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  1. What do you want from this season?

    competing for a wild card spot
  2. Atmosphere

    maybe this is just me but I always wonder if people wanted us to have an atmosphere more than just the fans cheering when makes some noise comes up on the jumbotron or when fin does Go Canucks Go. Maybe this is me just being more of a soccer fan than one of hockey but I personally think the games would be a lot more enjoyable if we even just had one section in the upper deck where you stood, sang songs and waved flags and just generally were allowed to be rambunctious sorta like how the southsiders are at whitecaps game.
  3. Predict what place we'll finish Overall next season?

    Vancouver 16th vegas 26th
  4. I just love it when the majority of the fans support the away team
  5. 3-1 Canucks with a goldy empty netter