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  1. yes - but did he take two extremely weak penalties that directly resulted in PPG and lose … don't forget the little things
  2. it was in "The Bucket List" except it wasn't a monkey it was a Asian palm civet cat - whatever that is. It is used to make the "rarest coffee in the world" - they excrete the coffee cherries before they are ever touched by human hands.
  3. Ouch - I wonder what happened to Eddie - the skate in the ribs? If it was concussion protocol they'd say that - right?
  4. David Duchovny - the guy in your Sig - he's an assh*le edit - cleary you're clueless
  5. sorry - you're a loser - I didn't choose my words poorly - also David D is a complete douche - just sayin'
  6. would it surprise me you think that no - but if you lived the US I wouldn't be surprised if you were a trump fan = "alt facts" here would be my nominees 1. Chris Oddleifson 2. Kevin McCarthy 3. Dan Quinn
  7. so they tied da turd (coaches' challenge) but won the game. Side note - I was living in Calgary when they retired Steamer's number. I believe they were playing the Oilers. The Canucks didn't have a great team that year but they won (maybe also 5-2) I was very happy that day
  8. I'm a simple man ... happiness = a Canucks lead + 3 triple Crown Royals + All Dressed potato chips ... not as good as the Canadian version ... not enough BBQ flavo(u)r but not bad