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  1. I agree with only one part of the original post - time will tell.
  2. If Chiarelli is coming to the Canucks - that confirms we are going to be tanking for the next three seasons.
  3. Proof that the movie Iron Sky is true - and that the Nazis have a base on the moon.
  4. Firstly, they are not accidental oddities, as there is nothing accidental in their creation. These variations occur because statistically they must occur. No accident is required. Secondly, if someone tells me that everyone on the planet only has ten fingers and I then find out that some in our population have a different number to that - then I would say that the person who told me that you can only have ten is talking bunkum. Just because it is a rarer variation does not make it non existent. The silliest part of this discussion is that we have got away from the main point of discussion, which was that someone said that the XX, XY should be the determination point for female or male competition. I was just trying to point out that there are certain people who would not be covered by such a determination. It would be like banning the population of Hong Kong (7.5 million) from competing in competitions around the world due to them not being the right genetic combination.
  5. I honestly don't know the answer to that. I studied genetics (Psychology) at Uni about 35 years ago, so my knowledge is way out of date. All I know is how stunned I was to be taught through high school that we were all supposed to be either XX or XY, and then to find out a few years later that it was all a load of bunkum.
  6. You can almost smell another Benning reclamation project in the air.
  7. So what gender is someone who has XXY chromosomes? or XXXY? or XXYY? or XXX? or XXXX? or XXXXX? What Gender is X with a blank? Y with a blank? Also what gender is someone born with AIS? The human being is one hell of a lot more complicated than you have been taught in High school Biology class I'm afraid.
  8. This whole proposition makes me feel sorry for the staff who prepare the ice surface at Rogers. They go to a lot of trouble to make the rink surface as flat as possible - and some people want to put a glacier on top of it.