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    can't you find satisfaction in slagging both teams? I mean, I'm loving that Neal is lighting it up in EDM, and Talbot has let in 2 goals on 6 shots.. On the other hand, SJ lost some key players to make room for EK65, but didn't address their inept goaltending.. Both teams are going down like a sweet muffin, and I think we can all come together to celebrate that
  2. so you'd think, and yet look where the 2 players are playing.. makes me wonder..
  3. while the Nux bit the bait on WD.. Eakins went 36 63 14 in 113 games. That is truly awful.. Willie's tenure in Van was definitely more successful, but somehow out of the 2, he is the one not currently coaching in the NHL.. and Anaheim is undefeated this year.. my guess is they both belong in the AHL.. time will tell.. Edit: ANA is 4-1-0 this year
  4. I felt like Jake was mixing it up a bit more last night, which I loved, but he almost looked guilty doing it.. I think he needs to play with a bit more snarl like last night, but own the role.. maybe add a bit of F U to that snarl.. kinda like Juice did.
  5. hmmm... I'll be sure to watch for the ugly gloves on Saturday, see if they ruin the season for me
  6. then they announce a new captain next week when LE gets sent down
  7. I've despised that drop pass for years, it's like watching a slow motion car wreck.. I think it used to be more effective with the Sedins but now it's painful. you mention Caps 44% success rate at zone entry - where are we at? 25? getting set up is hard enough, without watching Leivo bobble a pass and starting over.. I've also noticed sometimes Bo will make a great rush and gain the zone, only to make a shot - why not wait for help and set up? I think it's a confidence thing, and as the team gels and Hughes gets more comfortable, the pp will improve.. if not, NB will likely be flipping burgers
  8. Our boys will have all that & more tomorrow.. no guff.. always nice watching the Flames lose too..