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  1. I would rather keep Sutter than trade him for Russell! But if JB feels he needs to clear some cap space he may look to do a deal such as this: To LAK: Sutter (30% retention) + Stecher (rights) To VAN: Future considerations LA does this to be able to add Stecher to their extremely decimated D corps and he immediately becomes their 2RD. They have more than $20m in cap space and can afford the cost of $3m for one year of Sutter, and will find him useful as center depth, good on PK and faceoffs, and as a potential mentor on a line with Vilardi. VAN does this to clear $3m in cap space for next season. Gaudette is our third line center now. And Graovac, Miller, MacEwen and Motte can provide center depth in case of injury. LA is a decent location so probably not on Sutter's 15-team no-trade list. ...while he's at it JB should try for: To NJD: Benn To VAN: 2021 7th round pick (or maybe just settle for future considerations) NJD have very little in way of left side defensive depth with experience. Benn offers good experience and size. At only $2m cap space and $1.6m salary he would be a great addition for NJD.
  2. Everything you say is possible, except Faulk's new contract has a NTC for the next five seasons, so he's not going anywhere! STL really look like they have set things up for Parayko and Faulk to be their new 1RD and 2RD for the foreseeable future. But if they really want to keep Pietrangelo they could do this: 1. Buy out the final years of Steen and Bozak's contracts. This would clear $5.1m of cap space. Bringing STL down to $73.4m cap total with 13F, 5D, 2G signed. 2. To round out a 20 man roster with 7 Dmen they would have $8.1m left to resign both Pietrangelo and Dunn. 3. If they can get Pietrangelo for about $7m (seems too low for Piet to accept tho) then they would need to: 4. Trade Dunn and bring in a ELC Dman (because Dunn is expected to be earning around $2.5-3.0m next season) Pietrangelo Parayko Scandella Faulk Gunnarsson Bortuzzo (ELC Dman) The above would be reasonable moves but then there will be a bunch of young RFAs in 2021 that STL will have to resign plus a new contract for Schwartz, so I think they will be looking to save the Steen + Bozak cap space in 2021-22 for those guys. This all leads me to believe that STL have made their decision on Pietrangelo and that they can't afford to keep him. Their D corps next season still looks pretty good without him: Scandella Faulk Dunn Parayko Gunnarsson Bortuzzo (ELC Dman)
  3. Believe me Anderson is a core piece! Anderson's shoulder plagued him all this season and they eventually shut it down and decided on surgery. This was the cause of his down year and should not be a problem once he has recovered. Yep the recovery time is 4-6 months, same as Virtanen had in 2014. I would still make this deal, even with the risk associated with Anderson. IMO Anderson brings a completely different dimension than Boeser, has played over 20 playoff games, scored 27 goals last season. Savard may be 29 but he is an entirely different player to Tanev, he hasn't suffered the same number of injuries and usually completes whole seasons without missing games. We will have the cap space to resign him in 2021 once Sutter, Baer, Pearson, Edler and Benn have moved on.
  4. I value them all, but Savard is a slightly younger, cheaper, bigger, grittier and more offensive version of Tanev, with playoff experience. Anderson is built for the playoffs (6'3", 220lb), good friend of Horvat's and would be a great addition on Horvat's line. He is RFA earning $1.85m currently, has had a down year so will be able to be signed for low $, I am not concerned about the down year, he has serious skills and is gritty AF. I don't want to lose Boeser, but I would do it for those two guys and only if Toffoli is resigned because I feel that Toffoli can fill the role that Boeser plays on the Canucks top line. Miller Pettersson Toffoli Pearson Horvat Anderson Virtanen Gaudette MacEwen Roussel Beagle Motte Sutter Hughes Savard Edler Myers Benn Tryamkin Rafferty Markstrom Demko
  5. As long as Toffoli is resigned then: Boeser + Stecher rights for Savard + J Anderson rights
  6. "All fans are guessing but a fact is revenues are not going up. Many hockey people, who are a lot closer than joe fan, are guessing a flat cap as a best case scenario so that could be a platform to start and some GM's have stated they are assuming or planning around a flat cap or that they don't think it will go up." - Agreed that revenue is not going up in the short term. I am sure Benning is quite aware of this. "Benning has a huge problem to deal with being so far over the cap with all those clause contracts to older players and so many to sign this year, I believe he has 20 mil to sign 10 players according to CF. Letting players go for free is not good management." - Yes Benning now has some major issues to deal with given that the cap is very unlikely to increase as initially expected it would. I don't think it's fair to expect him to have seen this coming. He may need to let players go for free, he may need to trade some picks to move certain players, if that is what it takes to be compliant. I believe they have 15 players on the roster for next season, so really only need 7 more with about $18m in cap space (assuming cap limit remains at $81.5m). BTW CF is assuming a cap limit of $84m, so need to be careful using it while they have it set at $84m! "The only plan Benning has shown is reactionary and essentially a "Plan, no plan" approach. The team certainly doen'ts look set up for cap issues or players in 3 years or even the expansion draft next year. No cap space to improve the team at expansion, certainly he can't be contemplating trading away more draft picks to keep the status quo." - I disagree that Benning has not had a plan all along. Not every plan works out though. Benning's cap structure leading into the next three seasons was looking very good and well planned. However, if the cap remains flat or declines then he has a problem. Again, I don't believe it is fair to expect Benning to predict that covid would occur. We should measure his ability as a GM on how he reacts to this unplanned global event and how he navigates the Canucks through what will be a tricky time. I believe he will be planning this right now, but he won't be telling us the plan - we will have to wait and see when it happens. "Better to let him, Tanev and Markstrom go and build for the future, save money and protected spots for the expansion draft, play the younger kids and be better sooner than another 5+ years waiting." - My opinion is that if we let Marky and Tanev walk (or without replacing with similar players) then we can kiss our chances of playoff hockey goodbye for a few years. I think playoff hockey is what Petey, Horvat and Hughes need in order to develop into great players. Their development will give us a shot at the cup in the next 8 years. - A single contract compliance buyout would solve a lot of issues. Buying out Eriksson with no impact on cap would be a huge win. Resign the following: Marky (6m), Tanev (5.5m), Virtanen (3.5m), Gaudette (2.5m), Tryamkin (2.5m), MacEwen (1m), Motte (1m). Bring Rafferty up as 7D. Roster for total cap hit of $80.2m including all recapture, buried and buy outs: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Virtanen Roussel Gaudette MacEwen Ferland Beagle Motte (Sutter) Hughes Tanev Edler Myers Benn Tryamkin (Rafferty) Markstrom (Demko) "Just to point out, Ottawa, in much bigger issues all over, has followed what the owner dictated, internal cap with no long term older players signed and played 3 times as many young players, the type that Benning says, in all his brilliant genius estimation , can't play, but Ottawa was only 8 wins behind the Canucks and they have 13 draft picks and 42+ million cap space this year and 3 protected spots available to trade for players at the expansion draft. At least with Ottawa there is a definite plan, rebuild with young players down to when contracts will start being increased is planned out." - Ottawa are in a completely different part of the team cycle than Canucks. It could be argued that Benning should have blown things up 5 years ago, but arguing that this should happen now when we have a clear core developing is not a good idea IMO. Ottawa was 11 wins behind the Canucks with less games played (Canucks win % = 51.2%, Sens = 35.2%). This difference is absolutely HUGE in professional sports. I don't think Ottawa is a good example for Canucks to follow at this stage. Again, maybe 5 years ago, but that is water under the bridge now.
  7. Assuming everyone is healthy then I go with this for the opening game lineup: Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Roussel Sutter Virtanen Ferland Beagle Motte Hughes Tanev Edler Stecher Fantenberg Myers Markstrom Some good depth and replacement options: Gaudette, MacEwen, Leivo, Baertschi, Eriksson Benn, Rafferty, Brisebois Demko
  8. No to Getzlaffs (enough said) Yes to Manson - what would the price be for Manson? A 1st + very good prospect + roster player So maybe ANA be asking for a 1st + Hoglander + Stecher...would you do it? And I wonder if VAN would be on Manson's 12-team no trade list or not...
  9. Perhaps we need to target a mid range Dman if we are letting Tanev walk. Lets say Dillon. He's UFA and has been on $3.27m per year. He's 29 so possibly we can get him for $3.75m for 4 years. 6'4", 225 lbs, suitable as a 2LD and has some starch to his game. Maybe we move Hughes to 1RD and have D corps something like: Edler Hughes Dillon (3.75) Myers Tryamkin (2.5m) Rafferty (0.7) Juolevi (0.9) This allows us to resign Marky and Toffoli. Buy out Eriksson, Trade Roussel. The roster could be: Miller Petey Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli Hoglander Gaudette Virtanen Motte Beagle MacEwen Sutter Edler Hughes Dillon Myers Tryamkin Rafferty Juolevi Markstrom Demko Assuming Ferland is on LTIR, including all other expenses roster comes to $77.3m, leaves some space for performance overages. Not sure its a Cup winner tho! Haha...
  10. Even with moving out all of those expensive vets, and with no 13th forward, and assuming Ferland is on LTIR, the money still doesn't add up. This roster with your assumed salaries comes to $82.3m (including all Baer, Luongo & Spooner expenses) plus on top of that we are likely to have to pay for performance overages from 2019/20 somewhere in the vicinity of $3.0-4.7m next season. I can't see the cap limit rising to $87m in the wake of the corona virus, so this is just not even possible.
  11. I like your lineup but I don't think the trades are very realistic... Sutter for a 2nd? Don't think so. Which team do you think would pay that? And is that team on Sutter's 15-team "no trade" list? Buyout Eriksson + Roussel - yep not bad options to clear cap space and bring in younger guys like Mac and Hogs. Get a 1RD in Dumba by trading a 3RD (Stecher), a backup goalie + a possible returning 3LD (Tryamkin)? Nah I don't think Minny go for that. It has been widely reported that they would only trade Dumba for a 1C, they ain't going to trade him for spare parts. OJ makes the team - great, I hope so!
  12. I don't like the Peg, but my point is more about "who can afford to pay for Piet"? And which team fits his age? Ideally he would be going to a contender (since he is in his prime at 30 years old) that can afford say $11m. He is not a good fit for a rebuilding team that has cap space but is looking to contend in 3-5 years. Which teams fit the definition of a contender with space? Only team I can think of is WPG.
  13. Haha you guys are funny, posting that Piet signs in VAN in a "solution to our cap problems" thread - love it!! But I agree Pietrangelo is not staying in STL. They cannot really afford the $10-12m and will likely keep Parayko and Faulk as long term cost controlled options. I can see Piet signing with WPG they have the cap space and could use a 1RD, their D could be something like: Morrissey Pietrangelo Kulikov Pionk Niku Demelo Beauileu Poolman
  14. I can't see management buying out Myers. Even if it is not counted towards the cap, they will still have to pay the guy about $19m of his $23m remaining on the contract. So although it might look like a nice way to clear cap, they aren't going to spend $19m just to clear some space.
  15. Getting bored with lockdown and wanted to try something different... Come up with the best cup team in 2019-20 using players from around the league. Consider it an "All Star" team. Aim to build a cup contender going all in (don't worry about next season). Ground rules: - Minimum of 22 man roster - Must be less than $81.5m cap hit - Don't worry about performance bonuses these will be pushed to next season - Maximum of 2 ELC's - No players with retained salary - Maximum of 2 Canucks - Maximum of 1 player from every other team Hint: Using Capfriendly Armchair GM mode makes this easy to play around with. My lineup:
  16. Compliance buy out: Eriksson LTIR: Ferland Trade: Boeser + Stecher to CBJ for Savard + Anderson Resign RFAs: Anderson ($3m), Virtanen ($2.8m), Gaudette ($2m), MacEwen ($1.2m), Motte ($1.2m) Sign UFAs: Markstrom ($6m), Tanev ($5.5m), Toffoli ($5.5m) Total cap hit = $80.3m (including Luongo recapture penalty, Spooner buyout and Baer buried contract)
  17. We have too many bottom 6 forwards right now. But if we could clear some of those guys out I would be looking at someone like Nick Shore who would be a good 4C to replace Sutter or Beagle at a quarter of the cap cost. Great faceoff guy, defensive forward. Cheap and reliable.
  18. If Severson was on the Canucks team I would rank the D as follows: Hughes > Edler > Tanev > Severson > Myers = Stecher > Fantenberg > Benn You didn't ask me, but I have watched Severson closely this season and he is developing well. But he still has a lot of errors in his own end. When comparing to current Canucks I would say that his game is most similar to Edler's. He has some size that he uses a little, but not as much as he should. He plays an all round game and he eats a lot of minutes. His offense is pretty good, he still needs to develop in his own end. There is no question in my mind that Edler is a much better player at the moment. Severson is much younger and will likely improve to become a similar level player to Edler in his prime. Tanev will likely always be a better defensive player than Severson. Severson has better size than Stecher and better offense than Myers. I don't think the Devils will do Severson for Virtanen. DS is a good young Dman on a great contract. It would require something more like Boeser to get Severson (shades of Hall for thanks)
  19. Compliance buying out of Loui is a no brainer. I can't see management buying out Myers. Even if it is not counted towards the cap, they will still have to pay the guy about $19m of his $23m remaining on the contract. So although it might look like a nice way to clear cap, they aren't going to spend $19m just to clear some space.
  20. Toffoli has scored 30 goals only once in his career. It was 4 years ago. He is still a good player but Boeser projects to have a better future than Toffoli. I would hope that JB keeps them both. Tanev gets injured because he puts everything on the line for this team. Usually blocking shots. He has been quite healthy this year and I believe this has to do with the way that he plays with Hughes as a D pairing.
  21. Severson is a good target, but the idea of this thread was: 81,500,000 to spend. only canucks that we own. removing whoever you want. Tanev is the best defender that the Canucks own, so it is a no-brainer that he is in my lineup under the above conditions. However, if it was up to me to build a contender I would have traded Tanev (50% retained) + Stecher to TOR for a 2020 1st and Ceci a few months ago when Reilly and Muzzin were on IR and TOR were desperate to stay in the race. Canucks probably would not have made the playoffs, but our team is not ready to contend and I would have banked the asset. This would have given us two 1st rounders in the 2020 draft. Stecher will likely walk after this season anyway, and we could have resigned Tanev in the summer as a UFA.
  22. Miller Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Toffoli 6 Roussel Gaudette 3 Virtanen 3 Ferland Beagle MacEwen 1.4 (Motte 1.5) Edler Myers Hughes Tanev 5 Tryamkin 3 Stecher 2.5 (Rafferty) Markstrom 6 (Demko) Cap hit about $81m
  23. Couple of good suggestions there with Severson and Edmundson...getting both would be a significant upgrade over Stecher and significant age reduction over Tanev. D corps next season could be: Edler Myers Hughes Severson Edmundson Tryamkin Benn Rafferty Doesn't look too bad, even without Tanev. Excellent mix of size, grit, offense, pushback. Also adding those two guys means we don't miss losing Edler so much the following season: Hughes Severson Edmundson Myers Juolevi Tryamkin Rathbone Rafferty
  24. I agree that losing Eriksson, Sutter, Baer, Beagle and Roussel is not exactly "blowing it up" it is simply moving on from older players as they age out (perhaps 1-2 years before their contracts were planned to end) but that is no big deal. Even trading Boeser would not be overly surprising as long as the return is worthwhile. I would prefer we keep Boeser tho. And I personally would hold on to Beagle and Rous for now as they provide veteran experience for the bottom 6. Sutter and Eriksson have been outplayed by Gaudette and MacEwen, and they should be moved on. My sense is that it will cost a lot more than everyone thinks in order to move these bloated contracts. I don't think LE or Baer will retire. I would like to be surprised, but I don't think they will. RW is going to be an interesting position because if we resign Toffoli it will be quite crowded with BB, TT, and JV. I'm not sure we can afford to be paying for that amount of RW talent. Again though, Pearson's contract ends after next season and, if he walks, TT could switch to 2LW to leave our second line as Toffoli - Horvat - Virtanen. There are many permutations possible. In terms of D, it is going to be interesting to see what happens with Edler and Tanev. Will Tanev be resigned for a few seasons to try and reduce the impact of losing both Edler and Tanev. Will JB resign Edler to a short term and lower value contract after his current contract expires? Or will JB look to move on? It will not be so easy to replace those two. Dumba is not the answer. Perhaps in 1-2 seasons there will be some consistent performers coming through from our prospects/reserves list. Otherwise JB will need to find a trade to bring in a #2 or #3 Dman that can log big minutes, play PK, stays healthy and preferably has some size to clear the crease.