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  1. I'd love JB to go after dumba, but I don't think we have the space or the expendable assets at this point.. hard pass on Zucker..
  2. wow Backes.. not the way you want to leave the game.. another stinker of a contract, similar to someone else we all know lucky for Eriksson he wasn't sent on the same train out of town before he made himself useful
  3. great point.. a team gets to the playoffs on one set of rules (which is arbitrary night to night, ref to ref) and then plays on a seemingly different set of rules (which is arbitrary night to night, ref to ref) I'd be so confused as a player..
  4. I don't watch every game, but that is gotta be the best game I've seen JV18 play.. and I can't believe I'm saying this but.. I'll take Loui over Beagle right now.. good game, fun to watch
  5. whoa! Sutter? how many periods will he last this time...
  6. sure but didn't they just re-up the assistants? (which did seem poorly thought out to me..) I'd love to see him in place of NB or NB or both, but I suspect there would be some alpha dog confusion.. might not help anything this season
  7. Maybe he identifies as a $3 mill guy..
  8. Canucks finally scrape together a W in the Peg.. 4-3 OT Nucks Wheeler scores 3 unassisted goals (for my pool )
  9. that's awesome! (other than the fact that blockbuster disappeared off the face of the earth.)
  10. yikes, 3rd line demotion for BB6?? the whole team played like $#!t in Tampa, I wouldn't pin it on Brock.. that said, I've been concerned about his shot pretty much all season.. I believe the last goal he scored was that one timer feed (from EP?) where he didn't even think, just released & buried.. so many times this season he has held on too long and the goalie gets set.. it ain't the skills comp, let er rip Brock! but I suspect it's an injury thing, not a confidence thing.. he'll come around.. either way as others pointed out, I'm guessing he'll be back with his boys before the end of the game.. sure hope I'm wrong, but I don't think Jake will work well with 40 & 9.. he has been improving his game & deserves the chance, but his game at his best is a poor man's Miller, and they might be getting in each other's way.. and I don't think his game is cerebral enough for EP.. but who knows, maybe magic will be made.. I think the last game was a defining game for Tampa - they're back to announce they're still contenders.. and this Florida game might just be a defining game for Van.. let's see what they're made of after that garbage dump of a game on Tuesday.. definitely see a different team effort tonight, can't wait!