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  1. Scottydzik


    You must be an Oilers fan this makes Oilers a powerhouse
  2. Scottydzik

    Rethinking our LH Defense (Discussion)

    Quinn Hughes Olli ? Watching world championships Hughes looked great and I love signing of Cole for depth
  3. Scottydzik

    [Value Of] John carlson

    Which team has won cup without stud defencemen?
  4. Scottydzik

    [Value Of] John carlson

    I get how people say his stats are inflated due power play and there high octane offense but I’m talking defensively this guys a plus 10 playing against teams number 1 lines and plays close 27:00 minutes a night and has 20 points should be getting some conn smythe votes the Canucks would be lucky get him
  5. I’m wondering how many people wanna take back what they said about John Carlson when I offered paid him 6 years 8.5 Jim Benning has to and I believe he will throw and similar deal at Carlson rather he takes it or not I sure hope so my question is how much would we improve with Defense of Edler Carlson Juolevi/Hughes Tanev stecher Guddi
  6. Scottydzik

    [Discussion] Debate would you do this?

    Wait what did duchene get them ? Let's compare acctually Colorado gets lottery protected pick Samuel girard Shane bowers kamanev so top 10 pick maybe if Ottawa improves late first round pick and two second round players ottawa gets lottery protected could be top 10 pick Chris Tanev proven top 4 defender mentor there young defense Jake virtanen top 10 pick no idea how he could pan out another first round pick In goldobin let's face it the package is not that bad for Ottawa and they know they arnt getting there pick do you think they wanna suck but we will let time tell if there if there package woulda been better than this
  7. Scottydzik

    [Discussion] Debate would you do this?

    Pretty sure more then half people on this board said no so maybe it's a fair trade there pretty much guaranteed decent pick as they don't have there pick and Tanev helps mentor there young guys like chabot or Bouchard Boqvist who ever they take and Virtanen Goldy Could look Nice with Duchene and Stone Hoffman and He doesn't think there to far away With White Logan brown Batherson Chlapik Formenton coming up by the way which our all forwards and they can't be bad next year and knows there owner won't pay ek looks like solid deal for both of us they could draft two defence men this draft and have top 10 pick next year which is more than likely with us picking up ek and cap space we have
  8. Scottydzik

    [Discussion] Debate would you do this?

    Ya I had think long and hard what will virt gold become ?
  9. My friend is die hard Ottawa senators fan we've gone at each other quite bit he offered this trade would you do it? To Ottawa Jake virtanen Chris Tanev Nikolay Goldobin 2019 Top 7 protected To Vancouver Erik Karlsonn
  10. Scottydzik

    7th Overall: 2018 CDC Draft Consensus

    Funny how people don't want tkachuk like he'll be there and we're gonna have choose between Hughes Dobson wahlstrom so make that choice
  11. Scottydzik

    Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    I think it's gonna go dahlin svech tkachuk zadina boqvist wahlstrom who you got if that's the case?
  12. I don't think tanev gets us either pick I think it has be more of granlund Tanev 3rd this year/2nd next for 11th or 12th which we should do if case I'm taking wahlstrom at 7 11/12 I'm taking smith or Wilde what a draft that would be
  13. Scottydzik

    Acording to Bob McKenzie ( Picks 5 through 8)

    I think if Bouchard is gone I'm taking wahlstrom or Dobson and I'll be happy with both I'm worried about boqvist size and we have enough small guys I'm sick of it what if he doesn't grow much more if he does kid still needs put on weight and I'm sick of watching our d getting killed and no fight back Bouchard and Dobson both have an offensive side high iq and have size and weight and little mean streak to them and if any one has been watching under 18s wahlstrom is goal scoring machine you put that Elias will be scary
  14. Scottydzik

    Canucks - Leafs(Proposal)

    Laaaaaaawl at everyone laughing at this proposal gardnier is average 4-5 defence and got exposed playing as 3rd defencemen and kapanen is nothing but third liner 4th liner penanlty killer Toronto needs defense bad get next level and I wouldn't touch Gardnier but I'll walk away with 1st kapanen to draft Bouchard and Wilde
  15. Scottydzik

    My rebuild (trust the process)

    Yes I am hoping Toronto loses tom because they are perfect partners for tanev and losing in 1st round is really gonna show them they need another top 4 defencemen