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  1. It likely will be for picks and prospects as they make room for Panarin and Bob. Maybe we can swing a 3 way with Col and Fla, Col gets top 6 winger, Van gets top 4 dman, Fla gets a 3c and saves 3.5million in cap space along with 2 picks. To Van Tyson Barrie To Col Mike Hoffman To Fla 2nd in 2020 (Van) 4th in 2019 (Col) Sutter (50%)
  2. Barrie is another shrimp D man that controls the pace of the game, transitions the puck just as well as any dman in the league, can put up 50-60 points and can actually play defense. This is what this team needs imp. I hope this happens.
  3. I could see that happening. I think Florida is in search of a 3c to bolster their center depth. Maybe a 2nd, prospect and Sutter gets it done. We can then flip Hoffman for Barrie and a pick.
  4. I mentioned this on HF Sutter (50%), Hutton, 2nd in 2020 (becomes a 1st if Barrie resigns) - maybe we have to add in a prospect like Lind/Gadjo/Goldy to make it work for Barrie Jost plays 2C along with Kerfoot and Landeskog and Sutter takes on the 3C role. I still believe Sutter is a 20/20 guy when healthy and the best option for 3c at 2.19million. They can select Byram with their 4th and run Byram, Makar, Girard and Timmins as their top 4 along with Hutton and Zadarov as their bottom pairing. I overvalue Hutton and Avs fans likely undervalue him. His true value is likely in between. He is a young two way defenseman that likely hits 35-40 points on an Avs team and can step into the top4 if needed at a sub 4m cap hit. They can trade their 16thOA for Hoffman out of Florida and run him on the top line with MacK and Raatanen.
  5. Ghost is going to be much more expensive than Barrie. Ghost is a year younger and is signed for 3 more years at a measly 4.5 million or thereabouts and Barrie is looking to cash in on his next contract likely around the 7-8 mill range for 6-7 years (he'd be worth it for sure). Ghost has already eclipsed Barries highest point total of 59 points which came last year with his own 65 point season playing on a much less talented team than the Avs.
  6. We can send them futures that they can flip somewhere else for immediate help.
  7. Risto is horrible defensively. Just as bad as Gardiner. Barrie would be awesome on our backend. We don't have exactly have a surplus of 50 point defenseman that can move the puck and control the pace of the game. He's a local kid that has 1 year left on his contract. He's been one of the most productive dmen in the last 7-8 years. People are acting like were going to make the playoffs this year and are looking to make a Cinderella run to the Stanley cup. We have a few years before we can do that and can look to add size later in the year or next year. We have Hughes and Stetcher that are our smaller guys. We can absolutely add Barrie and add 3 defenseman with size once Tanev and Hutton are gone. Who knows Trymakin might come back, we might draft Seider, and we already have our dman version of Jake Virtanen in Jet Woo and don't forget Juolevi likely is close to 6`1-6'2 and 210-215 lbs by the time he becomes a mainstay on this roster. I couldn't think of another defenseman better than Barrie for Hughes to learn from. Whats up with this new infatuation with size? We did this crap after Boston beat us in 2011 and it did nothing for us. A balanced defense core: Hughes Barrie Juolevi Woo Trymakin Stetcher
  8. JB is doing a mighty fine job. I have been patient and could be patient for another two years, but what youre proposing is a lot longer than 2 years. Which fan wants to see a rebuild take 10 years? Why don't you let aquaman worry about his own money. He's in this business and is aware that sometime you need to spend money to make money (playoff revenue) Weaponize the cap - not cash. You still haven't provided any alternatives to obtaining additional assets.
  9. Im with you Heffy. I was just saying I would prefer Gardiner to Risto because of the cost to acquire. Id rather have neither. They cant play defense and that's a concern we need to address this year.
  10. Even if we don't get Byram, we could still get someone like Turcotte, Cozens, or Dach at 6. Otherwise Im good with Podk, Boldy or Krebs. I think this draft is a win for us no matter who we walk away with. The one year we drop all the way to 10th but still get a player that could easily go 4th/5th. We don't need the lottery, the last 3 years the hockey gods have been good to us. Juolevi is going to surprise a lot of people and I think Virtanen finally hits 20/20. Team is starting to come together in a huge way. Now only if we could get an additional 1st and an additional 2nd this year.
  11. Its not, its as bad as Ristolainen but we wouldn't have to give up assets. Ristolainen isn't going to be easy to trade for. You're looking at minimum a 1st and a prospect. Gardiner and Risto are offensive dmen that have below average defensive capabilities. The difference is one we get without giving assets.
  12. how do you propose we fill in all the necessary holes to begin competing? Keep drafting in the top 10 for the next 4 years? Do you want to give up Pettersson, Hughes, Horvat, Boeser, Virtanen, Juolevi or even Woo? Likely not, I know I don't. So how do we add to our roster without giving up anything? We have nothing to give, yet need to plug in a few holes in our lineup. The assets we currently have don't bring in players that will help us compete. Im trying to obtain assets with the one thing we do have...a rich owner. Him spending 10 million this year and helping the team make it to the playoffs 2 years from now instead of 4 = playoff revenues. We either spend 10-15 million in free agency for longer term players or take on 10-15 million in cap for 1-2 years, obtain prospects that will be cost controlled and can help out the team in 1-2 years which will offset the cap expense through playoff revenue. I would urge you to look at this from a business perspective as well.
  13. NOOOOOOOOOOO, please no. too much to acquire and not good defensively. would much rather have gardiner who we can just sign
  14. If we knew 100% that wed be getting a Hampus Lindholm type dman. He would be gone in the top 3. A RHD is what this team needs along with 2-3 top 6 wingers as well. I think Soderstrom is a stretch at 10. If Benning thinks Soderstrom is our guy, I trust him completely.
  15. We got the best UFA dman available. great contract. term is decent. cap is much better than I would've imagined. He likely would've got 6.5-7 on the open market. No NMC in the last year allowing him to be exposed in the expansion. Credit to JB for not giving in and remaining steadfast in his position.
  16. I think the time to take the safe picks are over. Need to swing for the fences. High risk/High reward type players at 10. Broberg/Podkolzin, etc.
  17. its 10 million for this season only. Next season it drops to 4 to 4.5. We have other players we can move off of to regain some of that additional space. Would you hold true to that statement if these 1st/2nd rounders become impact players for us in the future?
  18. Im all for being patience, just not sure management and the ownership group are. From a fans perspective, its easy to say stay the course, etc. But staying the course affects managements jobs and ownerships revenues. These have to be taken into account. There is a reason that Vancouver is being linked to free agents, trade scenarios, moving up in the draft, etc.
  19. There was talk on Sportsnet 650 that the asking price would be the 29thOA but its likely Anaheim parts with their 2nd and holds onto their 1st round pick. I based the proposal on what I heard from the media.
  20. I don't believe the nucks have ever had the opportunity to adopt this approach. We had aging vets for the last few seasons that weve slowly moved off of. Aquilini was okay sending Gagner to the minors and allowing Schaller and Del Zotto to sit in the press box. Im sure they realize that if the assets aren't available from a personnel perspective, than the financial resources are good as any to try and accomplish the same goal. There may be other ways to build assets but its either a slower approach or one that isn't a viable option for the Canucks.
  21. How do you know they didn't try? They could have been trying for the last 4 years and just didn't like they offers that were given. Stop blaming management group as if they sit on their asses all day. Every management group is actively pursuing every avenue to make their team better. Do you go to work and just sit around?
  22. We have to weaponize the cap space. We do not have the assets to make the necessary trades to acquire much needed personnel to fill holes. I think the following trades accomplish this. You could package the acquired 2nd rounder's (see below) to try and get another 1st somehow but likely in the 21-30 range or package to get a top4 d/top6 f. Chris Tanev (50%) to VGK - Clarkson, 17thOA to VAN VGK in some deep doodoo with the cap. Currently at 83.1m with Karlsson a RFA. They save 3.25million in cap here. Sutter (50%) to ANA - 39thOA to VAN Anaheim is looking for an affordable 3C to allow Rakell to move up to the wing with Henrique. Sutter at 2.19mill is worth that 2nd in this case. Hayes got paid 7m as 2c/3c. Maybe we throw in a prospect/pick and get their 29thOA instead. This is the least likely to happen as they could go UFA but not sure they want to pay that kind of money for a 3C. Goldobin to EDM - Lucic, Pujuljarvi, 38thOA to VAN Edmonton frees up 6 million in cap space, pick up a offensive winger project in Goldobin and most importantly hang onto their 8th. Canucks get Pool and 2nd. We pick up 9-10 million in cap space this year. Clarkson off the books next year. Eriksson hopefully traded post July 1, Sutter off the books in two years. Tanev traded. Schaller, Granlund, Spooner, Baertschi all moved as well. Even w/ Lucic we will have the needed cap space to sign Boeser, Pettersson and Hughes. Just cant go crazy in the UFA market. Draft Day 10th - Iunno take anyone (forward) 17th - Seider 38th - Foote 39th - Thompson 40th - Korczak Sign Jake Gardiner Sign Brett Connoly
  23. You make some valid points but that would be Toronto mixing emotions with business. He did have a cold streak but don't expect that to be the case this year with a full off season of training. Nylander is worth every penny of that contract now. Just look at what Hayes got? I expect Boeser to get 7.5-8million now. Nylander is a 60-70 point player whereas Kapanen is not. Kapanen is likely looking for 4.5+ as well. I think the benefits of keeping Nylander outweigh the negatives.