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  1. I only saw one angle but couldn't see a penalty.. was this a matt Cooke special?
  2. lol.. the Seattle Chazholes.. what would the logo be.........
  3. Maybe.. but what's the point without any fans? players wouldn't really like it, no money for owners from tickets sales.. lame-o.. either way, sounds like if Bill Gates gets his way, only vaccinated fans will have access to any professional sports events in the future.. crazy..
  4. Fraser was a stone cold beast.. yikes
  5. happy Gilmore was filmed in van so that makes sense.. no clue on the other shows
  6. Just a quick question... JB seems pretty pleased with the Michaelis signing, but I'm curious who the other target is.. I assumed he was referring to Tryamkin, but he can't really choose another team - except in the KHL I suppose.. is there someone else? “We had a short list this year; there was, like, two guys we went after really hard, him being one of them. So we’re excited that we got him signed. The other player we should hear in the next couple of days whether he’s going to choose us or another team.”
  7. gotta protect their White Gold.. sheesh..
  8. from a news outlet : A fundraiser for hourly employees at the Calgary's Scotiabank Saddledome has raised more than $39,000 after the venue owner told hourly staff they won't be paid for shifts lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Raymond Lau, who started the fundraiser, is criticizing Calgary Sports and Entertainment for not paying employees when other sports organizations are doing so. Flames players Milan Lucic, Sam Bennett and Zac Rinaldo, along with the wives of players TJ Brodie and Mark Giordano, have contributed to the Calgary fundraiser so far.
  9. for sure.. even Buffalo & Florida are bucking up.. not sure about AZ
  10. FA sent out a tweet that they would do something
  11. actually last I checked, MTL & OTT hadn't decided
  12. it seems like the Flames & the Jets are the only teams not paying..
  13. little bit jelly over here.. I'm cleaning the garage
  14. balls man.. why are people so inconsiderate? it's just common decency at the best of times, let alone during a global pandemic
  15. so it turns out. Fanta was a really good signing.. too bad Benn wasn't on the same deal - a one year league minimum show me deal. I'm guessing they were both signed as placeholders until big Tram, OJ etc were stepping in. still an upgrade on last season though I wonder if there's any weight to the Gud comment about lack of team defensive structure.. not that he faired too well after Van, but it's not a comment you hear everyday from ex players. and we see evidence all the time of defensive weakness. perhaps Benn would be better if NB was replaced?