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  1. Give me more odds then less. Toronto got Mathews, where did they finish that year
  2. If Benning and company have even thought about talking to Oshie, I'll never have been as frustrated with this team then I would be now. Fans want a rebuild, how is this a hard concept to grasp
  3. Nashville and as much as I hate to say it, Toronto. The Caps had to sneak out a win in game one and have barely had a lead in the series itself.
  4. 1. Accumulate more draft picks and prospects 2. Let the kids play and develop 3. Hope for a top three pick in next years draft
  5. I believe he is getting a position in management
  6. CBC's opening montage in the 2011 SCF with this song was one of the best hype videos they've ever produced
  7. 6 million (plus) on the 4th line is expensive enough!
  8. TD Place seems like such a let down after the Parliament Hill proposal
  9. I would love watching the Red Wings - Avs games Saturday mornings on NBC, great memories reading this article!
  10. What a great read, I hope he gets placed in the Ring of Honour as soon as he calls it a career.
  11. I understand the Pratt and Bro Jake hate but I've been a big fan of Sekeres
  12. They have the rights to all Senators games, and I think a certain amount of Jets and Leafs games as well. Also, I believe they have deals to have ESPN content such as NCAA events, NFL, etc. Other then that, I'm really not too sure which sports related events create their revenue.
  13. Let's wait to see if Sportsnet even creates a new 'Vancouver Station" yet, I don't think anything of that nature has been announced yet
  14. I'm sure he got his own change up at The Roxy on Sunday!
  15. Does this mean that Rogers is going to create a radio station in Vancouver, like what Calgary and Toronto have. Having both TSN and Rogers battle in the sports radio world would create some good diversity of choice.