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  1. it was beagle. He probably asked him for a free pizza.
  2. Ding ding ding, Ferland like Jake will be worth their weight in gold come playoffs. The team is doing well, best thing we can hope for now is Ferland comes back fully healthy. Alf I hate your basketball takes, but more often then not I agree with you when it comes to hockey talk.
  3. team needs to snow shower Binnington and get in his grill a lot tonight. That $&!# he pulled with petey last game just because he got embarrassed was dumb. 4-2 Canucks.
  4. I really hope Ferland comes back healthy sooner than later. Throughly enjoyed what he brought to the team lately.

    1. Alflives


      Totally agree.  I enjoyed his heavy play and deterrent as a top fighter too.  Is he done, if he can't fight?

    2. Sikhguy23


      I don't think so, the type of game he plays will allow him to continue in the NHL. But the question is, can he play that way with all the concussions. Sad day....

  5. Based on what I saw in the box; it seemed like Ferland was favouring his hand. Hoping its just that, and not a concussion...
  6. hahaha I freaking love this time. Fast, Big, and know how to put the puck in the net.
  7. All of the people complaining about the loss and saying we won’t make the playoffs are probably the same people that didn’t expect us to make it before the season began. its infuriating for sure to give up a 4 goal lead, but there is no need to overreact. Be thankful the Canucks are winning, and are entertaining to watch and hope they stay healthy so they have the highest chance to win games.
  8. Collective team effort to &^@# up wilson let’s go.
  9. I hope so. This is a piss poor effort. When does Green have to answer some tough questions?
  10. The road trip is catching up to them. The team looks exhausted.
  11. Because he ate all of Cheech’s ketchup
  12. I blame that third on coaching for the most part. Who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to sit on a lead. Anyways we won. We can rejoice, just stop taking the AV way of sitting on a lead. Go out and play how you’ve been playing the rest of the game instead of chipping and chasing.