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  1. The Bozak non-call is not as egregious as they're making it seem. He went for the puck first and Acciari had his f'ing back turned to the play. I can think of 10 non-calls in the previous series that were WAY more deserving or non-deserving.
  2. Sportsnet broadcasting is embarrassing how much of Boston homer-ism goes into their broadcast. NESN doesn't show as much passion towards the Bruins. Hughson has truly turned into a sellout whore.
  3. The NHL 2019 "Dead Puck Era" Playoffs!... and they wonder why all the fans are watching the NBA finals instead.
  4. Faust & Johnson were doing a great job calling the series. Stupid of NBC to swap them out for game 7.
  5. Peters coached a horrible series. Same can be said about Cooper. The regular season playbook can be ripped up in the playoffs. Sometimes the even keeled, measured approach just won't work against a team that shifts into berserker mode.
  6. Weren't there a lot of people on here who said Juolevi is better than Heiskanen?
  7. Here's the thing with Goldobin. Green wanted to coach the high risk plays out of his game and convert him into more a of a two-way "safe" player who "works hard every shift". Goldobin has been doing these things of late and has played a DUMBED down version of his game that Green has instilled. He's been dumping and chasing, blocking shots, no more cross ice feeds at the offensive blue line, etc. I thought he played perfect Green hockey against New Jersey yet he still gets healthy scratched. Thus far the only young player Green has developed has been Brendan Gaunce and he plays for Utica. His coaching acumen sure matches his surname.
  8. He brings $900k value for 6x the price and that's being kind. Motte does all the things you just mentioned for peanuts. You don't pay 4th liners $6 million per year in a cap system.
  9. Tanev needs to understand his limitations and realize there's SMARTER ways of playing D than constantly diving and blocking shots with your ankles. Markstrom is more than capable of making those saves so long as he can see the puck. Blaming the equipment is absurd. If he's still here next season he needs to simplify his game and not worry about being Rambo on the ice. A healthy Tanev who blocks less shots is more valuable than an injured Tanev.
  10. So he had no trade value then too? You honestly believe that? You and Benning must go to the same church.
  11. That's what he's worth now. He cultivated the winning culture for the young guns though..
  12. Newell Brown having a banner night. What else is new?
  13. Then traded Dahlen for Granlund 2.0 who's 3 years from anything. Too many CTRL+Z deals and signings under Benning's watch. Too few draft picks acquired. Too many legacy players retained who are only adequate on good teams. Two horrific coaching choices. The rebuild starts under the next GM's watch.