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  1. I think that's a horrible way to draft. If Podk is BPA, you take him unless you know for a fact that he will not come over.
  2. Draft Projection (Final list, I think) NJD - Hughes NYR - Kakko CHI - Turcotte - local kid, they have a lot of d prospects COL - Dach - desperate need for a legit 2c LA - Byram - have Kupari, Villardi, Dolan in the pipeline as C. Don't see them going after a W this year with a top 5 pick. DET - Broberg - already have Larkin, Anthanasiou, Zadina, Veleno and Rasmussen. Need to stock up on d prospects and they love swedes as much as Van does. BUF - Zegras - I don't see how Buf picks anyone else. He seems like the perfect fit to play with Eichel. Playmaker with elite puck skills. I'm almost certain that top 7 plays out like above. The next 7 not so sure about but expect something similar to the following: EDM - Cozens - C/RW to play alongside McDavid ANA - Boldy- Big bodied skilled winger than can put the puck in the net. They need a little bit of everything but think they aim for a forward with a top 10 pick VAN - Podkolzin - Its Podk or Krebs for me but Krebs injury does scare me. Podk could be our Malkin, Ovechkin, Kucherov, Tarasenko, Petey- Boes/ Horvat-Podk PHI - Newhook - set at center, need a fast playmaking winger MIN - Caufield - With Zucker on the move, Parise getting older, theyre going to need goal scoring. Though they kind of seem to need everything. Havent drafted well in recently FLA - Krebs - Have a great top 6 that could get better in Free Agency - likely have the patience not to rush him along given his injury ARI - Kaliyev - High Risk/High Reward. They have Westerlund and Joseph in the pipelines and Chychrun, Ekman-Larsson already with the big club on D already .
  3. I go Podk over Newhook every single time until Podk says hes not coming over.
  4. lol, not on purpose but it is fitting it was a "poor" proposal
  5. Are Boeser and Ghost that close in terms of value? I see Ghost as a 2/3 defenseman lacking a strong defensive game. I see Boeser is a top 3 forward and potential 40 goal scorer. I cant imagine Boeser, Gaudette, and 10th OA is close to Ghost, Konecny and 11th. Also, does Patrick really hold that much value? He's played 70+ games in each of the two season deployed as both a C and a Winger with time in the top 6 and the PP and has only managed 30 points in each. Gaudette on the other hand split time between the AHL/NHL, played bottom 6 minutes mostly with scrubs with no time in the top 6 or PP and was able to produce at half the clip (.4ppg v. .2ppg). I also think Gaudettes defensive game is much more developed than that of Patrick. On 2nd thought, Ill keep Boeser, Gaudette, and the 10th. Could we possibly get Konecny from Philly though? I really hope Virtanen can become a similar player with similar production.
  6. The value seems to be really off according to my fellow posters. 10th OA holds the highest value in my view. Asked a simple question, didn't mean to ruin your life.
  7. I think its safe to say we are getting a very good pick at 10 regardless of who we pick. Krebs, Boldy, Zegras, Dach, Cozens, Seider, Broberg, Newhook, Podkolzin. I would be happy with any one of them although I prefer Dach, Cozens, Krebs, Newhook, Boldy, Zegras in that order. Would it be too much to ask for Benning to find a way to pick up another mid-1st and maybe another 2nd? Maybe a 3 way involving Edmonton, where we get the 3rd teams 1st round pick, Edmontons 2nd, and Lucic. 4 picks in the first two rounds would bring our rebuild to a close.
  8. Would it even things out if we added our 10th OA as well?
  9. Personally, wouldn't trade Boeser, just a trade idea to see if anyone would be on board. Gostisbehere, Patrick, Konecny, 11th OA for Boeser, Gaudette, Hutton, 40thOA Boeser = Ghost, 11thOA Gaudette = Patrick Hutton and 40thOA = Konecny We upgrade at 3c with Patrick who has much more offensive ability then what Gaudette has shown thus far. Add a 25 goal winger to Horvat's right side in Konecny. We add another offensive defenseman that can play the PP and move the puck. Draft a forward at 10 to replace Boeser, draft Seider as our future top pairing dman alongside Hughes. Id like to think we can sign Taylor Hall next year as well to play on Pettersson left side but just a pipedream. Philadelphia gets a 3c in Gaudette who plays a better defensive game then Patrick with less offensive upside. They get an elite winger to play alongside Couts on the top line. Hutton who has the potential to be a 40 point dman off the left side and a 2nd round pick where they can still draft a great player. 10thOA - Podkolzin/Dach/Krebs/Zegras/Boldy/Newhook 11thOA - Seider Sign Taylor Hall in 2020 7 years@70-75 million In a few years Hall Pettersson 10thOA Pearson Horvat Konecny Madden Patrick Virtanen Hughes Seider Juolevi Ghost Stetcher Woo A fast team with some size thrown in.
  10. I would expect them to buyout Lucic instead then give up what ends up being 3 1sts. Bouchard is never getting moved from there unless it is a huge overpayment. Agreed they would have to give up a lot, but a 2nd, a better prospect, and moving up 2 spots to potentially pick one of Dach, Cozens, Podk, Turcotte is definitely worth it.
  11. Partial tear/cut. Simple surgery. Rehab takes some time but not so much because of the injury itself but because of the scar tissue given the Achilles is situated in a small area. I would fully expect him to be 100% healthy come October. Depending on who is left, he is not someone I would pass despite his injury. Unless Dach, Podk, Turcotte or Cozens are available, its between Krebs, Boldy and Zegras for me. Depends on how they interview (him agreeing to extended interviews in a walking cast, shows amazing character on his part)
  12. Why not all 3? Lucic, Pujuljarvi, 8thOA, 38th OA For Eriksson, 10th OA, and Goldobin Swap prospect projects, pick up a 2nd, and move up two spots in the draft. Edmonton gets rids of Lucic's contract, still keeps their 1st top 10 pick, and tries Goldy where Pool failed.
  13. Your statement would imply they have been problematic for the entire 46 years which couldn't be further from the truth. With the recent changes to how premiums are calculated, the CAP on compensation for minor injuries, limiting expenses in litigation, will save approx. 1 billion dollars. It may take 2-3 years but I fully expect ICBC to be in the green around the same time the Canucks becomes Stanley Cup contenders (3 years or so).
  14. ICBC is not the one to blame for having to fight in court. That's the fault of your fathers lawyer. I have yet to see ICBC call anyone a liar without recommending criminal charges. ICBC has a different opinion of that of lawyer on how to quantify a claim. Everything has to be proven and the evidence has to speak to the injuries. I'm sure your dads lawyer was arguing for a loss of capacity or future wage loss that likely didn't match with the facts of his claim. My family has had several claims, each and everyone, the other drivers fault and we have never felt like we haven't received fair compensation. its difficult to place a numerical value on physical injuries. The problem is lawyers offering everything under the sun and trying to deliver just to drum up more business.
  15. My final list (I think) based on some combination of need/BPA Kakko Hughes Byram Turcotte Dach Cozens Podkolzin Krebs Boldy Seider Zegras Broberg How I think it will go : Hughes/Kakko Kakko/Hughes NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUE NOT A DAMN CLUENOT A DAMN CLUE
  16. exactly my point, so we would end up like Ontario and Alberta, trying to figure out a private system that needs as much fixing as ICBC did prior to the changes. Options doesn't necessarily mean better options. I would prefer to have $300k in accident benefits, $2800 a month in wage loss benefits whilst I focus on my recovery. I think in Alberta and Ontario accident benefits are less than $100k and youre only saving 200-300 dollars on average. Do you want to know how quickly a serious accident can burn through 100k in treatment?
  17. Changed? He flipped his entire list. Turcotte, Cozens and Dach outside of the top 10? My head hurts
  18. The reason ICBC rates are through the roof is because of fraudulent, exaggerated claims, lawyers driving up costs of settlements, increased costs of repairs, etc. Much of the public know very little about privatization yet advocate for it like they are experts. Privatization only leads to lower prices in the short term. Eventually, prices get higher and higher and they aren't regulated by legislation (meaning they would not have to apply to the utilities commission to increase prices), younger drivers or inexperienced drivers would pay exponentially more regardless of their driving records, claims are more easily denied, you can get cancelled at anytime which increase your rates with other insurers, coverage would be a lot less for both accident benefits and tort for serious injuries. longer wait times to get vehicle repaired, caps on rental vehicles much lower than what is being offered by ICBC. I think you should read up on the state of private insurance in Ontario. ICBC until now was the only jurisdiction in NORTH AMERICA that did not have caps on tort compensation. Lawyers were demanding crazy settlement dollars to resolve files or moved forward with litigation which ultimately drove up costs of claims. Did you know a medical expert opinion contracted by a lawyer could be anywhere between 5k-15k and those costs are paid for by ICBC which eventually results in increased premiums. Lawyers literally take 30% of a settlement from their injured clients for doing paperwork including their wages, treatment expenses, etc and ICBC pays their costs of doing business. With the new caps and driver based rating system, I fully expect ICBC to turn things around. Like everything, it takes time to turn things around.
  19. Why? So we can end up like Ontario and Alberta?
  20. I'm not overly excited about Zegras. My preference would be, of the 4 mentioned above Dach Krebs Boldy Zegras and depending on who else is available I would include Cozens, and Podk ahead of Zegras as well.
  21. A lot has changed in the last 5 years. Just look at the winners since 2014.
  22. If we could get Dach at 10, it would be like getting Pettersson and Hughes in the last two drafts!!!!
  23. But youre not grabbing a top 6 forward or a top 4 d. You are grabbing a chance at those type of players. Just look at Yakupov, Virtanen or Pujuljarvi. Nothing is a sure thing. With Gaudette at least we know he is an NHL player. He is still developing and whilst his current projection is a 3c, doesn't mean he cant amount to more. Kesler was projected to be nothing more than a 20 goal 3rd line two way center. He sure surprised a lot of people around the league scoring 40 goals and cementing himself as a 2c. This isn't to say that Gaudette is the next Kesler but he has shown that he can play in the NHL whereas draft picks only show potential to do the same. I would not trade Gaudette and allow him to develop. He did a great job in his first year as pro basically showing he has what it takes to replace Sutter as our 3c in his rookie campaign.
  24. They may ask for 1 more nut, maybe twin nuts so they can have their own version of the Sedins