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  1. LA rejects and blocks Jim's phone number. /thread
  2. c'mon man this is the tkachuk thread, get out of here with all that positivity
  3. Tanev is the horse we ride until he is physically unable to walk and we have to take him out back of Rogers arena and put him out of his misery with a double barrel shotgun. Until that day though, I'll keep him in.
  4. Edler - Tanev Hughes - Tryamkin Benn/Stetcher - Myers I like it
  5. How do you know Baertschi is the problem? Has a way more creativite and offensive mind than Jake.
  6. Absolutely. Which makes a 3rd line of Baer, Gaudette and Virtanen - that should be a line that can produce.
  7. Even his KHL production aside, he's been great in international play. I would be all for adding another highly skilled player. This thread should be an interesting bump next April.
  8. The intro is absolutely brutal. Embarrassing to be honest. I attended about 5 games last year with different groups of people and every game we cringed during that intro. EDIT: While we're at it here, who's brilliant idea was it to enter the ice through the zamboni entrance? What possible benefit does that serve? Because the net has to be taken off and the camera crew is one the ice, the Canucks are forced to skate an awkward half lap between the centre line and the top of the circles. I know this is a major nit pick, but for some reason it drives me insane.
  9. Agreed 100%. I don't know how anyone who watched the 5 games Hughes played last season could say he isn't far and away #1. It's like watching Petey's first 5 games and then ranking him behind Sutter cause we haven't seen enough of him yet.
  10. We also potentially traded Pierre-Oliver Joseph and Jarret Tyszka for JT Miller and his 13 goals.
  12. You could say that about anything then. There is talk he could step in the league right away. There is talk he could play 7 years in the KHL. I'll believe the quote directly from his mouth less than 2 weeks ago.
  13. Talk from who? Him? Not that I've seen. Just speculation from hopeful fans. Only thing I've heard from him is that he said he's going to honour his KHL contract.
  14. Well he won't be coming over for another 2 years. Not a problem though, a little more development time couldn't hurt. I want to him to be a top player in the World Juniors this year, then absolutely dominate it the year after that.