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  1. I was really scared that we would regret Loui not taking the shot...but happy for Pearson to reach 100
  2. Amazing why happens when you shoot instead of pass...who would have thunk?
  3. Make them pay! Although ugh I think I would rather not have the power play with how things have been going lately....
  4. A lot of talk about inconsistentency but if the boys played like this on a more consistent basis then we will win more than we lose...even with the defensive lapses. just one of those nights
  5. If the boys can beat the yotes then we still climb in the rankings....that will be the big test
  6. Markstrom looking like he could use a night off...fortunately the bye week is just around the corner
  7. Sure would be nice if we could score on one of these break seats....
  8. Fire GALLANT! Vegas gave away that game. Unbelievable
  9. I can’t believe Vegas gave up a tied game, if they don’t win this game then it’s time to fire gallant!
  10. Trying really hard not to let this bother me, but you have got to be flippin kidding me...first the head hunting on Bo with no call and no subsequent discipline now the boarding on leivo without a call...this is unreal!!!