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  1. Wait... I came here expecting to read how you lost your virginities, but you guys are talking about booze???
  2. Not too long ago, it's been brought to my attention that the Carolina Hurricanes have too much RD and not enough LD. I'm not sure who said this, but I would appreciate some context if possible. Should this be true, I suggest this idea: To Van: Adam Fox To Car: Ben Hutton Why? Adam Fox doesn't want to sign in Carolina (big surprise...) and his value would have taken a hit at this point. Considering Don Waddell of all people are in the position of GM, this is a perfect opportunity to nab a RHD this organization has lacked for so long. As a bonus, Adam Fox won't need protection in the Seattle Expansion Draft. With Quinn Hughes also exempt, this means our potential top pair won't need protection! Carolina is getting a LHD that they desperately need and can play in a top-4 role up to 20+ minutes. Ben Hutton is still on the younger side at 26 and should he keep up his fitness, he won't have any problems being a consistent, everyday NHLer. So what do you think? Leave your thoughts and opinions below.
  3. Okay, my take on the arena experience; No more 'Make some nooooise!', replace it with kickass songs like "The Immigrant Song' and other rock and roll soundtracks. I heard someone say the same thing at the risk of sounding like a grandpa, he's not. Rock and roll songs bring out the excitement, craziness, and intimidation out of us. Secondly, let people bring in airhorns, firecrackers, huge flags, you name it, they're all welcome. Ok, fireworks should be reserved for game-winning goals in OT. Oh, and invite local bands to play their heart out dammit, I'm here for some entertainment, not to be placed in a senior's home! Small rinks in Sweden are beating us in that regard, like how embarrassing is that?! And most importantly, TURN UP THE GOAL SONG! I can't hear a goddam thing! Oh, and a bonus: have people win prizes for being the best-dressed, the loudest, and/or having the most creative signs. This should overall improve fan experiences and kill the notion of having to be silent and on the phones all game long. This is my two cents, what do you think?