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  1. Fun with lines... Petey Horvat Boeser Roussel Gaudette Miller Pearson Sutter Virtanen Schaller Beagle Leivo
  2. In fairness to JB we hadn’t even signed Myers yet at the time Buffalo was considering moving on from Ristolainen, so a trade wasnt even possible. If JB succeeded in getting Risto then he very likely would not have signed Myers.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I think we can all see the benefits of your proposal to the Canucks. But there is not enough benefit or reason for the Kings to accept this trade.
  4. The likely reason Eriksson has not been waived is due to injuries to others in our roster. It will be telling if/when all our forwards are healthy. Assuming Graovac gets sent back to Utica, we would still have 15 healthy forwards with a maximum of 14 spots (assuming 7D + 2G). This means likely one of Eriksson, Motte or Schaller will be waived. If Eriksson is not waived at that point, then we know there is another reason he is being kept with the Canucks. IMO the only things that saves LE from being waived is more injuries or if JB has a trade lined up to clear a roster spot at forward.
  5. Thanks. Brett Pesce springs to mind. Would be a perfect fit and could do what Tanev does. But Canes are not giving him up for nothing/anything. I think it’s easy to find someone but not so easy to afford them. Tanev could be resigned for a modest amount. He and Edler will buy us a couple more years to develop the rest of our young top 4 D.
  6. I personally want to keep Markstrom. As you say, a deal with TOR would need to be assets for assets (unlikely picks being moved) because we are both at cap limit. One possible trade idea, with fair values IMO, but which is unlikely to go ahead from either teams perspective would be: To TOR: Marky (50% retained), Stecher To VAN: Barrie, Mikheyev, Hutchinson $4.158m cap in for TOR $4.375m cap out for TOR
  7. Cap Cap not really an issue once everyone is back healthy. It is more about roster spots. We will easily be under cap limit. We are at $85.4m including current roster plus all injured players. Once Ferland, Sutter, Beagle, Motte, Edler return. We reassign Dipietro, Chatfield, Graovac, MacEwen, Goldobin. This would reduce cap by about $4m and is enough to bring us under the cap limit. However, we would need to reduce by one more roster spot to reach max of 23. So we waive Eriksson which reduces cap by a further $1m approx. This reduces cap to about $80.3m, and leaves us with 14F, 7D, 2G. This assumes no one else is injured in the mean time, but cap is not really an issue. One thing JB needs to consider is this year’s bonuses that may need to be paid to Petey, Gaud and Hughes. This could come to $4.55m. I would like to see him find a home for Baer and move on from his buried contract. Perhaps OTT would be interested for their top 6. He would be an upgrade on Nick Paul. And they only have 4 forwards contracted for next season, plus they are looking for picks for their rebuild. Something like: To OTT: Baer, 2020 3rd To VAN: 2020 4th This brings us down to about $77m and creates space to cover the potential performance bonuses. Oh and don’t trade Tanev. Please resign him!!! He’s a warrior for the Nucks!
  8. Kreider would be a nice fit in our top 6. Main concerns are cost of assets to acquire him this season and cost of his UFA salary to keep him next season. Also we would need to send (e.g.) Pearson to NYR in order to clear enough cap space for this season. Additionally, if we are looking at resigning Markstrom, we need to offload Baer's contract too. I am assuming JB will struggle to offload Eriksson. Maybe something like: To OTT: Baer, 2020 3rd To VAN: 2020 4th 2020/21 roster: Kreider Pettersson Boeser Miller Horvat Virtanen Roussel Gaudette Ferland Motte Beagle Sutter Eriksson Edler Myers Hughes Tanev Benn Stecher/Tryamkin Juolevi Markstrom Demko
  9. Also would've liked to see Loui benched and Goldy playing: Virtanen-Pettersson-Boeser Schaller-Horvat-Miller (main shutdown line) Pearson-Gaudette-Goldobin Leivo-Graovac-MacEwen
  10. I made a similar proposal for Mikheyev, but I like yours better. I feel Ceci is doing well in TOR and they would prefer to keep someone with his size, rather than having both Barrie and Stecher on their blueline. So maybe tweak it to: Barrie + Mikheyev (total cap = $3.675m) for Stecher + Pearson (both 50% retained, total cap = $3.038m) Why for TOR? Barrie is a defensive trainwreck right now, without providing the expected offence, and TOR needs to get rid of him asap. Stech is an upgrade defensively and can play 2RD. Should pair nicely with Muzzin. Reilly is their PP Dman anyway, plus they will not be able to resign next season Barrie so they may as well cut bait and get a young Dman in Stech that can play D and may be able to be resigned next season. Pearson is more suited to a 3LW role than Mikheyev and provides TOR with additional leadership, PK and grit to their lineup. Also with VAN retaining 50% then the Leafs manage to shed about $637k in cap. This should allow them to bring one of their "700-club" players up from the AHL and be able to run a 22-man roster once Marner returns. Why for VAN? Canucks get a future potential 2LW for Bo in Mikheyev, who is RFA next season. Potentially sign him to a good value bridge deal if he performs. And they get to see if Barrie can thrive in VAN before considering whether they trade him at the TDL or look to resign him long term. He can be parked on the 3rd pairing 5v5 and rolled out for the PP2. He has all the skills to turn the corner in VAN and become an offensive dynamo again (with the acknowledgement that he will probably always be defensively weak). Both may or may not work out, not too big of a deal if they don't, as Stech is RFA next season and may want a pay rise. Pearson is another 3rd line LW which we already have Roussel, Leivo, Baer and Ferland, and we could do with offloading.
  11. Markstrom (50% retained) Stecher (50% retained) (less than $3m) for Barrie (offensive 1RD) Mikheyev (nice 2LW for Bo) ($3.675m) Or maybe just trade Markstrom for a 1st and then sign Barrie as a UFA... ;-)
  12. So if Sutter is injured we will need at least one call up. Who will it be? Goldy? Big Mac? Beagle is also day to day, so perhaps we need two call ups. We can only afford that if Sutter goes onto LTIR. I’d like to see Big Mac called up. Hopefully Beagle is good to go against Dallas. But if he is out for next couple of games, this is F line up I’d like to see: Leivo Petey Boeser Baer Horvat Virtanen Pearson Miller Eriksson Schaller Gaudette MacEwen Obviously PK is most affected. Run with... PK1: Horvat Pearson PK2: Schaller Eriksson Not bad considering our list of injured forwards: Sutter Beagle Motte Ferland Roussel
  13. Roussel was put on LTIR to allow the Canucks to bring MacIntyre and Sautner up from Utica to cover for Marky's absence and Fanta's illness. Without doing that they would have been over the cap. They could have put Roussel on LTIR earlier but there was no need to since they were below $81.5m even with him on IR.
  14. Thanks for the reply. There is a lot of detail in your post that it is difficult to reply, but will give it a go... You say 8 players should get qualifying offers. I’m not sure which 8 you mean, but of our 14 RFA’s next season, none of them are under $660k salary, so none require a 10% raise on a QO. Most require a 5% raise (as are under $1m salary), but I would say Gaudette, Virtanen, Stecher and Motte will be the only resigned RFAs likely to be on the NHL roster next season. In what universe do you think Tryamkin is worth $4.5m and Stecher is worth $4m? I’m not saying they can’t improve and MAYBE be worth that, but they won’t be paid based on what Gudbranson got, and they will have to be exhibiting the ability to be a top 4 D man on a contender to warrant that sort of money and that could be 3-4 years away. Their next contract will be more along the lines of what Benn is getting to start with, with perhaps an additional $0.5-1.0m due to being younger and having more potential. The new salaries you have proposed in 2 to 3 years time just don’t fit with the actual timelines of contracts ending. E.g. Bo has 4 more years on his contract. Pettersson has 2 years. Myers has 5 years. The point I was trying to make earlier is that the contracts are staggered and timed in such a way that we won’t end up in serious cap trouble in any one year, even as our high end players command more salary. Let’s take the 2021-22 season for example since this is when Petey is due his next contract. You say $9m, I am guessing more like $10m. The only players we have contracted for that season are: Horvat, Boeser, Eriksson, Miller, Ferland, Beagle, Roussel, Myers. The projected cap hit is $41.15m, including the $3m recapture penalty. It is likely the cap goes up a few million by then, let’s say to $84m, should give us about $42.8m to spend on 15 players. By example only, this could be achieved as follows: Pettersson - $10m Gaudette - $3.5m Virtanen - $2.5m (NO WAY he gets $4.5m without serious improvement) Podkolzin - $1m (ELC) Hoglander - $1m (ELC) MacEwen - $1m Hughes - $6m Tryamkin - $3.5m Stecher - $3.5m Juolevi - $3m Brisebois - $1.25m Rafferty - $1.25m Woo - $0.9 (still on his ELC) Demko - $3.5m Dipietro - $0.8m (still on his ELC) Roster: Miller Petey Boeser Ferland Horvat Podz Hoglander Gaudette Virtanen Roussel Beagle MacEwen (Eriksson) Hughes Myers Tryamkin Stecher Juolevi Woo (Brisebois Rafferty) Demko Dipietro Now I am projecting 3 years out, so there is no way that I am guessing correctly on the prospects that will make it or not. But the reality is that this team has its core now, we will purposely lose vets as they age out and become UFA, our stars will command more salary as they ascend, and we will fill in the role players with dynamic young (and cheap) players from our deep prospect pool.
  15. they will probably paper down Gaudette for a few days to account for MacIntyre's cap hit. So he won't be able to play while that occurs. Without doing that we would be about $0.5m over cap limit.
  16. Yeah I'm with you on these thoughts. However, I wonder if they needed to paper down Gaudette for a few days because adding MacIntyre to the roster puts them $0.5m over the cap limit? I love the look of the Ferland-Horvat-Pearson line. These guys should match up nicely against the Wings top line. Then we could have shut down their second line with the like of Motte-Beagle-Sutter. This leaves lots of room for matching the following up against their 3rd and 4th lines: Miller-Petey-Boeser Leivo-Gaudette-Virtanen I guess its not to be!
  17. Don't get me wrong - I would definitely rather have Clifford over Schaller! However, I don't feel like it is worth paying a 3rd rounder for that swap. The main reason is that Clifford is on the final year of his contract, so we are spending that just to have him here for this season (a rental UFA - which you did mention). I think I would rather keep the pick and keep Gaudette in the NHL. I would do a 5th rounder + Schaller for Clifford.
  18. I am not sure why you are concerned with performance bonuses. These won’t have any major impact on the cap for this year, and it certainly isn’t worse next year as you suggest. Firstly, the perf bonuses are well below the 7.5% cushion (about $6m) allowable over the $81.5m cap, so these do not affect the cap this year or next year. Secondly, the recapture penalty is no worse next year than it is this year either. We are nowhere near cap hell! I agree we could stand to lose some large contracts such as Eriksson and Baer, which for their cost are not able to contribute much to the team from the press box and from Utica. I believe Baer might be traded near the TDL to a contender for depth. LE is virtually untradeable. I would support moving him to Utica to try and see if he might void his contract by not reporting. However, even if we can’t move any of these contracts before next season, we are not in cap trouble. Let me show you how the team could structured for next season without losing Baer or Eriksson and still be cap compliant... Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Ferland Roussel Gaudette Virtanen Motte Beagle Sutter (Leivo) Edler Myers Hughes Tryamkin Benn Stecher (Juolevi) Markstrom Demko EST. TOTAL CAP = $79.5m Including all recapture penalties and buried contracts This assumes: Baer and Eriksson buried in Utica Schaller walks This assumes resigning: Markstrom $5m Tryamkin $2.75m Stecher $2.75m Gaudette $1.5m Leivo $1.5m Virtanen $1.5m Motte $1.1m I have also assumed that Tanev will walk or be traded at the TDL, but if he has a good season then they may offer him a 2 year x $4m contract. Resigning Tanev would be contingent on either missing out on Tryamkin, or on getting Tryamkin and trading a contract such as Baer’s which is currently taking up $2.29m in cap space. A bunch of other contracts end in 2021, so we will have space to resign Pettersson and bring in high end prospects such as Podz. This team is not mismanaged. It is actually very nicely constructed from a salary cap perspective.
  19. I would love to see Virtanen given the opportunity to grow into a great PK'er. I think that the team would be much more balanced using him in that role. If he could do it, I would then think that Beagle, Sutter, Motte and Virtanen would provide plenty of PK ability. Horvat and Pearson can be used if one of those other four are in the box. No need to keep LE around just for PK. However, as you say it doesn't look like JV is going to be given the chance by Green. So regarding whether LE is going to stay as a PK specialist...I am expecting JB to waive Biega and Schaller and to run with 14F and 7D, including Eriksson and Goldobin on the roster. Until Roussel returns, and depending on who makes the lineup on any given night, the PK forwards would be drawn from: Beagle, Sutter, Motte, Eriksson, Horvat (and perhaps a little of Pearson, Virtanen) Once Roussel returns, and if Green still doesn't want to grow Virtanen in the PK role, I would like to see Horvat taken off PK duties and stick with PK pairings of: Motte-Beagle and Roussel-Sutter I also expect that JB will have tried his hardest to trade Loui before Roussel returns to the lineup.
  20. As nice as some of those trades look for the Canucks, I don't see WPG trading with VAN. If Byfuglien actually retires (and that's a big if) then WPG will need to look carefully at their options to solidify their RHD. They really need two guys. One that can be a legit top pairing RD, and another that can bring a veteran presence/depth and play RD on the 2nd or 3rd pairing. Bearing in mind that Pionk, who is probably their top RD behind Buff, is only 24 and has only played one season in the NHL. It would be useful to have that veteran presence to shelter him and allow him to grow into the second pairing role. The two players that come to mind are: Justin Faulk - a RD that provides offence, size and plays with an edge. CAR recently added Gardiner to their already great D corps, so they have incredible depth on their blueline and could afford to trade Faulk for a decent asset, probably a forward. Faulk would be ideal for that top pairing role with Morrissey. Luke Schenn - Luke has shown he is a gritty vet that can handle himself adequately bringing simple, solid and low risk plays. He would be a good a cheap target for WPG. Tampa Bay have signed him for one year only, but have since added Shattenkirk which pushes Schenn down the depth chart, probably into the AHL. He may relish the opportunity to play a bigger role in the NHL. Luke would be a good option as that 2nd/3rd pairing guy. What assets can they use to get these guys? I feel that they would be stupid to trade an offensive dynamo such as Laine, he could be a future STAR in the NHL. Despite his comments and his contract demands, WPG should keep him. The one positive if Buff retires is that they will have the cap space to sign both Connor and Laine. I think they would be dumb not to do that. I reckon Faulk could be had for a top prospect. He only has one year left on his current contract, so WPG would only be buying that year. I feel that they could get him by trading one of either: Appleton, Roslovic or Vesalainen. I'm going to guess it would take Vesalainen, but if WPG can make it Appleton + 2020 3rd then that would be better for WPG. I think Schenn could be had for as little as a 5th round pick. This only buys WPG some relief for 1 season. But it does give them the chance to evaluate Faulk and Schenn before committing to anything long-term. The other thing to remember is that WPG have some great young Dmen in their system (such as Heinola, Samberg, Stanley, Chisholm) but these guys are probably 1-2 seasons away from the NHL.
  21. Timing is everything! The expansion draft is in June 2021. There is a lot of time to evaluate our options and make the best move for the Canucks. Markstrom’s current contract finishes after this season and he will be a UFA. He might choose to walk away and sign a better offer somewhere else. If he is keen to stay there are several options for the Canucks: 1. Sign Marky to a one year contract for next season on a very decent salary with the indication that we would look to sign him long term in 2021 after the expansion draft. 2. Resign Marky long term and then: a. Trade him prior to the expansion b. Protect him for the expansion c. Leave him unprotected The Canucks will select one of the above options based on the relative performances of Marky and Demko. There is no rush! No need to make a rash/wrong move!
  22. We don’t have the cap space Alf. Stech + Gaud = $3.24m cap hit Laine probably around $8m. Would have to try and offload $4.5-5.0m of cap somewhere. Possible deal would have to be more like... To WPG: Tanev Baer Gaudette (Total = $8.74m) To VAN: Laine, signed to $8m x 3 years I think the CAR deal I posted just above would be much better for WPG
  23. To CAR: Laine, signed to $8m x 3 year bridge deal To WPG: Faulk Dzingel (total $8.21m cap) WPG gets a top 4 D in Faulk, plus a 2C in Dzingel. CAR get a top line RW to play with Aho and Niederreiter.
  24. Well TOR is going to have to do something to clear the space if they want to keep Hyman. This is a potential move to get a similar player with lower cap hit that they can fit in. I think it makes sense for TOR, primarily because they don’t have many other options that I can see...