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  1. Seriously? Cali Canuck 48 coastal.view 34 I think I'm doing just fine thanks.
  2. Just so you know if the Central wins that means Petey won't be in the final & will have no shot at MVP.
  3. Canada It's either going to be the Pacific or the Central - Pacific Petey
  4. Ok. It’s a long weekend here in Cali. MLK day on Monday. I’m going to go for a 4th crown royal. 9ers vs packers tomorrow. Sorry I can’t stand the Seahawks
  5. Good pressure so but we more goals. I’m doing everything I can. 1 scotch and I’m on my third crown royal. Good thing when the Canucks play the sharks is they are alway on tv. Downside is I have to listen to the sharks feed
  6. 4-2 Canucks Sharks with more PIMs Petey with the last goal
  7. Good game so far. Typing on an iPad so pretty slow
  8. No - it's the Canucks 1st game Vs the Yotes this year.