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  1. I agree, this is whole bashing jake thing has been beaten to death and beyond. Not saying it isn’t deserved, simply saying we have all had our 2 cents and then some. Time to change the tune to another topic, ANY TOPIC! Time me to get excited and talk about some positives! How many pages of hate has there been in this thread now...
  2. success: making the media eat their words - this team having an identity and squeaking into the playoffs! failure: no identity, miss playoffs and media being almost right
  3. I am just sitting here waiting for the articles and videos from the 'experts' insisting that the Canucks have no identity and no direction and failed this off season.... Somehow they will say this signing (Ferland) made us worse and will definitely finish last now hahaha Great to see how many players signing here are referencing our young guns as a reason for wanting to come here ... For actually chosing us over other options. Been a while, but now I remember how good it feels to be a choice destination.
  4. This post just made my morning. I can't believe how much of the media drinks the koolaid and then bashes Vancouver
  5. What is shocking me is the media (even though it shouldn't)...grading Canadian teams thus far in the off season. Toronto gets and A mean while the Canucks were given a B- by these so called experts !?!? Got to love how the media constantly undervalues the Canucks. I for one am excited to see what this group can do next year. I am hopeful for a playoff berth, but time will tell.
  6. Not saying I am for or against Myers necessarily...I just love how people want us to get back in the playoffs without trading anything away to get better. Why trade an asset when you can sign it for free but then we are all mad about over paying in FA. Also almost everyone we want to wait and get for free ends up being resigned. *I know this isn't everyone but a good chunk of comments fall into this lately
  7. I am so torn on this trade. Excited for Miller concerned about giving up a first. Hopefully Benning can acquire a first somewhere else (like a Marleau situation) then I would be really happy again.
  8. So with this pick....does Virtanen get traded ...
  9. I get that fans are upset about the call...I would be too if it was the Canucks. But in my opinion, you can't blame the outcome of the game on ONE call. Vegas has no excuse for letting in 4 goals in 5 minutes....sorry, not sorry.
  10. Another example of why I am perfectly fine with sneaking into the never know what will happen