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  1. I’d stick with Rous. The energy he brings to the team, plus the chemistry with Gaud is great. Plus he’s a meat and potatoes guy.
  2. Why does it seem like we always take a period to get going on the road. Ugh
  3. Just matched into an internal medicine residency position in Connecticut. That much closer to coming home in a couple years. When I got the email this morning, made the last 4 years of medical school seem like it was all worth it.:goat:

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    2. Shift-4


      Awesome news!

    3. Cramarossa


      Congratulations! :towel:

    4. debluvscanucks


      Wonderful news, congrats!  

  4. Sikhguy23

    NBA Discussion

    yes, but you aren't going to see him guarding the other teams best players; especially when now a days they are most likely going to be a sf/pf. He's a fantastic player, but we have to be realistic with him at least until he gets into his prime. Utah is a great team, but I highly doubt they make a significant run in the playoffs without the addition of a solid 3/4. I personally think Kawhi is way overhyped...
  5. WTF are these flames fans cheering about, I think the fumes from their nasty ass city are getting to them.
  6. God damn it he's signing a 4 year extension after this contract isn't he
  7. Sikhguy23

    NBA Discussion

    I don't know how reliable a star he is though. Rather inconsistent to be given that star label in my opinion, and I doubt he can take the team on his shoulders to get far in the playoffs. Reminds me of the raps with derozoan, solid players all around, but need to add a piece or two before we start thinking championship with them.
  8. anyone got the after hours segment from last night? Missed it :( 

    1. MikeBossy


      The video is up on Sportsnet still i believe


  9. relax negative Nancy, I'm sure you can do an in depth review about every team and come up with similar findings. 104 goals is 104 goals. Also I'm pretty sure you're not a GRITGRINDER, w.e the hell that is.
  10. Uh what? We aren’t having a hard time scoring. Keeping the puck out on the other hand has been difficult in some games.
  11. Hotter goalie, and Marky wasn't the greatest when he needed to be. Expected with his first game back I suppose.

    1. goalie13


      You or Ferland?  Either way, good news.

    2. Sikhguy23