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  1. Long as Benning gets Schenn done we should be ok...
  2. Completely agree. The more he gets passed over the hungrier he'll get. Would still like a win though...any kind of a win at this point
  3. I thought the minus button was back but can’t find it now!
  4. I'll be there, making some noise. Hopefully one day everybody in the section wont give me weird looks for it...
  5. I’ll be at the Sharks Tuesday too! Looking forward to see QH in his first few games.
  6. I really wish JV had given people a reason this year to include him in the conversation about the up and coming future core. I had way more hope for him this time last year.
  7. All things being equal—If we can nab a top pairing d man and get one more legit top six forward, playoffs next year should be within reach
  8. Petey’s looking a little worn out lately. Cant wait to see him next year after getting a year under his belt and a solid Summer Training
  9. Yeah, his passes have been spectacular. Puts our current defence in perspective especially since it’s a 19yr old showing up the boys in the basics.
  10. I keep keep being blown away by elite skating before I realize it’s him.
  11. You don't need to be able to do the skill in order to critique professionals who are not good at theirs.