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  1. Absolutely. He always plays with heart and tenacity. Green will love him and so too will the majority of Canucks fans. I think of him as a grittier yet not quite as skilled Burrows. So stoked we signed him!
  2. I wonder if Karlsson was possibly unwilling to sign an extension with either of those teams and that played a part in killing those deals as well. It would be so brutal for Dallas to give up a solid potential top pairing d man in Hesikenen (and a ton more) only to have Karlsson walk at the end of the season. I do think Tampa has one of the best shots at getting this deal done because I wouldn’t be surprised if Karlsson would love to play with Hedman. He and his countryman looked pretty chumy at the last All star game lol
  3. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Darren Archibald

    I’m loving the look of the 1st, 3rd and 4th lines there! That second leaves a bit to be desired though. PS that 3rd line could really fly and bang.
  4. [Signing] Canadiens sign Michael Chaput

    I’m very happy for him.
  5. [Signing] Capitals sign Jayson Megna

    Hahaha! Willy D must be in the running to their next coach
  6. Absolutely agree! Loads of skill in the top six, size and grit in the bottom six, and speed through all four lines! And please please please let this mean that Ganger is gone. The question is who would take him.
  7. I love this siginig. Our team needs a player like this. The term is a touch long but at least he’s still pretty young and by the time he’s up for renewal he’ll be 32 unlike Beagle who I believe will be 36. No more 36 yr olds on this team please... and I’m saying that despite being 36 myself hahaha! Roussel is going to give our team a lot more bite and score a decent amount of goals while doing so. Love it!
  8. Yes please! I hate this guy... meaning that I would love him if he played for us lol
  9. Jett Woo | D

    I was listening to NHL network on Sirius radio today and they were talking about Woo potentially playing on Hughes’ right side one day if all goes well. If Woo can become what we all hope he can, that could be a deadly pairing. Woo using his speed to close in on an attacker, then blowing him up with a hit. Woo retrieves the puck and feeds Hughes who uses his edges and dangles to make everyone look like pylons. Ahhh, one can dream lol
  10. Jett Woo | D

  11. [Report] List of RFA’s not qualified

    It’s sad about Cassels. He looked so promising. I wonder if he was just not able to fully bounce back from that ab surgery after his memorial cup run. Poor guy.
  12. Well played lol. I know I said I wasn’t going to keep conversing but I’m a sucker for good cheeky humour lol
  13. If you watched the preseason I find it difficult to believe you were cool with him benching our best player from the preseason for the first two games of the season. IMO that doesn’t send the best message to other young guys looking to crack the roster. Anyway, I’ve tried bringing our convos to an amiable place, but you keep hitting me back with what I take to be condescending statements. For that reason I’m not going to engage in conversation with you any more. Take care
  14. Fair enough. I think I just still have PTSD from the beginning of last season when Green gifted spots in the lineup to every free agent we signed (even freaking Burmistrov) and benched Boeser despite him being hands down our best player in the preseason lol. That was definitely the worst beginning to any coaches tenure that I can recall in Canuck history. I hope that Green has learned though. And I’m probably just paranoid that Benning goes on another signing spree of stop-gap bandaids like he did last free agency lol. Beagle is solid as hell though and would definitely bring some much needed experience and grit to our roster. You and A.V.’s Slurp have won me over
  15. Now that Hughes or Juolevi might make the team I’m really glad that we kept Tanev. If we’re out of the playoff run by trade deadline we should definitely revisit this though. It’d be so awesome to have two first round picks in next year’s draft for all of us favs taking it in live at Rogers Arena.