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  1. Well that presser was about as vague as it gets. "Material unprofessionalism?" Is material referring to property? Like did Monty go on a rager one weekend and do his best Motley Crue impression while throwing chairs out of a hotel window? This is weird.
  2. People are tripping out down here since the team has gone 6-3-1 recently and the Winter Classic is around the corner. He does a weekly appearance on our local sports radio show 96.7FM The Ticket called "Monty on Monty" where he and host Justin Montemayor exchange some funny banter that "could" be considered risque at times. Doubt it is that, but you never know. Has to be something significant though.
  3. Dallas? I could see them parting with Klinger and a 1st to make this happen, but it would probably take more than that since DAL's pick will be somewhere around 20+. I could also see something like Lindell, Gurianov and 1st since they really want a dependable dman. Outside of Huggie Bear I do not think we have any dmen they would value and there is no way in hell we are trading him, although I am sure Jack is begging Shero to make it happen lol.
  4. I guess you did not feel sorry for Rick Rypien either then eh bud? By your standards, money and fame should be ALL anyone needs to maintain a positive mental psyche. You NEVER know what someone has been through along the way (mentally and physically) and sometimes nothing can change their mental complexion. We are seeing "successful" celebrities and athletes kill themselves in record numbers while mental health awareness continues to be at the forefront of society. But hey, they made some money and had some fans so let's just assume they have it all together
  5. So a guy who gives a lot of his time to local charities and who is active in the community has character issues? I won't disagree on the contract and decline in his play, but I happen to be fortunate to be around some of the players and the alumni often. Can you cite these "character issues?"
  6. Yeah that contract is scary. I would only do it on a low risk/high reward scenario. That is why I alluded to Kes and how he lowballed us while Anaheim did not give up much at all. If we resign Marky, the Demko lottery situation could come in to play. I am not saying I am for it, but more or less just telling y'all what I was told. If the ship is not righted soon here in Dallas, something has got to give because Gallardi tends to be impatient.
  7. He did not mention LE or Baer in the possible scenario. That is more on me since we need to clear cap space and LE has a home here in Dallas. Demko, Gaud and a pick would be feasible and give them another young center which outside of Hintz they need. He did say that Tanev makes a ton of sense and would be a great safety net for their younger D if he can stay healthy. Acquiring a player like Benn would essentially accelerate our window to try and win now rather than a year or more down the road. He made a comment that Jamie played different and seemed happier with Jordie here. I cannot imagine that he would not love to be reunited with him in their hometown where they could essentially retire together. My source is also a BC boy who knows the Benn's very well. Last season the local sports radio station talked about the Stars ad nauseum and this season they are usually somewhere behind the Cowboys, Mavs and NASCAR lol.
  8. Cap is a good point for sure, but teams have a way of making these moves work if it can benefit them both. If we could for the sake of cap space add LE and possibly Baer's salary we could make it work. I think Baer would do well in their system and if not, the Texas Stars are a damn good team right outside of Austin which is a very appealing place to live. When I mentioned Demko, my buddy said that Oettinger has a similar upside, but is still a few years away while Bish and Dobby are only getting older. There is also the possibility that Dallas retains some salary to make it work as well. Like I said, he brought it up to me and our teammates after a meeting Saturday and said the state of the Stars is not good right now. Especially considering the moves they made to get Pavs and Perry. I told him Tanev makes the most sense as Methot was not the defensive dman they hoped for and Tanny would be able to insulate Heiskenen or even Klinger who are both much more offensive minded.
  9. I have a legit inside source very familiar with the Benn situation and how unhappy he is in Dallas since being called out by Lites last season. Apparently he agreed to waive his NTC to LAK last year since his GF lived there, but the trade fell through at the last minute. He is no longer with her so they are out of the picture, but talks with Jordie every day and wants to come home to BC. My source even said that Gallardi recently had a meeting at his Vancity home with some of his execs to discuss some "high level" items. Could be trade related, coach related or front office. My source works for the Stars so I have no reason to doubt something is in the air. I say give them a few more games to turn it around or someone is on the way out. Keep in mind as well that Little Things has a house here. I mentioned something along the lines of LE, Demko and a 2nd for Benn and he said that if things keep trending the way they are, it might be enough to get it done. Anyhoo, it is something to keep an eye on for sure since Benn can decide where he wants to go ALA Kesler. Don't shoot the messenger lol.
  10. Not often you see two Finns in contract disputes or just unhappy in general. Is this indicative of the climate they are breeding in Finland where they are quickly becoming a hockey powerhouse or do y'all think this is just on a personal level between Laine, Poolparty & their respective management? Thank Hockey Jesus for the Swedes (LE not withstanding of course).
  11. The amount of vitriol towards Eddie pisses me off. Outside of maybe Ohlund he is our BEST dman to ever wear the sweater. I love how people are criticizing him for wanting to stay in the same city when loyalty is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. He used to be so physical and while that ultimately has caught up to him, it is also indicative of how much he wanted to win and loves this team. These haters can take off.
  12. You should know by now to post a source on here or you are just throwing sh!t at a wall to see if it sticks.
  13. Soooooo Kes more or less had his career shortened because of how hard he played in the POs while being injured. You could say the same about Eddie who played with a broken wrist, yet is still a good 3-4 option on the blueline. MayRay broke his damn back and Hammer got hurt attempting to hip check someone over his head. But yeah, they had ZERO desire to chase the Cup