployment. Under the right system and with the right supporting cast, I think he has a better chance of becoming a 50-60 point player than Jake Virtanen does. He's also a big body and can develop into a potential power forward that we were hoping Jake would be. I should also mention, this trade needs to be made in December. Jake should get one last chance to show what he is capable of. If he doesn't play well, his value drops and he is likely a 1for1 trade option to bring in Poolparty or he performs well and there is no reason to get rid of him.
  5. Ferland Petey Boeser Miller Horvat Pearson/Baerstchi Pearson/Baertschi Sutter Virtanen Roussel Beagle Leivo Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stetcher Markstrom D Demko
  6. I'm going to try and explain what you've done here. You've pointed out positive +/- stats for players that have played 3 to 4 times more games than Juolevi. The Comets were a better team in the 2nd half of the season. Those players that played 35+ games had an opportunity to improve on their +/- stats unlike Juolevi. I would also point out the point totals. If Juolevi had played the entire season, not only would he likely have become a positive player due to the improvement in the team but I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up a ppg rookie defenseman in the AHL. You cant pick and chose what to acknowledge just to make a point. All that does is make argumentative and without merit.
  7. Really? I think Sautner is more ready but either way they are pretty similar in their development and either one of them will likely get the chance this season. I almost forgot about MacEwan. We have a really really big, hard, tough team if you include him as well. Ferland, Pearson, Miller, Virtanen, Roussel, MacEwan, Benn, Myers, Woo and possibly Trymakin. Add in some skill with Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, Juolevi and Horvat. - JB I'm impressed.
  8. I think we hang on to Tanev until the deadline especially if Juolevi doesn't blow our socks off out of training camp. Sutter I think also stays until the deadline which gives Gaudette half a season to develop his 200 foot game and learn from Sutter who I still believe when healthy is a premier defensive player in the league. Schaller and Eriksson are gone prior to the end of the season. Goldy has been qualified and maybe we can move him for a draft pick or something. I would take a 3rd or a 4th for him and wish him best of luck on his way out. Baer is the most interesting one for me. Management is likely aware of his health and whether or not there are precautions that still may need to be taken with him. I expect him to start with the Canucks and subsequently get moved just prior to Christmas to see if he can bring his value up. This trade likely comes when Roussell is set to return (haven't heard an update on him yet). OR We move Eriksson and Schaller and keep everyone else. Hoping Boeser signs for 7million (Nylander type of contact). I think that is what Boeser is looking for and the Benning camp is closer to 6.
  9. Love this deal. Love the cap hit. Love the term I think St.Louis's style of play was taken literally by JB as the way to win the cup. We have progressively gotten more difficult to play against through this offseason. First with Miller, then with Myers, Benn, and now Ferland. The Canucks can sign Boeser, trade/dump Schaller, and then apply for LTIR for Roussell and they are cap compliant to begin the season. They aren't pressed to make any moves just yet. If we can move Eriksson, Schaller, Sutter, and Goldobin/Leivo/Basertschi we save close to $14-17million in space. We then still have Tanev's salary which can be moved at the deadline when Juolevi or Woo possibly step into the lineup. This team has added size, grit, heart, and skill to its defensive and forward core. We are not going to be the same team next year, we will be harder to play against, harder to score against, and harder to defend against. Speed, skill, size, and toughness all in one off season. JB has done a fine job. Let's just hope the trades he now makes to shed some cap space are also home runs, however, even if they aren't, I wont be all that disappointed. New season, new jerseys, new defenseman, new forwards, new draft picks. In my opinion we got the steal of the draft, the best defenseman available in free agency and now the steal of the off season in Ferland. PLAYOFFS!!!!!!
  10. I really don't care whether or not I impress you or not. Not here to impress you nor did I tell you what I do. A theoretical position is one that has no practical basis or application. I just told you that I've observed the spending habits of a specific demographic and am aware of how they spend, so what are you on about? I don't care about what the original post is about either. You come here to $&!# on peoples proposals and thoughts without ever presenting an idea of your own, likely sitting behind your computer screen with a smug look on your face, impressed that you were able to tell someone that you thought their ideas are stupid/absurd. I simply asked if you were his financial advisor LOL because I thought it was funny. I didn't agree with the OP or disagree with you.
  11. Wasn't basing my assumptions about you based on your life experiences, just what you posted here. Buying out contracts, demoting them is throwing good money, are you seriously of the opinion that that is not the same as what was proposed in the OP? Throwing money to shed the contract is the same as buying them out. In this particular instance youre not just throwing away money as you would in a buy out but you would be getting assets in return. They may not be high end pieces but serviceable NHL players nonetheless. My assumptions are based on my dealings with my network of affluent clients. I didn't just pull this out of my ass. People with money, especially the type of money Aqualini has operate differently. Spending habits, investment habits, etc are all very different. I have great deal of experiences that support my assumption,. It is not as farfetched as you seem to have convinced yourself that a billionaire would be willing to spend an extra x million dollars to do away with a bad contract.
  12. I understand what you're saying but I don't think you realize the dynamics of spending for a billionaire are much different than they are for us. While this proposal wasn't very good, the idea of spending money in the short term for a future positive outcome in your business is a small price to pay. For example, I would take on Lucic for Edmontons first next year and Pujujljarvi. Aquaman is spending 7m for a player that may not be able to play in the NHL but in the grand scheme of things, its a business move that helps the team in the future. If you think Aquaman cares about 7M dollars when it will help his business than I don't think you have the understanding you think you do when it comes to business. 7M to Aqua is likely 7K to us. Would you not spend 7K to ensure the growth of your business?
  13. Are you his financial advisor? You seem to jump at every opportunity to protect ownerships spending habits.
  14. Baertschi Petterson Boeser Pearson Horvat Miller Virtanen Gaudette Eriksson Roussel Beagle Motte Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stetcher
  15. If Trouba signs the rumoured 8 years deal between 7-8m per than Myers ain’t getting more than 6-6.5
  16. Mike Hoffman to Van Chris Tanev and 4th to Fla Both 1 year left. Both fill a need for each team where Florida saves a little in cap space and gets a Right hand defensive defence man and we get a LW capable of 30 goals to play with Pettersson and Boeser. If we do sign Myers, it allows Myers and Stetcher to play in the top 4 right side. Hoffman Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Pearson Edler Stetcher Hughes Myers
  17. Well by the end of the year we were only 9 points out of a playoff spot and were top 5 I believe in man games lost to injury. Add to this that we lost over 30 1 goal games, also top 5 most in the league. If we can remain healthy, and squeeze out a few more points in those close games, I like our chances with or without Myers. Given that we've improved our top 6 with the addition of Miller, got rid of Pouliot (addition by subtraction), Hughes, Pettersson, Stetcher, Horvat, and Boeser have another year of development, I think we have a pretty decent shot. Sprinkle in a full year of Markstrom (if he continues to play like the 2nd half of last season) and we're a playoff team.
  18. IF that is in fact the case, than the Myers camp has no leverage. There are no other teams to drive up the price. He is a legitimate top 4 dman and plays the right side, so at the very least he checks those two boxes for us. I am warming up to the idea of signing Myers - just not at the terms being reported. I would hope that Benning digs his feet in and offers a max 4 years 30 million dollar contract, maybe 5 year 36 million if there are other teams involved. I would be okay with a cap hit of up to 7.5 but term would have to be 5 years or less (takes him up to the age of 34) and hes off the books by the time Podk and Hoglander come off their ELC's.
  19. I think Miller will play on a line with Horvat and Pearson. Baertschi Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Pearson Sutter Gaudette Virtanen Roussel Beagle Leivo
  20. Finesse Line Hoglander Pettersson Boeser So much skill on this level that teams wont have a chance to focus on Pettersson only. This only plays to this line's advantage. I could see the potential of each one of them being 30 goal scorers. I still cant believe Hoglander fell to us. I was sure that he was gone by the end of the first. I didn't even have him on my list of 2nd rounder because the expectation that he would be there was non-existent. Physical Force Line Virtanen Horvat Podkolzin I think he is better suited to play with Horvat. The speed, physicality and compete level (as soon as Virtanen catches on) would be a coachs dream. This is a line that is built for the playoffs. Relentless forecheck, responsible backcheck and the offensive flare to punish teams when they make mistakes
  21. I thought he played well last season. He wasn't a defensive liability and was a heart and character guy. Probably the only physical threat we had on the backend at that time as well. I don't think I would consider it a fail on Benning's part exactly. I would prefer he wait and continue to explore the trade route than spending money on Myers or Gardiner, etc or wait till next year. I think we have one more year before we should be expected to compete/etc. If we don't make the playoffs we keep our 1st as well. Maybe Podk can get out of his contract a year early. Juolevi and Hughes make decent strides this year with the big club, Tryamkin comes back with Podk, and Woo makes the team next year. There are some quality UFA's available next year as well including Barrie. With Tryamkin and Woo in the lineup I think we could go a little smaller on the backend with Barrie. Hughes Barrie Juolevi Woo Tryamkin Stetcher
  22. 4+million for a 5/6 guy? I think I would rather have the cap space to take on a bad contract with additional assets or going after guys like Johansson, Connoly, Burakovsky, etc. I don't think you could've moved him for anything more than a 3rd/4th rounder. These draft picks do have value but if we aren't able to move him then it compromises our cap. I always thought he was a fine player and worth at least a late 2nd, but having heard different things from different media sources, it seems there is a consensus that he held a lot more value for the Canucks then he could offer another team and that he is/was nothing more than a bottom pairing guy that could step into a top 4 role if called upon for a short period of time. There is always that off chance he could come back to the Canucks. He is a UFA and I think if he was comfortable coming back at a lower cap than $4m, there is still a spot. by December I expect the following defensive roster Edler Stetcher Hughes Tanev Juolevi Schenn
  23. Yes, a dman would be nice but I don't agree with some on here that the D-man has to be found this off season. Tyler Myers, Jake Gardiner, Rasmus Ristolainen are not the dmen we need. We need a top pairing partner for Hughes. Someone that excels at the defensive aspect of the game lol, not like the 3 mentioned above who are average, if not below average defensively. A stay at home or two way defenseman that will allow Hughes to do his thing offensively whilst holding the fort down in his own end. We need a premier defenseman to do that. Of the players mentioned above, I think Tyler Myers is the most defensively sound of the 3 and would not be entirely against him coming here but not at the contract he's rumored to be seeking. Also, I would now put Lee as the top UFA available followed by Duchene. These guys don't come along too often. I would do whatever I could to try and sign him here. He cements are top 6 and gives us a real shot at the playoffs playing alongside Horvat, Pearson, Miller, Pettersson, and Boeser. Barrie, Faulk, Josi, and Pietroangelo are all pending UFA's next season. I would target them next season.