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  1. (Proposal) Full rebuild

    Dont see how it's a rebuild with Luongo coming back and us losing Depietro, a young goalie.
  2. Draft Day (Proposal)

    Seems like a over payment for me considering we lose Tanev (Our #2 dman) and Baertschi (Top 6 forward). I'd do someone like Hutton rather than Baer.
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Too small? yet your fine with Hughes, who is shorter than Boqvist. Doesn't seem scared when he is dangling like Dahlin around defenders and then snipers it top shelf. Also in which ways is Larsen like Boqvist? One is putting up crazy good numbers for his age, playing againest players that are twice his age and in Sweden's top league and is projected to go 5th overall with the minimal ice time he is getting. The other was a 5th round draft pick who is a all right dman and when was 18, couldn't even put up a point in the SHL. Literally the only similarities are that they are both Swedish and both in their prime could reach similar height and weight.
  4. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I think if we get the 1st pick, we take it and run. If we get say 2-3, I'd trade down to 4-5 if I'm confident Boqvist\dman is available. I'd freaken love Svechnikov but we just can't make the mistake the Oilers and the Sabres made, going heavy on the forwards. We can't take Boqvist at 2nd cause we could trade down and get him at 4th.
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    It's actually the opposite for me. I see the top 5 potential in Boqvist.He has really smooth skating, a good shot and smart vision and you can't forget his creativity, which is up there with Dahlin. A little smaller then I would like, but he seems like Pettersson. A bit small or underweight, but his skill is high. More of a high risk, high rewards player. Bouchard on paper looks crazy impressive with his stats, but when I watch highlights, them just playing in full games, I see Bouchard as the lower risk, lower reward player. He doesn't seem that mobile and creative. Makes very simple pass and plays that are low risk and just lets the puck rip either the slappers. In today's NHL, guys like Dahlin, Boqvist and Hughes seem to be adapting to the newer style with the smooth skating and flashy plays, instead of the traditional larger, shutdown dmen. I'd have Dahlin 1st, Boqvist 2nd and Bouchard 3rd for dmen. Would have had Hughes at 3rd but like many have said, his size is scary and his defensive is shakey.
  6. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I really think people are sleeping on Boqvist. 1st thing is that this team needs the defensive help (unless we get a top 3 pick as those guys might be worth skipping our needs for). I remember Jim saying this last year that he wanted either a Top Center or a powerplay Dman to run the pp. He got his center in Elias who is looking like a Top Center and I have a very strong feeling he wants a dman for the pp especially with our weak number of top defensive prospects. Boqvist from what I'm seen, just dominates the ice, with his dirty hands and slick skating. He has the offensive abilities of Dahlin without a doubt and already is already stepping up to play againest men. Kid's the real deal when it comes to being compared to Karlsson. We saw it with the penguins, you don't need grit to win cups anymore, you need speed and skill.