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  1. Here's the Athletic's take - I can give out guest passes if you are interested.
  2. Here's a link to the Canucks ranking you might be able to do 7 or 30 days for free.
  3. Here's a guest pass - 1 time only - good for 30 days. Forgot the link
  4. I won't be mean but you should check CapFriendly before suggesting some of these thing for example Edler, Alexander "A" NMC he's not going anywhere unless the Canucks buy him out. That defense is really weak. Other Notes: I love Motte but he's a 3 or 4 liner. For example Josh L is an overall better player than Motter. If TT stays he's not playing the 4th line. If Hogs makes the team he's not going to start on the 2nd line. There's a very good chance 2 or more of Jake, Tanev, Sutter, Rous, Stetcher or Beags aren't on the team next year. Somehow they have to get Bear off the payroll as well. Getting rid of LE is going to be tough, a buyout doesn't make sense, they could bury him in the minors and save more money that way. If he refused to report his contract would be terminated. Maybe if they traded him retained 50% of his salary.
  5. Any player under 22 as of Sept 15th is ranked whether they are in the NHL or not. If the players are under 26 as of 9/15 and have played < 50 games they can be included. Petey & Quinn are the reason the Canucks are number 3. Petey turns 22 in the fall so the Canucks won't be #3 next year. Below is the intro in bold. The top 10 are: 1. Petey (Tier Special one of the best player in league) 2. Quinn (Elite top 10%-15% of the league) 3. Pods 4. Hogs 5. Brogan Rafferty 6. OJ 7. Big Mac 8. Jett 9.Jack Rathbone 10. Mikey D. Kole Lind and 3 others are mentioned as having NHL potential. I checked and just for comparison LA was ranked #13 overall and Tyler Madden was their #7 prospect. If Tyler Madden was still with the Canucks he'd probably rank 5 or 6. His tier is very good NHL player. "Madden’s main weakness is his average footspeed which at his size will be a challenge in the NHL, but he’s so skilled that I think he will still succeed." The Canucks’ high ranking, and a large part of their recent success, is on the backs of two of the best young players in the NHL in Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes. The drafting outside of those two has been mixed. I’m sure the Canucks would like more from 2016 No. 5 overall-pick Olli Juolevi, but recent second-round pick Nils Hoglander looks excellent. They have two undrafted free agents projected as future players, which is unusual. The Canucks have simply done a great job at getting the hardest players to acquire, the stars and top of the lineup types.
  6. wow 1-0 Stars. I did not see that coming. Also - NBC commentators said at the end of the game "Vegas has only scored 1 goal on a goaltender in the last 3 games" I had to laugh
  7. So when (if ever) will we hear about all the injuries. If this was a normal year I would expect Tuesday to be locker clean out day.