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  1. This kid sure doesn't lack confidence, looks a bit cocky to be honest. In the best possible way though. I like some personality on the ice. Hopefully he plays a bigger role on his team next year, really excited for him. Where would you guys slip in him when ranking our forward prospects? Podkolzin Hoglander MacEwen Madden Karlsson Lind Gadjovich
  2. I'll take out a second mortgage.
  3. This is the guy who has been pushing strictly for players that have played for a Victoria based team at some point in their careers. The names he constantly mentions are here in my post below from a few months back.
  4. Sounds like you're coming down with something. Rest up and we'll see you on Monday.
  5. He probably HAS to compete now. I don't think he wants to, but he has to speed things up. I think he's been told (my own speculation) it's playoff, or pack your $&!#. I think this core is still another year or two, piece or two away from really being in the thick of it. I really don't like the idea of handing Gardiner/Myers $50m only because they're the best available at the moment.
  6. 1. Boldy 2. Krebs 3. Podkolzin DNW: Broberg Fully expecting Jim and the boys to make me look stupid.
  7. calder is nice and all but we could have had a stanley cup and calder if we took glass
  8. You have to overpay in free agency. Especially when you finish in the bottom of the league and a player could be fielding offers from several different teams. That's why I want to stay away from Gardiner and Myers. Overpay on the RIGHT players. Not these guys.
  9. Turcotte said he thinks he's going 3 or 4. Not sure if he had some good interviews with CHI and COL or what
  10. He was horrible with LA. Don't want this guy near our team.
  11. Would you have taken Jake Wise over Tyler Madden? Looking at stats back then, most would. I haven't seen much of either Podkolzin or Dorofeyev, much like yourself. This is when I'll trust those who have and not look at numbers.
  12. Canucks were 25th in the league for goals for. We trade our 3rd highest point producer (probably 2nd if healthy) for a defenseman. Dumba is good, but our offence is weak and trading one of our top offensive players is taking one step forward and one step back.
  13. Is there really a point in moving up 2 selections in the draft? Unless the Canucks are high on someone who unexpectedly drops and a deal can be made on the draft floor, I don't think it's worth moving up.
  14. Sign him 5 years $3.5m per, more than he'd make in 20 years in the K
  15. Great, thanks for the contribution Mad Jon. Always a pleasure.
  16. Could be. I believe they also had a follow up interview with Krebs and Zegras.
  17. That's why I'd rather have Bouchard. No Pulju or 38th. Lucic Bouchard (Ineligible for expansion draft) for Eriksson
  18. Tuch is on a great contract, don't think he's the guy Vegas would be willing to move. If they're looking for cap relief, doesn't make sense to trade one of the best value deals they have going.
  19. Your value is off are pretty much all these trades. Not even close.
  20. 1.Hughes 2. Kakko 3. Turcotte 4. Cozens 5. Byram 6. Dach 7. Zegras 8. Broberg 9. Boldy 10. Newhook Heard Chicago is looking for a centre, Colorado desperately needs scoring. LA sprints to the stage to select Byram, Oilers have been linked to Broberg. That's what I think could happen but it's anyone's guess.
  21. Of course we are having fun! I appreciate the enthusiasm you bring here and enjoy reading your posts. I'll be the first to agree with you on Boesers skating. I've been saying for a while now that he isn't a great skater. In my opinion, that's the biggest obstacle holding him back from reaching that next tier. He has slow excelleration and average top speed. But let's be fair to Brock. It can take a young player a bit to adjust to the NHL speed. After suffering his back injury in his rookie year, he didn't have an offseason to work on his weaknesses. His agent (name is escaping me right now) was on SN650 a month or so back and had said that Brock has identified that skating was an issue for him and had hired a skating coach to work on exactly that. I'm excited to see what a healthy Boeser can do after a healthy off season full of training. I think it would shortsighted to trade him now. You are correct in the sense that he relies on his centerman to do the bulk of the work. Which isn't always a bad thing. I think that's why he works so well with Pettersson. Petey drives the play and likes to carry the puck, while Boeser is good at putting himself in the right areas to get a shot off. He's a great triggerman. I would way rather keep Boeser, add in the players you mentioned as UFA's and forget adding the picks. Cheers
  22. I think Montreal would rather have a more substantial piece rather than all these spare parts. Also, every single roster player we're sending them is an RFA. Would Bergevin really want to deal with that?
  23. No, jan it isn't. Read my previous post. Also we don't get Dzingel out of this. He's a UFA, you can't factor him into the trade.