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  1. [SIGNING] Oilers sign Evan Bouchard

    Looking forward to Benning picking this kid up as a reclamation project in a couple of years time.
  2. Why so many mononucleosis cases for hockey players?

    We could reduce this complaint greatly by just stopping Marchand from licking and kissing other players.
  3. I see from the drawings, that the architects used lego blocks to help design this project.
  4. [Proposal] Colorado and Ottawa

    Fancy waiting for 2109 to get your pick from Colorado.
  5. Naked Guy Crashes Canada Post Truck

    Was trying to deliver a French letter.
  6. [Report] Canucks in on Tim Schaller

    It's where the water is not very deep.
  7. How about we follow the lead from some American schools on this and arm the reporters with a bucket of rocks.
  8. Bettman deserves to be put into the HHOF. I personally would like to see him in there - stuffed, mounted and put on a plinth.
  9. [Report] Barry Trotz stepping down as Capitals head coach

    If that coach was going to win us three Stanley cups in a row? In a heartbeat!
  10. (Proposal)- Another Tanev deal

    Tanev must be the worst player in the league. Everybody wants to sell him.
  11. Benning or McPhee

    This comment quacked me up.
  12. I would love to know his true opinion of the Willie Desjardins coaching tenure.
  13. Lastname | # | Placeholder

    I see in the photo that his brother is also a driver. I wonder if he can play hockey as well as his brother can?
  14. Sinkhole Growing Around White House

    This sinkhole doesn't actually exist. Most Americans will tell you that the world was created by God 4000 years ago. The bible says so. Because of that, dinosaurs didn't exist and the ice age is a myth. Sinkholes cannot be caused by the ice age so that means that the hole must immediately disappear in a puff of logic. Fakenews!