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  1. Sikhguy23

    NBA Discussion

    All these drives to the rim by Hebron, most of them look like he's had some sort of contact. Yet no fouls, but the refs are always giving lebron the calls I thought? Its been like this his whole career, same with Shaq just because they are so much stronger then everyone else they don't get the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Sikhguy23

    NBA Discussion

    Lol Kawhi is overhyped suprise suprise?
  3. Being in Connecticut for residency has already led to me being exhausted due to the hospital schedule. Boy am I glad the Canucks are contributing to that fatigue. Here is to more fatigued nights due to them. Let's get it tonight boys. GCG.
  4. it's a feel out game for the boys, all good. Hopefully we can split their "home" games...
  5. lol can't compare the 2. Petey can create for himself, Gaudette marginally so?
  6. Yes, but I don't think his game transitions well to the playoffs based on what I've seen so far. Way too easily knocked off the puck
  7. Not talking about this thread, just a general observation. I agree with your points, but I don't think he's an ideal bottom 6 centre for the playoffs, gets knocked off the puck way too easily.
  8. might be a controversial take, but I think Gaudette is way overhyped by the fanbase.
  9. Sikhguy23

    NBA Discussion

    the league is going to be his for a long time.His all around game at that young of an age is absurd.
  10. A hurricane just passed through Danbury. Just got home from the clinic but the power is out. Might be relying on y’all for game updates tonight.
  11. team is skating well. Moved out to Connecticut for the next 3 years, I will stay up late night to watch my Canucks <3 regularly. Hopefully the hospital doesen't fire me
  12. why did most of his draft picks fail before Benning got here??? What about the gillis era?
  13. Sikhguy23

    NBA Discussion

    I think he will be a star but not superstar. Personally I think it's Doncic's league in a couple years. Love the way he plays the game, dude can do it all.... really fun to watch. I think Giannis is only what 24/25? so both of them will probably be the faces of the league.
  14. Sikhguy23

    NBA Discussion

    I don't think I've said anything mean or hurtful anywhere? If I have or you are offended by something I said I apologize. The whole point of the canucks forum is to share your opinion, and have a good time. That's what I come here for. I know more about basketball history wise, then I do hockey so when I click on this particular discussion I might get overzealous, but none of what I say is meant to be offend anyone. I just state my opinion as you and others do, and try to back it up as best I can. I don't know man not letting Horace Grant or whoever it was eat lunch on the plane, due to a bad game seems like a total sociopathic move, but it is what it is I guess. Amazing player, but his personality, and the stories that come out of him leave a bad taste in my mouth.