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  1. I suggest the following trades/moves. The incentive for VAN is to clear cap space... Trade 1 To OTT: Eriksson 50% retained + Virtanen (rights) + 2021 3rd round pick To VAN: Future considerations OTT does this for the assets only. It is a really cheap way to get a decent RW (Virtanen) and a 3rd round pick. Loui plays in OTT for one season on their 3rd or 4th line for $500k of salary, then OTT likely buys him out. The buy out costs for OTT would be $1m in 2021 and $500k in 2022. They would be silly to turn down the assets at that cost. Trade 2 To EDM: Sutter 50% retained To VAN: 2021 6th round pick EDM need a decent third line center and Sutter at $2.2m is worth the meagre price of a 6th round pick. Trade 3 To NJD: Roussel + Stecher (rights) To VAN: Future considerations NJD are a young rebuilding team. They are short on defensemen and Stecher brings character and heart to support their young core. Roussel joins their bottom 6 and provides some starch to their lineup. Move 4 As soon as Ferland is declared healthy again - waive him to Utica. This will save $1.075m in cap hit. If he can prove he's healthy by playing a season, then he may return to the NHL roster, but until that time we need to minimise his impact on the cap.
  2. I love the idea, very creative. But I think that CBJ have only $7m in cap space for this coming season and they will likely want to create more space by buying out Wennberg themselves, and thereby only taking on his low cap hits. This would increase their cap space to $11.5m and allow them to resign PLD, some of their other RFAs, and perhaps take on a decent free agent from the market that will be full of talent that cannot be resigned by other teams.
  3. Yeah that's why I threw out to CDC for opinions. The reality for TBL is that, if they can't move any of their NTC/NMC guys, they can't keep Cernak. So they will have to move him for the best deal they can get. Is this the best deal they can get? Dunno...probably not. They won't want Virtanen because they can't afford him.
  4. OK this is something I hadn't considered. Makes sense now. Waive a valuable player that some other team would definitely pick up off waivers (even at a high salary). So TBL could get rid of someone like TJ, they just won't get any assets in return.
  5. Yep I understand all that. But if I was a forward in that group with a NTC, I would be politely saying "no way" to any trade proposals. And I am NOT saying Rafferty is some kind of Cernak replacement for TBL! At most he would play that role that Shattenkirk was playing for them. It will be interesting to see what they can do.
  6. Do you think Stamkos with his NMC is going to agree to move from TBL just because they win the cup once? I think he will refuse to move and want to stay on to create a long legacy. And so he should, they have a great chance at doing so. JB should also have Pettersson and Hughes all locked up well before they could be offer sheeted by anyone. Or at worst case he should be ready to match the highest offer.
  7. Yes of course. When you bury someone in the minors you just reduce their cap hit by $1.075m and create a roster space. The guy coming in to replace them carries his own cap hit, so you only save the difference between $1.075m and the new players cap hit. E.g. Let's save money by burying Loui and bringing up Hoglander. LE's cap hit becomes $4.925m. Hoglander adds another $892k, so the cap saving is only $183k. But I think we'd all like to see that one!
  8. They can demote Coburn to the minors and save 625k but who do they replace him with on their roster for less than 625k? They are up against it.
  9. Excellent point on the max three x RS, but we are only talking about one season for Rafferty and if he fills a D slot for $350k for one season until TBL can clear more space by moving TJ, then maybe it works for them. I guess it depends on how many other players on RS they are looking to add - probably as many as possible!
  10. A right side of Cernak, Myers, Tryamkin would be great...
  11. All good points, but Palat and TJ both have NTC. They are not waiving to go Detroit! Haha. Next season TJ moves to a M-NTC, so he will be traded then to clear more space. Can't see anyone waiving to leave TBL.
  12. Only because I don't think we can afford to trade for Sergachev! My guess is that he gets traded to the Blues for some serious assets, which will include some great players on retained salaries so that the effective cost to TBL is very low
  13. Coburn has NTC, don't think he would agree to move, as he only has one season left, and then may retire. Let's say they manage to low ball Cernak into a $3m bridge contract and they have traded Killorn for space. They only have $6.8m to sign another 7 players to their roster. Can't see them flooding their roster with 7 guys on ELCs.
  14. Offer sheets haven't worked for years. I would be keen to avoid an offer sheet to keep a good trading relationship with Tampa, because they will be moving out more assets in the future. Also you can bet that TBL have already moved Cernak before they risk losing him to an offer sheet. Finally, we're not retaining on Beagle and Rafferty for the sake of VAN, it is to generate the value to get Cernak off their hands. My sense is that Cernak could be a core piece for VAN.
  15. Everyone knows it. TBL are in cap trouble. Cap hell. Worse than cap hell! I'm gonna assume that NONE of their NTC and NMC players will accept a trade to another team. Why would they? They earned the clause in their contract and they will want to stay with a contending team, even more so if they win the CUP. The only players that can be traded are: Point Killorn (m-NTC) Coleman Paquette Goodrow I can't see them trading Point - he's too good. Coleman, Paquette, Goodrow are on very friendly contracts and probably can't be replaced for better value, so they won't be traded either. Killorn is definitely getting traded. This leaves them with $9.78m in cap space to sign at least 8 players to fill their roster. All 3 of their big name RFA's (Cirelli, Sergachev, Cernak) are going to cost them at least $4m each. They really cannot afford to pay any one of them that much, since it won't leave enough space to fill the rest of their roster. I believe that TBL will look to trade these big name RFAs in return for some very good NHL players on retained salaries, so that they can fill their roster with talent at very low cost. It has me wondering whether VAN has some assets that TBL could desire. What TBL need most are Dmen and bottom 6 players. They will also be looking for picks and prospects. Would this trade appeal?... To TBL: Beagle (50% retained) - $1.5m Rafferty (50% retained) - $350k Woo 2021 2nd round pick To VAN: Cernak (already signed to $4m x 4 years by TBL before trading) For TBL they get some serious PK and FO firepower in Beagle for their bottom 6, plus Rafferty in their defense mix (all for only $1.85m). Woo stays in the minors and is ready in 1-2 years. Plus a 2nd rounder. For VAN we get a cost controlled young Dman with mobility and size. Perfect complement to Hughes. Replacement for Tanev. Will be interested to hear if you think we're paying too much, or whether you think TBL laughs and hangs up the phone...