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  1. Compliance buy out: Eriksson LTIR: Ferland Trade: Boeser + Stecher to CBJ for Savard + Anderson Resign RFAs: Anderson ($3m), Virtanen ($2.8m), Gaudette ($2m), MacEwen ($1.2m), Motte ($1.2m) Sign UFAs: Markstrom ($6m), Tanev ($5.5m), Toffoli ($5.5m) Total cap hit = $80.3m (including Luongo recapture penalty, Spooner buyout and Baer buried contract)
  2. We have too many bottom 6 forwards right now. But if we could clear some of those guys out I would be looking at someone like Nick Shore who would be a good 4C to replace Sutter or Beagle at a quarter of the cap cost. Great faceoff guy, defensive forward. Cheap and reliable.
  3. If Severson was on the Canucks team I would rank the D as follows: Hughes > Edler > Tanev > Severson > Myers = Stecher > Fantenberg > Benn You didn't ask me, but I have watched Severson closely this season and he is developing well. But he still has a lot of errors in his own end. When comparing to current Canucks I would say that his game is most similar to Edler's. He has some size that he uses a little, but not as much as he should. He plays an all round game and he eats a lot of minutes. His offense is pretty good, he still needs to develop in his own end. There is no question in my mind that Edler is a much better player at the moment. Severson is much younger and will likely improve to become a similar level player to Edler in his prime. Tanev will likely always be a better defensive player than Severson. Severson has better size than Stecher and better offense than Myers. I don't think the Devils will do Severson for Virtanen. DS is a good young Dman on a great contract. It would require something more like Boeser to get Severson (shades of Hall for thanks)
  4. Compliance buying out of Loui is a no brainer. I can't see management buying out Myers. Even if it is not counted towards the cap, they will still have to pay the guy about $19m of his $23m remaining on the contract. So although it might look like a nice way to clear cap, they aren't going to spend $19m just to clear some space.
  5. Toffoli has scored 30 goals only once in his career. It was 4 years ago. He is still a good player but Boeser projects to have a better future than Toffoli. I would hope that JB keeps them both. Tanev gets injured because he puts everything on the line for this team. Usually blocking shots. He has been quite healthy this year and I believe this has to do with the way that he plays with Hughes as a D pairing.
  6. Severson is a good target, but the idea of this thread was: 81,500,000 to spend. only canucks that we own. removing whoever you want. Tanev is the best defender that the Canucks own, so it is a no-brainer that he is in my lineup under the above conditions. However, if it was up to me to build a contender I would have traded Tanev (50% retained) + Stecher to TOR for a 2020 1st and Ceci a few months ago when Reilly and Muzzin were on IR and TOR were desperate to stay in the race. Canucks probably would not have made the playoffs, but our team is not ready to contend and I would have banked the asset. This would have given us two 1st rounders in the 2020 draft. Stecher will likely walk after this season anyway, and we could have resigned Tanev in the summer as a UFA.
  7. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli 6 Roussel Gaudette 3 Virtanen 3 Ferland Beagle MacEwen 1.4 (Motte 1.5) Edler Myers Hughes Tanev 5 Tryamkin 3 Stecher 2.5 (Rafferty) Markstrom 6 (Demko) Cap hit about $81m
  8. Couple of good suggestions there with Severson and Edmundson...getting both would be a significant upgrade over Stecher and significant age reduction over Tanev. D corps next season could be: Edler Myers Hughes Severson Edmundson Tryamkin Benn Rafferty Doesn't look too bad, even without Tanev. Excellent mix of size, grit, offense, pushback. Also adding those two guys means we don't miss losing Edler so much the following season: Hughes Severson Edmundson Myers Juolevi Tryamkin Rathbone Rafferty
  9. I agree that losing Eriksson, Sutter, Baer, Beagle and Roussel is not exactly "blowing it up" it is simply moving on from older players as they age out (perhaps 1-2 years before their contracts were planned to end) but that is no big deal. Even trading Boeser would not be overly surprising as long as the return is worthwhile. I would prefer we keep Boeser tho. And I personally would hold on to Beagle and Rous for now as they provide veteran experience for the bottom 6. Sutter and Eriksson have been outplayed by Gaudette and MacEwen, and they should be moved on. My sense is that it will cost a lot more than everyone thinks in order to move these bloated contracts. I don't think LE or Baer will retire. I would like to be surprised, but I don't think they will. RW is going to be an interesting position because if we resign Toffoli it will be quite crowded with BB, TT, and JV. I'm not sure we can afford to be paying for that amount of RW talent. Again though, Pearson's contract ends after next season and, if he walks, TT could switch to 2LW to leave our second line as Toffoli - Horvat - Virtanen. There are many permutations possible. In terms of D, it is going to be interesting to see what happens with Edler and Tanev. Will Tanev be resigned for a few seasons to try and reduce the impact of losing both Edler and Tanev. Will JB resign Edler to a short term and lower value contract after his current contract expires? Or will JB look to move on? It will not be so easy to replace those two. Dumba is not the answer. Perhaps in 1-2 seasons there will be some consistent performers coming through from our prospects/reserves list. Otherwise JB will need to find a trade to bring in a #2 or #3 Dman that can log big minutes, play PK, stays healthy and preferably has some size to clear the crease.
  10. As far as I am aware this is a discussion forum for Armchair GMs. A major part of being a GM is dealing with cap issues. So are you trying to say we shouldn’t talk about this stuff? Haha If you have a problem with people posting on the forum then I suggest you stop reading the posts. Pretty simple. Last thing I would say is that your responses are not well thought out and parts of them are just plain wrong. If anyone is posting “off the cuff” without sufficient understanding it’s you. We are all Canucks.
  11. I’ve got a good handle on the cap situation for the next two seasons. The biggest unknown is how much the cap will rise. Eriksson’s $6m is not “forced saving” in any way. Firstly, if we do nothing, his contract will still be here in 2021/22 right when we are trying to resign EP and QH. Even buying it out at the start of that season will only save $2m in cap hit. Secondly clearing Eriksson earlier (this off season) gives us the opportunity to pay more of the 2020/21 performance bonuses in that same year (expected to be about $4m) which will otherwise push into 2021/22 and will effectively reduce our cap space by another $4m. Together that is about $10m of space we won’t have in 2021/22 to resign EP and QH.
  12. Thanks for your comments. But really if the main issue you have with the lineup is the 3rd D pairing then I think JB is doing well!!! In my original post I said that we will likely either resign Fanta for 3LD, or perhaps Tryamkin comes in instead. This means our third pairing could be Try-Raff or Fanta-Raff. I don't see a lot of difference between those two options. Fanta probably cheaper. Tryamkin probably has a more physical impact on play. I think the Dumba - Boeser trade has been done to death on this forum and the general consensus was that Minny says "no". Boeser is not a player I would trade anyway.
  13. I would argue that Eriksson and Baer have negative value. Don't you agree with that? If they are allowed to remain on the books until they expire then this will negatively impact the team more than losing Virtanen and Benn. It will likely mean that we will not resign one or two of Marky, Tanev, Toffoli next season, and potentially impacts the resigning of Pettersson and Hughes. These guys are more important to the success of the Canucks IMO. The two assets (Virt and Benn) are the cost of clearing out the negative value (Eriksson and Baer). You may argue that the value is off, or that other assets could be used instead of Virt/Benn, or that JB has a magic trick up his sleeve. From my perspective I would rather lose Virt & Benn as assets, than giving up top prospects and picks because those assets will be more useful in the long term when Petey and Hughes have matured and are ready to lead us to glory. I think many people underestimate the cost of clearing cap from bad contracts. Most teams are not operating at cap floor anymore, the cost of clearing bad contracts is increasing. No one should be surprised if JB pulls out some deals similar to the two I proposed, because he will likely be forced to do so for the overall betterment of the team. If JB truly has a magic trick up his sleeve (such as an Eriksson retirement plan) then no one will be happier than this Nucks fan.
  14. What value do you think you could get for Eriksson, Benn and Baer?