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  1. Odjick29willkillyou

    Bo as the third line center?

    Correct me if I am wrong, but does Quinn Hughes not project as a 1D? And there are no top-5 rated dmen in this draft outside of maybe Byram. My point is, if we have a legit shot at J. Hughes without giving up EP40 or BB I go for it. Every scout has tagged him as the undeniable #1 pick in this draft and if you think the Aquas are not going to want to make a splash in their hometown, wait and see. That said, I would be elated with Kakko and keeping Bo if we got a 2-3 pick. Byram would be a consolation prize if we land somewhere between 4-6, but I can see another team jumping up and grabbing him ala Cychrun and Makar when they were the best D available, but really had a lower ranking. He is currently the #1 ranked D at 6 with the next coming in at 12 so someone is going to overpay or reach for him.
  2. Odjick29willkillyou

    Bo as the third line center?

    With the current season Bo is having, there is NO way he is anything less than a 2C. You would be sacrificing stats in return for him to essentially be a Sutter or Bonino type because EP40 and JH would be taking a lot of time at the C position. While both can play wing, scouts like Button sound pretty convinced that they will be franchise changing 1Cs. We could be looking at our version of Datsyuk and Zetterberg for years to come. I do not see a team taking anything less than Bo and our 1st+ for the 1st OA pick. He is the most expendable of our top 3 forwards. So would you trade Bo+ for what is projected to be a game changing player and what will surely be a merchandising coup with his bro playing here as well? I love Bo, but what is the one thing we have whined about since Hank started going on the decline? "We need a 1C!" Of course, we could draft Hughes and he could end up being the next Alex Daigle lol. I guess a lot depends on who lands the 1st OA and whether their GM has the brain of a Chirelli or that of a Wilson. Orrrrrr if we land the 1st OA pickvia the actual lottery > Delusions of grandeur for Nucks fans
  3. Odjick29willkillyou

    [RUMOUR] TANEV to toronto

    Did not take time to read all 8 pages, but if Baer is indeed struggling with coming back or might retire because of the concussions, Kapanen would fill an important need for us on the wing. If that is the case and TO knows, it sorta takes some of our leverage away. I could see them offering Kap and a 2nd with a 4-5th, but no way do they send a 1 and 2 with him unless we send another late pick to supplement their earlier picks.
  4. So far the only thing about Schalls that has impressed me is his appearance on Barstool Sports with El Prez.
  5. Given the healthy scratches and trade request, I bet he is stoked to come to a young, but rapidly growing franchise in a beautiful city. Would you rather play next to Komarov or Petey? Or hell even Bo or Sutter? I am sure he is happy with the deal rather than getting waived.
  6. Do not see Zykov making it to us with the teams in front of us. Could def see OTT taking a chance on him, which with Tkachuk would really give them some big bodies with soft hands who can actually skate.
  7. Odjick29willkillyou

    What if this scenario occurs

    I see what you did there
  8. Odjick29willkillyou

    [Report] Canucks recall Jalen Chatfield

    I am the Sami Salo of beer league hockey, but if they can guarantee me a NMC, 10x12mil and an additional bonus for NOT getting hurt I am ALL IN!!!
  9. Odjick29willkillyou

    [Report] Canucks recall Jalen Chatfield

    I hit up an extra open hockey last night in case the team wants to call me up
  10. No thanks. I will continue to ride Marky on my fantasy team and do not need any Condon-sation getting in the way of our vision
  11. I really hope that he is not struggling with his demons once again because it is a very tough fight for anyone who has ever been through it. Getting sober is one thing, but staying there is another. That said, I would only take him back if it were a super low risk option. I cannot see him getting anything more than a 5th-6th or a depth player at this point. Hell I think even Hutty has more value than him at this point.
  12. Odjick29willkillyou

    Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    As someone who was slew footed from behind and had the dman's elbow literally drive me into the ice like a wrestling move, I take this stuff seriously. I was diagnosed with whiplash and a concussion the next day because I could not finish a sentence in our morning briefing at work nor could I move my head. I felt a very familiar feeling when they showed the replay and EP40 could not get up on his own. I remember trying to get up and the tendy yelling for the ref because I had Bambi legs. It is a damn scary feeling. After four on-ice concussions I have really had to be cognizant with on-ice awareness and potential head contact which even in non-contact can be unavoidable at times.
  13. Odjick29willkillyou

    Calgary sportsnet host pokes fun at EP concussion

    My response to this Calgary hack:
  14. Odjick29willkillyou

    [Waivers] Oct. 2nd gongshow

    I believe it is one fell swoop, but then again you crazy Canadians pronounce stuff different than us yanks down here.
  15. Odjick29willkillyou

    [PTO] Joel Ward with Canadiens

    Quite surprised he is on a PTO. It is weird seeing a lot of these former 20/20 - 30/30 guys being relegated to PTOs while guys like Lucic still have a five year albatross on their contract lol.