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  1. Tanev (50%) to VGK for Clarkson, 17th OA - right around the Seider territory or we package 17th with something else to move into the Seider territory. We can put him on LTIR after the season begins. VGK is already at 83.1million for cap and they still have Karlsson as an RFA.
  2. The logic has to be inferred. By moving Tanev, you open up even more cap space that will allow you to sign dmen in free agency. Gardiner and Stralman, especially with the return of Edler would finally make the Canucks backend respectable Edler Stralman Hughes Gardiner Hutton Stetcher
  3. You could get Kapanen. No way you're getting Nylander. Are people forgetting how good Nylander actually is? Or did his contract hold out cloud everyones judgment? Hes still a very talented NHL player on the ice.
  4. This will be a draft floor deal. They will wait until Colorado picks to see if Byram is available. A conversation will be had with LA and DET if Byram is available, maybe even BUF. Ive said this a few times and based on the draft order, I could very well see Byram going 6 or 7. Hughes Kakko Turcotte Almost certain of this Col, La, Det, could all take Byram but from the reports ive read and the rumors out there it seems like it may go Dach - The only way I see them passing up on a potential 2c is if they feel 16thOA and Kerfoot, Jost, Zadaror can get them a 2c via trade. Zegras - most teams seem to covet Zegras more than anyone outside of Hughes and Kakko and LA needs a little of everything Podkolzin - from what ive heard, they are leaning towards the Russian This leaves Byram available at 7 potentially. We've seen what Byram can do on the ice but maybe his combine wasn't good or he interviewed poorly or simply others interviewed better. There could be a myriad of reasons that he is still available at 7. If he is there at 6 or 7, you make the call and you see what it takes. For the Canucks, Byram is a game changer based on the makeup and needs of this team. Outside of Horvat, Pettersson, Hughes, and Boeser, everyone is available.
  5. LMAO, woah people need to relax. LOL, 100% absolutely joking. Things started slowing down late in the day and decided to see what reactions I would get. Didn't think it would be this bad. Canucks are not ready to compete. Whilst Marner would be a huge help, the cap space is significant, the 4 1sts are unknown commodities given we aren't quite a playoff contender, our rebuilt is only 80-90% complete. We are missing two top 6 wingers, and at the very least a top4/top pairing defenseman. Hughes, Pettersson, and Boeser are going to need significant raises. I am aware of all this. that being said, I still think Lucic to Van is good idea.
  6. If I'm Benning I sign Boeser immediately and let Edler walk. I draft at 10. Sign Marner to a 12-12.5 million offer sheet and give up the next 4 1st round picks. They'll be low 1st rounders anyways I trade Eriksson, Baertschi, Sutter, Schaller, Granlund, Motte to free up space. Keep Tanev and try to sign a defenseman like Gardiner at free agency 2020 Boldy Pettersson Boeser Marner Horvat Virtanen Hughes Gardiner Juolevi Woo Stetcher Tanev
  7. Patrick will be in his 3rd season. Don't think they are looking to shelter him anymore. They need Patrick to play C2 and bring in a C3 that can take on the heavier defensive responsibilities. Many Flyers fans are expecting Patrick to have a breakout season; hes not doing that as the 3rd line center. I agree with you they are looking to build a true scoring 2nd line, BUT with Patrick, not with someone else.
  8. Absolutely agreed his stock has risen considerably but I cant put him over guys like Dach, Cozens, Podk, Zegras, Newhook, Krebs, Boldy, and maybe even Caufield and Broger given their ceilings. I expect Seider to be drafted between 15-17 and hoping we grab a pick in the range to grab him. Definitely has the potential to be a top pairing dman with the right partner.
  9. Seems like you want the safe pick as opposed to swinging for the fences. Broberg - no toolbox Podk - Russian Factor Krebs - injury Gotta swing for the fences at this stage my friend. We need players with the absolute highest ceiling possible and hope that our staff and management can help get them there. Drafting middle 6 forwards to 3-4-5 dmen are not going to get us a closer to the cup as we already don't have assets we are willing to give up to get those pieces via the trade route. Broberg easily has highest ceiling of all defenseman outside of Byram Pokd - highest ceiling after Hughes - right there with Kakko in my opinion. Krebs - ceiling is not as high but hes like another Horvat so I would take a chance on him as well.
  10. Almost certain hes talking about Broberg here. Don't seem him reaching for a defenseman at 10 outside of him.
  11. Ideal Draft Day Trade Kole Lind for Pujuljarvi, 38thOA, 68thOA and Lucic (No salary to Edmonton plus a prospect that is developing well, we get a reclamation project and 2 picks) Trade Ben Hutton, Brandon Sutter, 40th OA for Shayne Gostisbehere (Hutton replaces Ghost on LD, they get a 3C that allows Patrick to play 2C in offensive role, and a 2nd in this years draft, Ghost replaces Edler on the top pairing LD) - we likely need to give up more Trade 68thOA for David Clarkson and 17thOA (only 1 year left at 5.25million and cap projected to be less than 82million not many teams could make an offer like this) Draft Krebs, Boldy, at 10th (Podk likely gets drafted by Detroit) Draft Seider at 17th Draft LW/D at 38th
  12. I think of the 3, Podk has the highest ceiling and by a fair margin. This kid has all the tools to be a superstar. Reminds me a little of Ovehckin with his relentless style of play and never give up attitude. I think Newhook is next on the list as far as skills go, followed closely by Krebs. Compete level its again Podk followed by Krebs and Newhook. Heart and Soul - Krebs, Podk, Newhook. In the forward group my rankings would go Podk, Krebs, Boldy, Newhook. I would be happy with either of them come draft day. I really hope we don't trade away the 10th for Risto or anyone else.
  13. Trouba? Well lol, I mean I have the good fortune of what he was actually traded for so I would definitely not do it for Horvat or Boeser. I would probably offer Stetcher, 2nd in 2019, and a prospect. However, I think Trouba is looking for 8-9million and I just don't think hes in that tier of defenseman so I would hang onto those assets and make a play for Ghost, Pesce, Werenski (if only he were available), Parayko. I would gladly offer up Boeser for Werenski, not so much the others.
  14. I have never wanted to give out a minus so bad in my entire life.
  15. Would rather take Podkolzin or Krebs. It really depends on who gets picked before us. We are not picking in the first tier (Hughes, Kakko, Byram - maybe add Turcotte to the list) that we know. We likely pick between Dach, Cozens, Zegras, Boldy, Krebs, Newhook, Broberg, Seider, Caufield. My list yet again has changed but I think its now closer to what it will be at the draft. Dach, Cozens, Krebs, Podkolzin, Boldy, Zegras, Seider, Broberg, Caufield. I don't expect Dach or Cozens to be there. If management determines Krebs injury is nothing to be concerned about and Podk's Russian factor is not an issue, hands down without a doubt I pick the two hardest working, biggest heart guys on the boards in Krebs and Podkolzin. Guys like Boldy and Zegras may have higher skill (Boeser) but I prefer the former 2 (Horvat) for the compete level they can bring to this team - their skillset/skills are impressive as well. Hard work is contagious and I wish we could have both Krebs and Podkolzin (maybe Edmontons 8th is still a possibility) but Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Podkolzin, Krebs as 5 of your top 6 is a future contender in my books. Fingers crossed Krebs/Podk fall to us. If they don't I would prefer Boldy over the rest of the board.
  16. It would have to be Seth Jones. (pretty sure hes a RHD). I don't see any other defenseman being worth it. I would prefer to keep Boeser, Horvat, keep our 10th, and try to get additional picks
  17. Horvat gets you the 4th and then some. Why? Because of where Colorado is positioned. Horvat doesn't get you the 5th from LA alone though. The 5th means more to LA then Horvat who likely is in his 30's before they are ready to compete again. Colorado, becomes a favorite in the west and don't give up a roster spot. Colorado is not rebuilding, they are primed to compete and have the necessary pieces in place to make a run. Their biggest need is a 2c. Adding Horvat for their 4th, 16th, and 2nd round pick is something they jump all over. I'd personally want more if I am even thinking about moving the heart and soul of this team. Personally would not do it but if you can potentially get: Byram, Krebs, Seider, Korczak, and Thomspon in one draft, you have to give it some serious thought. Just for fun: Trade Eriksson, grab Lucic without sending over salary and maybe a prospect for 8th OA. You now have 4th, 8th (Boldy), 10th, 16th, and two 2nds. In two years the Canucks are competing for the cup if all hit their ceilings Now think of all the possibilities with 4 1sts, 2nd 2nds. Trade down on the 8th and 10th OA for 11th and 12th and grab two more 2nd rounder's. OH EM GEE we now have 4 1sts and 4 2nds....Byram, Krebs, Newhook, Seider, Korczak, Thompson, Foote, Grewe along with Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, Demko, Woo, Madden, Gaudette, Virtanen, Trymakin Sorry got carried away. Too bad we don't have a GM that is aggressive in the trade market. Still gotta love JB with how things turned out. HORVAT for CAPTAIN!!!
  18. They need a C2 because they cant have Patrick taking on the defensive matchups as it would hinder his offensive game. Sutter would be the perfect fir for them. He could take on all the defensive matchups and the burden whilst allowing Patrick to develop his offensive game and letting Couts be the 1C he is. Sutter, Tanev, 3rd in 2019, 2nd in 2020 (this will be the minimum for Ghost), they may want a prospect instead or in addition to for Ghost and a cap dump (to equal out the salaries)
  19. You really wanna play Horvat 8 times a year? LOL
  20. Took a look at some other forums and a lot of teams are hoping for Zegras/Caufield in the top 6. More so than Dach or Cozens. Some even had Zegras going as high as 4th before Turcotte. I think outside the top 2, this draft is going to be much too difficult to predict. On Friday next week, I think there will be a lot of surprises and am expecting the Canucks to make a major move in front of the home crowd. Here's hoping for Turcotte/Dach/Cozens but would be equally happy ending the day with Boldy, Krebs, Zegras, Newhook or Podkolzin. I think no matter how it plays out, Vancouver is coming out with a WIN!!
  21. I think for the time being yes. Once Loui's bonus gets paid, believe it or not but his value goes up. He is only owed 9 million over the next 3 years but will have a cap of 6 million which will be good for cap floor teams. He showed well at the worlds and maybe he finds his offensive ability again. If he doesn't, his value is a little bit better than it was last year because of the bonus. I think most people on here are scared of the ramifications of not only the salary cap but the expansion as well. Not sure how many business owners are in here but Ive run several failed and successful businesses in my time. There is ALWAYS a solution to a problem and I literally mean ALWAYS. Our hockey operations will find it difficult but they will find a way to protect our team and the cap when needed. With the expansion, we could agree to terms with Seattle that we will offer a 2nd or a 3rd pick or whatever for them to pick up a specific player and based on that ask Lucic to waive his NMC. Seattle takes our pick, picks someone else, and leaves Lucic. No more problem. There is a lot of salary that is to come off our books. Edler, Tanev, Baertschi, hopefully Eriksson, Schaller, Granlund, etc. Just by getting rid of the redundancy on the team and moving players that no longer fit the identity of the team offers us enough cap relief. Not to mention, the cap likely goes up again next year and the year after that. I see Pettersson as the only one that gets a 9+million contract. Even if Hughes has a good showing, I think he signs for 7 million max. That's two years from now. Even if we decide to keep Eriksson, he will only have 1 year left, 3 million in actualy salary and 6 million cap hit. That contract becomes increasingly moveable every year, especially for cap floor teams.
  22. Cant have a team full of stars. Need balanced play and role players. St.Louis should have shown everyone that this year. What sets Gaudette apart from that late 1st you would trade him for is this guy as a 5th round pick was already counted out and not expected to make the NHL. His work ethic, determination, and willingness to improve all areas of his game to play 56 games with the big club in his first year as pro is the reason why I keep him around. With those traits, there is no telling what he will end up as. We have Petey, Boes, Hughes, Demko, Horvat - all players that will be stars in the league for a long time and will command the salaries to match. If we, hypothetically, got another Boeser by trading away Gaudette, we will end up top heavy with no depth, no role players to play the dirty game and likely with no cap space.
  23. I read somewhere very recently that Bob Mckenzie's list this year which is an average of the rankings of 10 different scouts has Podkolzin in the top 5. The scouts are seeing something youre not with all due respect. He is one of the most skilled guys in the draft but what sets him apart is his compete level is 2nd to none. Now that's the type of player I want in the playoffs. Think of Horvat with better tools.
  24. I think the simplest trade and one that Holland would go for is the following simply because he takes on no additional salary and does not give up a very important top 10 pick. Holland keeps his 1st. We get a 2nd and Poolparty and a chance at a player like Turcotte, Dach, Cozens that may drop and who I feel are in the 2nd tier of players along with Byram with the 8thOA. If none of those players are available, we have the option of trading down 3 to 4 spots and still remain in the top 12. If at 12 we still have a few players that we like, why not trade down to 14th or 15th and pick up yet another additional asset. Not sure if this has happened at the draft before but could help us pick up multiple picks whilst still picking a player we like and need. We could ask Lucic to waive his NMC at the expansion draft as its quite doubtful Seattle picks him up. A conversation would need to be had with Seattle to get Lucic to agree. 8th OA, 38th OA, Pujuljarvi, Lucic for 10th OA We could then trade down to 11 or 12 for an additional 2nd rounder as well. 8thOA to Phi for 11thOA and 41OA. Trade down further from here for an additional 2nd If JB still feels like he can go down further and get the player he wants At this points, see who is left. If there are multiple options offer up the 11thOA for the 14thOA or 15thOA and pick up another 2nd. I would not want to pick any lower than 15th. With the surprises we have had in the last two years, I would expect 1 or 2 to be selected off the board which would put the 5-12 players in the 7-14 range and still give us a shot a very good player and additional 2nds. I think to move up 3-4 spots in the 1st round, is minimum a 2nd rounder. We would then have 11, 38, 40, 41 Nehwook/Krebs/Seider at 11 Leason, Foote, Thompson, Korczak, Afanasyev, Tracey. We could end up walking away with 3 players in the 2nd. If we could walk away with Krebs, Leason, Thompson and Korczak, it will have been an extremely good day for us at the draft.