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  1. What ufa's should we go after?

    Couple bottom 6 players, that'll provide protection for our younger guys, while also providing the fans with some excitement. Maybe a veteran D? For example; reaves, rousell.
  2. NBA Discussion

    Moral of this story. To get insanely ripped carry a bunch of grizzlies for a couple years
  3. NBA Discussion

    He likes it easy like KD
  4. NBA Discussion

    KD had to join the greatest team ever to win a chip. The media was still calling the warriors Currys team, and labeling him the best player on the team. Lebron is still the best player in the world, look at the numbers he had this year. He's been the best for nearly a decade now (since 08/09 maybe?)
  5. NBA Discussion

    Alf..... he choked against the rockets, and had one spectacular game against the Cavs. Lebron is still at the top.
  6. NBA Discussion

    I don't really see how anyone could see those 2 scenarios as the same thing. Lebron had no help in Cleveland, he wanted Amare stoudamire they got him jj Hickson. He wanted Jason Kidd they got him mo Williams. He tried to get bosh to sign there he didn't want to. If ownership isn't bringing in the necessary people and no one wants to sign there, what are you supposed to do? Again if lebron joined the Celtics sure I can see the comparison. KD wanting to leave okc is totally fine by me, Westbrook is a ball first guard, and KD was missing out on some shots. But joining the best team in the league who just beat you, where you choked for the last 4 games is unheard of. Anyways congrats to the warriors.
  7. NBA Discussion

    First 2 games it was horrendous last night not really. Your life must really suck if you came to the thread just for that
  8. NBA Discussion

    I never said he was I said the teams they joined were two different things. Joining the number one team in the league is very different from teaming up with your buddy who the year prior missed the playoffs
  9. NBA Discussion

    He did, but from a player stand point it makes sense he wanted to win a chip and knew that was the easiest way. Gutless?? 100% @ReggieBush lebron didn’t ruin the nba. kD joined a sure thing, what Lebron joined was anything but that. If he joined the celts at that time that would of been an equivalent move to the what Durant did. Again your bias is showing. No he is not. He had one game where he was the best player on the court. The entire playoffs besides last night lebron has clearly been the best player. He was not that good against the rockets especially in the 4th quarter. If lebron has those showings he would of been grilled (2points in the 4th.) I think curry will get the finals nod this year he’s been the teams best player these playoffs, and besides yesterday these finals for the warriors as well. On a a side note where is lebron going? houston philly portland la retirement home. I think philly and la are the front runners but the trailblazers would be an interesting team as well.
  10. NBA Discussion

    The reffing is atrocious. They must of put a lot of money on the warriors.
  11. NBA Discussion

    Anything to benefit the Golden child of the NBA
  12. NBA Discussion

    The heat has to be on Lue as well. As a coach when you see your player running the opposite way you should call a timeout, heck even 4 seconds left as soon as he catches the ball call a timeout(not ideal). We can go around pointing fingers at everyone, all that matters now is the Cavs show up with the same intensity and manage to take it home with the split.
  13. NBA Discussion

    LOL you're joking right? How many times is Lebron fouled going to the rim, and yet there are numerous players that avg. moree free throws then him. It's like Shaq he's so much stronger then everyone else it doesn't seem like he gets hit. Warriors have been getting favourable calls every playoffs for the last 4 years. Your bias is showing
  14. NBA Discussion

    Refs have cost Houston 10 points so far specifically harden. LA all over again?
  15. NBA Discussion

    Those people need to give their heads a shake. I'd rather be 2nd then 3-16 like I've previously said on this forum.