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  1. [Discussion] (poll) James vs Jay

    I'd go with Beagle. Less years and annual. If Canucks are competing, Neal be great. We aren't, so Beagle it is!
  2. [Proposal] Van+TO

    I think we'd have trouble getting Kadri alone for that package. Take Kadri and Sutter out and replace Kadri with a pick or Rasanen and I think the two sides are closer. Also...i mean it would feel like blasphemy but Kadri and Horvat would compete for that 1st line spot. I think if they were both were on the Canucks, Kadri would likely win the 1c spot next season
  3. (Proposal) Tanev, Nilsson for Trouba, Mason

    Don't forget that Hammond once went on a magical run towards the end of the 2014-2015 season and single handedly got the Senators in the playoffs. Next season he played 23 games, was not particularly good, and was essentially out of the league. There is a reason goalies tend to have lower value than other players. I don't think the WC will be enough to convince other gm's that Nilsson is an nhl goalie. If he has a good year for us though, he may end up garnering some interest.
  4. [Proposal] Erik Karlsson

    You are clearly full of it. Several players wives have come out in defense of Karlsson's wife. No one has come out in defense of the Hoffman's. If the Karlssons weren't well liked, they wouldn't have as many supporters as they do. Karlsson is very well liked in that locker room
  5. (Proposal) Florida - Montreal

    Why? I like Pac but he only has one year left on his deal and he wasnt very good last season. Bjudstad is 5 years younger and is coming off a solid season. 1 year left on Pac vs 3 years left on Bjudstad. I'll take Bjudstad any day
  6. (Proposals) cap dump city

    That Seabrook one is pretty terrifying as well. At least with Lucic it is likely he eventually goes on LTIR for his degenerative back
  7. [Discussion] #2 C options

    Would be pretty nice getting Hughes next year >:)
  8. [Discussion] #2 C options

    I think rolling with Horvat Sutter Gagner and Gaudette will work out well. Sutter will take mostly defensive draws. Let the other 3 cover the rest. Gagner is only one year removed from a 50 point season. If he can get up into the 40s this year then he will have value. He only has two years left on his deal and a team will trade for him if he can increase his scoring. And if Gagner doesn't work out, oh well. Doesn't cost us anything to give it a shot. Last resort we trade him to Montreal. They are desperate for centers and they like their French players. Also if it doesn't work out, it gives us a shot at a lottery pick. Players like Stastny put us closer to being a playoff bubble team. Once we are competitive, Stastney be in his mid 30's and there won't be much of a role for him on the team
  9. Trading Dmen (Discussion)

    What will happen will really depend on Juolevi. If he has a strong camp, that would make one of Hutton or Pouliot expendable imo. Whichever one has a better showing would stay. The other dealt for anything he could fetch. If Juolevi is having a good consistent year, that would make MDZ expendable. I think come the deadline he would be worth a 2nd to a contender unless he is having a bad year. So I think it would look something like this. Start of season Edler, MDZ, Hutton, Pouliot Or Edler, MDZ, Juolevi, Hutton/Pouliot At the deadline if Juolevi improves Edler, Juolevi, Hutton/Pouliot, McEneny This is taking into consideration that there will be injuries and people will be moved up the lineup throughout the year. By the end of the year, I would like to see one of Sautner or Brisebois get a few games when injuries come up. Sautner is likely more NHL ready, but Brisebois did logged the most minutes on the Comets this last season. Brisebois didn't thrive in that role but he survived and for a 20 year old in his first year of pro hockey that is decent.
  10. Proposal - Van/Tor and Van/Edm

    Value is fairly good but Canuckmen84 is right. If Tanev is dealt, a 1st or defense prospect has to be coming back. RNH is a want, not a need
  11. Proposal - NYI/VAN VAN/CHI

    I have a feeling the cat you ate this morning must of had a ton of catnip in it. That is the only way I can explain your thought process on this
  12. Mtl - NYI (proposal/Discussion)

    Take the 2nd round out and replace it with a 5th rounder and value wise it would be pretty close. I think the premise makes sense though. Montreal has an empty prospect pool and could use several pieces. Islanders could use a player like Zadina or Tkachuk who will likely make an immediate impact. Would help them convince Tavares to stay. Would also help draw a crowd to the new arena. Some would argue Montreal is trying to be competitive and that they should keep that pick. I think that is absolutely silly. Montreal needs to rebuild. If they choose to keep the pick fair enough. Some say they can package the pick for a center though and I just don't see that being a good idea. As for the Islanders getting a goalie, I would either try to sign Carter Hutton or look to trade for someone like Holtby.
  13. Proposal - 2018-2019 Roster to Fill Holes

    Patrick Marleau got a 3 year deal at 38 years old. Radulov signed a 5 year deal that ends when he is nearly 36. Trevor Daley signed a 3 year deal that ends when he is 36 Matt Hunwick signed a 3 year deal that ends when he is nearly 35. These are all deals that were signed last year. This years pool of ufa defensemen is weak and the cap is going up significantly. With Greens back surgery, that will play a factor into any deal he signs. He is going to get paid substantially though, and I wouldn't be shocked at all by a 3 year deal averaging 5.5 - 6 a year
  14. Ahh yes that should have been obvious. The physicality aspect would make sense. Since Sbisa didn't turn out as Benning had hoped, he went and acquired Gudbranson later on
  15. Kesler had a no trade and got to pick where he wanted to go. He only had interest in going to a couple teams and New Jersey was definitely not one of them. Seems strange Jim would communicate with a team he couldn't trade Kesler to