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  1. Then its likely you don't get Pettersson. I think I would prefer Pettersson over PLD 10 times out of 10.
  2. Only way hes going to improve his Full house Ace full of Kings (Petey, Bo, Brock and Hughes, Woo) to quad Aces. Realistically hoping for a forward - Newhook, Krebs or Podkolzin for me.
  3. The value difference is not there if the draft plays out according to the rankings. However, if one of Dach, Cozens, Podk or Turcotte fall, then 8 is a much better spot to be then 10. As I mentioned earlier if the 2nd tier is 4-10, at 10 you're sort of stuck with the last guy in the tier whilst at 8 you may have a choice between 2-4 of them.
  4. Because he's a defenseman that sucks at the fine art of defending to be quite honest
  5. That would make Benning smart since he is doing his due diligence. Any GM that takes that offer for Byram, dumba** of the year.
  6. I am fully aware of that and comparatively I have Seider after Byram, Soderstrom and Harley.
  7. Id be willing to throw them a prospect or a pick in 2020 to balance it out. Lets look at how the draft is likely to play out with no surprises keeping in mind, Soderstrom, Broberg, York and Harley are rated higher than Seider, and as well as Sieder has played I don't see him surpassing either of those dmen in the rankings. Hughes Kakko Turcotte - Chicago Kid Dach - Need secondary scoring Cozens - Need everything so Byram could go here as well Byram - Not getting past Detroit but they could take Cozens if Byram is gone Caufield - Buffalo needs goal scorers Krebs - playmaking left wing that plays a similar game to Horvat and would look great playing on the same line Boldy - With Perry, Getzlaf and Kesler on the decline I don't think they move on from a big body smooth skating winger that I believe can play C as well Podkolzin - we shouldn't pass up on him despite the Russian factor. He comes off someone that seems like a big game/playoff performer given his work ethic and skill level Zegras - Philadelphia needs wingers desperately. They have Patrick and Couturier at C and are pretty much set at D Newhook - seems like he would be a great fit with Minnesota Broberg - Florida is set up front and am 100% confident they take dman, likely a smooth skating defenseman like Broberg or Soderstrom Kaliyev - Would be a good fit in Phoenix Lavoie - Don't see how Montreal passes up on him given his local status and playoff performance Harley - York could go here as well but I think Colorado takes a dman either way with their 16th after having addressed their secondary scoring woes with Dach York - Defenseman to Ottawa I think but this is the only pick where I really have no idea who they could take. I see Seider going between 18-20. We could try and trade up higher than 20 as well and ensure we get Seider.
  8. Agree with you here. He was tried with Pettersson last year for some stretches throughout the season but didn't really show what he's doing now. He is playing very well, best I've seen since we traded for him. If we could get the 8thOA from Edmonton for Lucic, we could draft wingers for Horvat and continue playing Eriksson on that 1st line. Eriksson Pettersson Boeser Krebs Horvat Podkolzin
  9. Lucic, 8th OA, 40 OA, Pujuljarvi, Russell for Sutter (50% retained) We take on 12.5million in salary (6.5million off the books in two years). At that time we can figure out what to do with the Lucic contract which would get rid of the remaining 6million. We get 8th for taking on Lucic and Pool for taking on Russell, along with the 2nd for Sutter 50% retained. Edmonton can go ahead and make a splash in free agency. We then trade Goldobin, 38thOA, 40thOA to NYR for 20th OA. NY is only 1 year into their rebuild and would likely like adding two top 4 picks along with a Russian semi-prospect that could still work out for them. 8thOA - Podkolzin/Boldy 10thOA - Krebs/Newhook - Could always trade down to 12-14th and may still have one or both of these available as well if dmen start be taken 20thOA - Seider What could our 1st in 2020, Lind, and Eriksson fetch us in a trade? PK Subban, Mike Hoffman, etc.
  10. Agreed. Was just thinking though, if we were to get 8th OA in a Lucic trade. How many of you would be willing to trade 10th down to select Seider and grab 2 more 2nds? or a 2nd and a 3rd. Seider seems like the real deal and exactly the type of partner we would want with Huges.
  11. Don't want to trade Madden or Gaudette. All the others for the right price could definitely be had.
  12. If we could get the 8th and 10th OA, that would be like winning the draft lottery for me. Podkolzin Newhook/Krebs/Boldy. We absolutely would be set for the next decade. Although prefer Krebs or Newhook ahead of Boldy. Podkolzin Pettersson Boeser Krebs Horvat ???
  13. If the Oilers want to give us Sekera for Sutter (no retention) tell me where to sign. In any scenario, I just don't see Holland giving up a top pick the first few weeks into his job.
  14. Unless we make some major moves I think we are going to be mediocre for at least another year or so as well. Why not give to get and take chance on improving this roster so that we can finally be done with this rebuild. The Lucic deal isn't an ideal situation but I'm sure if a deal were to be had, it would return us approxiomately what I have proposed. Its upto Benning to ensure the cap space is there now, next year, and the year after that. Also his responsibility to ensure the NMC is disqualified. The Lucic deal will take a great deal of planning but I personally would like to see it done. If we cant get the 8th OA, maybe we ask them to add another 3rd round pick (Benning can likely find a gem in the 3rd like Madden) Lucic, Pool, 1st in 2019, 2nd in 2019, 3rd in 2019 for Sutter (50%) and 10th OA
  15. I think a Lucic deal is entirely dependant on us moving out cap space from the current roster. Whether its Eriksson, Sutter, Granlund, moving on from Edler, Tanev, Baertschi. We only do the Lucic deal if we can move 3-6 million in cap space. That would be the precautionary approach that I would take to plan ahead for Petey and Hughes whilst still taking on Lucic and everything that would come with him.
  16. I just don't think they will move those type of assets for the Lucic contract. I think for Holland the 8th OA is a non-starter. They need help in the wings and they could potentially have someone that could end up a mainstay in their lineup the year after next like Boldy or Zegras. Holland would be more ready to add multiple 2nds then to give up a top pick. Maybe that's what needs to be added - and additional pick. Ironically, no one wants to take on the Lucic contract but youre willing to take on Lucic and Sekera (11million). I'm not against it if we could get 8th AND Pool but again I just don't seen the oiler wanting to do it. We want what we want, but that doesn't necessarily equal what Edmonton wants to give up.
  17. The final rankings are still to come out and Newhook could make it to the top 10. Caufield is in the top 5 now because of one tournament. Petey was ranked 7-10, we could've traded down and got an additional asset and I think we tried but eventually we took him with out 5th. Just because Newhook is ranked 10th doesn't necessarily mean he cant go earlier. Maybe he is in the top 8 for all the other teams on thier draft boards despite the rankings which means he wont be available at 10. The move to the 8th give us more options which I think can be huge when you have a tier of players between 6-10 that could go anywhere, otherwise at 10 you get stuck with that last player available in that tier. Hope that made sense. I love Virtanen and definitely would not move him given his improvment. Virtanen has been increasing his output every year and has had an additional year to do so as well. Pujujlarvi has already attained that offensive production without the extra year playing on a team like the Oilers. I think Travis was instrumental in Virtanens development and feel he could be the same for Pool. Do you propose we stay away from Lucic all together or that we try to get more out of this deal? The deal has to work for both sides and Im not willing to leave Pool, moving up two spots and an additional 2nd, which you said yourself could net us a gem (Woo, Madden, etc) just because they wont give us a little more as in my personal opinion I think the value is pretty darn close. We can figure out the waiver thing and cap issues when we get there. I have yet to see any team crumble under the cap. There has always been a way to get the needed cap relief. In our situation taking on an additional 6 million isn't a lot of cap to move. I think the only cap relief deal that was questionable was when Chicago traded away Panarin or something. If we could get Holland to bite on 8th OA and Lucic for whatever, I'm all for it - I just don't think this will happen so I put forward an alternative.
  18. Anyone on that backend aside from Klefbom, Nurse and Larsson. I know I would prefer him to Benning and Russel. Better skater, bigger body, better shot. At that price? When does a 3c who was recently replaced by a rookie equate to a top 10 pick just one year earlier? Sutter does not have anywhere near that value. Bouchard is their top prospect.
  19. Yes of course. Not magically though. Louis Eriksson to any of the cap floor teams. Over 80% I believe of Erikssons salary will be paid after July 1. I think he is owed like 9million over the next 3 years. For a team like Ottawa or Arizona, or rebuilding teams looking to weaponize their space, I think they would be more than happy to take on a 6m cap hit for $3 million a year. We could send over a 2nd tier prospect or a draft pick in either this year or next to make up for it. If you were the owner of a team, would you rather take on someone for 6 million cap hit and pay 6 million or take on a 6 million cap hit but only pay 3 mill? Personally, im all for saving that additional 3 million whilst remaining cap compliant.
  20. Never going to happen. Bouchard who I believe is a right hand shot and from what I've heard may make the team out of camp will not be included in any Lucic deal let alone for a 3c. Would you trade Hughes for a 3c, any 3c in the league? Bouchard is to them what Hughes is to us.
  21. I think Benning would know well too ensure that Lucic coming over would have to include disqualifying the NMC. I don't think Edmonton is going to pay a significant sum to move Lucic and there may be a team that may be willing to take him on for less and the Canucks remain staus quo. My main point through all of this is two fold. We don't have assets to improve the team unfortunately and we are still rebuilding. We need to swing for the fences and go high risk high reward. The Pettersson pick played out pretty damn well using that strategy.
  22. Im all for picking any one the fallers in this order Byram, Dach, Cozens. I am in no way saying we take Newhook. Just my personal pick but not over the three I mentioned. Pool and Virtanen are producing at almost the exact clip .28 ppg with Virtanen having an extra season to develop. Most of us wont move Virtanen without an overpayment but we aren't willing to take on a similar player, 6'4" 200+ pounds with an above average shot on the low? Makes no sense to me. Maybe not a mid 1st but I could definitely see something between 22-26 for two 2nds especially if a team likes two guys in the that 38-40 spot.
  23. Agreed, we aren't desperate. But, how do we move this rebuild along? How do we improve the lineup? How do we keep stocking the prospect pool? Cant do it with the assets we have. Its just money, and its FA's money. We have enough players we need to get rid of to keep us in the same spot with the cap space. I don't think its high on Benning's list to make more cap room just yet. Edler, Tanev, Eriksson, Baertschi, Schaller, Granlund, Goldobin, Motte (prefer him to stay), Pouliot, Gaunce, etc all will be gone in two years. We will save enough cap space with them and take advantage by getting some decent assets by sacrificing a little bit in cap space.
  24. Agreed it wont be easy, but I don't think it will be impossible. You do have the options to buy him out with only two years left, LTIR, bury him in the minors etc. Also, not sure if this is the case but if he waives him NMC to come to Vancouver, his NMC no longer applies to subsequent moves?
  25. I think that's what you have to do when you don't have the assets to make any significant moves. Weaponize the cap space.