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  1. the difference isn't just having great beastly men on your team.. sure they're likely more durable, but there's more to it at a team level. there's a difference that I see when some teams are winning games in the playoffs. I'd best describe it as 'jump'.. when the whole team seems to be in beast mode, everything seems to just be working in their favour. in the TOR / BOS, NAS / DAL series, it seems like the power swaps back & forth game to game.. for Tampa, they played hard, but Columbus just seemed to be a little more feisty and confident. its like one team brought in an 8-ball of Columbian Bam Bam, while the other team is drinking lime Gatorade..
  2. mostly agree with this.. and it shows that there's no real need for a high priced UFA this year. Edler is of course a big question mark, I would guess he signs a 3 x $5ish if he really wants to stay. As far as big Nik, he bolted on us, will he break contract with his current team? Will that sour things in the K if he comes back here and it didn't work out? Or would he even come back here if he wasn't sure and committed? I think he'd want at least 2 x $4 to make the move. And I think it's well worth the experiment. In the meantime, I see Schenn on a 2 x $1.25 to shelter Quinn and provide grit. Not sure how long he can keep up that pace, but I'd like to find out. Hutton turned things around this year, but he's 25, how much more will he improve? We'll get a sense of where he stands with his next contract. I would suspect an extension or arbitration. OJ better get ready quick cuz Tanev won't make it to Halloween.. lol Bring back Tryamkin if we can, but if not, assuming we have the 7 of Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Stetcher, Hughes, Schenn & Biega, and with Sautner, OJ & Rafferty in Utica, I believe we're good for another year.
  3. Exactly. Pearson has performed admirably, but I would love to see him forced down the chart - then we know we're deep. The only change I might make to your line up is putting Motte on the 4th line, he was solid. Put Virt on the second line and if he can't make it happen, part ways with him or maybe Leivo. Jake really shouldn't be a 4th line guy.. I think Sven is an ideal 2nd line wing, but unfortunately he's too fragile. Much like Tanev & Sutter, eventually he will need to be replaced..
  4. couple faves so far.. Eberle.. Binnington.. Lehner.. Heiskanen.. DeBrusk maybe.. also to a lesser degree, McCann, Maroon & Martin have stood out.. and in the 'I hate to admit it' category, Mike Smith
  5. I seem to remember taking some flack when I said than Cooper wasn't much of a coach and didn't deserve the Jack Adams.. I don't know that his job is in jeopardy, but this whole situation has bad optics..
  6. FLA is ramping up for something big.. we can't afford him
  7. pens are prolly regretting missing out on muzzin about now.. not that it will matter in a few days time.
  8. I like the Mets as well.. also Totems & Emeralds.. but I am really struggling to think of something more gimmicky and regrettably stupid than Kraken.. maybe the Seattle Hockey McHockey-Faces? I suppose it would finally end the argument of how to pronounce the word Kraken
  9. that's why they can't call them the Emeralds.. Emerald City has died
  10. did I see big Z mouth the words 'you're dead' at the end of the scrum? Kadri should welcome a 5 game suspension and hope like hell the Leafs make the next round
  11. 174 greasy douchey cringe-worthy points.. imagine him with the twins? nope.. I do wonder how I would feel if he actually was on or team
  12. if Gardiner was worth it, TOR would have saved some $ for him and not picked up Muzzin.. I would suggest we have a younger cheaper Gardiner with a way higher ceiling and no baggage in Q Hughes. I would be shocked and dismayed if he becomes a Canuck.