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  1. Brown seriously has Hughes doing drop passes now!!! Hughes was the reason the pp was doing well as he could actually enter the zone. DOWN WITH BROWN
  2. It frustrates me how much goalies get away with. Every game binnington is grabbing sticks and shoving people. Heaven forbid any player touch the goalie
  3. Glad we got to OT...we need at least the loser point with how the games have been going in the west lately.
  4. There is no way a team like ours should lose to a team like that
  5. No one can honestly say that Anaheim was the better team tonight
  6. Is it better to be on the pp?? without QH43 it looks embarrassing again. I would think that a power play specialist coach would be able to design multiple set ups that don’t all rely on 1 player getting the puck in (without a back pass dare I does it even count as a brown design?)
  7. Game management does not exist ... when the canucks are trailing
  8. Second half of that period was brutal... can only hope that was the wake up call these boys need to get things going in the third
  9. While I agree that a lot of our shots have been low quality ones but I would strongly disagree and say that we have still had more scoring opinion anyway
  10. So embarrassing but I had to look that up quickly to understand the it
  11. My concern with edler running PP1 is he likes to shoot a lot but rarely gets through traffic and if you’ve watch him o the second unit there is still a ton of back passes...
  12. It’s really crazy that I don’t hear about or really notice too much of stetcher this year. I am huge supporter of the guy but wow what a change in depth
  13. I was just about to type a complaint about not moving them back to their strong sides and then this happens! This is why I am not a coach haha 5!!
  14. Too unselfish...hopefully it isn’t due to a lack of confidence in his shot this year as others are saying...more and more like hank
  15. That way he can say the only reason they lost to a team like that is because he helped them do it this time...
  16. Not a fan of these 730 starts...starting to power down even though this is an extremely entertaining but also frustrating game to watch
  17. Doughboy scared of a team like that, would rather sit in the box where he is safe
  18. Sweetest thing about this isn’t taking the much deserved lead but instead making doughty pay...against a team like that