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  1. But you should always take BPA in my opinion and not draft according to position
  2. There are certaintly better options at 8th than braden schneider
  3. I rather keep Lafreniere and promote Loui to Director of the Scouting Department Lafreniere Petey Miller Toffoli Horvat Boeser
  4. Take out Beagle, move Sutter to the C position and put MacEwan to the wing. With Virtanen, Ferland, Roussel and MacEwan in the lineup, nobody is touching petey, quinn
  5. We should never seperate those two studs. #nevertradingtheflow
  6. 2 2nds & 3 3rds are not realistic in my opinion. In case Seattle asks for the moon, then try to trade him to another team & at some point Seattles demands will be lower Check out the deals Vegas made.
  7. Let's keep the Flow and Marky! Maybe we can make a deal with Seattle to not take Marky or Demko. This would be a very solid tendy duo. Lets rooooollll nucks tonight
  8. If the Canucks can't figure out a contract with Boeser well then.. I think it's absolut bullsh** that he's not at camp now and that nowadays RFA signings are so $&!#ty as they are now. Marner rejects 7/8 years 10mil wtf is wrong? Are todays players & agents so greedy and care so less about a franchise with the goal to compete?! I still hope he's in the opening lineup then the last thing we need is a nylander situation in vancouver. Maybe someone has more information about the current situation?
  9. At least your posts just can get better. Stop proposing trades involving our core namly Bo, Brock, Petey, Quinn & PutGoalsIn Finally we have some core pieces in place and somehow people wanna trade them, i don't get that.
  10. Maybe then also try loui as a goaltender. I mean he can't be worse there.