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  1. Scary how possible this prediction is... gave me you the laughing emoji but really it makes me want to cry haha
  2. With how much pressure Minnie is putting on Petterson we should have boeser on that line to take advantage of the freed up space. Just doesn’t feel like miller and toffoli are doing so...also boeser is humming along again today.
  3. Totally agree that the too many men was horrific by the good guys. buddy and I are joking that penalties must not count if someone actually has a scoring chance and instead only count after they get there shot away or play simply isn’t impacted...
  4. Discipline is not the issue! The game needs to be called fair. yes our penalties were penalties but what about Minnie’s
  5. You might think so but you see the problem is that it was a blue jersey that was tripped so it doesn’t count
  6. Minny has the Canuck play book and knew that above all else that was the key for them haha
  7. Common leafs, you gotta get past the qualifier just to make sure they dot get 1OA...everyone knows they won’t be winning the cup anyway
  8. Celebrating the return of canucks hockey with dalmore 12 year old scotch... common boys!!!
  9. Rangers vs Hurricanes - rangers in 5 Panthers vs Islanders - panthers in 4 Canadiens vs Penguins - penguins in 4 Blue Jackets vs Maple Leafs - jackets in 5 Blackhawks vs Oilers - oilers in 5 Jets vs Flames - flames in 5 Coyotes vs Predators - predators in 5 Wild vs Canucks - canucks in 4 Stanley Cup Champion (5 points) - avalanche
  10. I feel like most of these writers aren’t considering the impact to their teams...maker is on a good team and supported them, Hughes changed a lot of our game and likely won us games (even if not so obviously) so to me he has the edge but not by much.
  11. I would hate to see us trade Olli before giving him a fair chance in the NHL. I really hope for him to be a Tanev replacement to be honest...might be a bit a leap (and I am not holding my breathe) but he seems so underrated by so many...but only until he isn't. I don't think he will ever be the flashy player people expect from a 5th overall but I truly expect him to be a necessary piece (in some capacity) for us when we compete for the cup again
  12. I think I may need to take a break from CDC, too much negativity from too many bandwagon fans and trolls. Yes I am frustrated with results as of late but I am not giving up on this team. I will continue to watch and cheer for the boys but these forums are just too much lately with all the negativity which is a shame because I find the forums otherwise give the games that extra dimension. I am actually more disappointed in all of us than I am in the result of the game. I say this but CDC might end up like a bad addiction where I am back for the next game -.-
  13. The first power play looked so good tho please ease make me regret this post...please