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  1. North Shore of Oahu. We’ve got a spot we LOVE out here. Otherwise it’d be Maui.
  2. 3:00 in the afternoon here in Hawaii. I’m inside our place watching Canucks hockey. Worth it.
  3. I think the confused face gets used as a minus a lot. Which is...confusing. I don’t understand what’s so bad about having a minus button. Shouldn’t we be able to not like each other’s post with a little clarity. Just goes to show how all this political correctness is actually making everybody more...confused. PS I also didn’t like your post. Hard no on Babs as I’ve repeated again and again ;-)
  4. A win tomorrow ties us with Ari. Isn't that the team that just went all in getting Hall? Hmmmm
  5. You blamed the players mistakes on the fact that they're following the coach's system then said that our players have tuned out Green. Not making too much sense there Alf
  6. I only wish the Canucks were as feisty on the ice as we are with each other in this GDT There'd be blood everywhere
  7. Been a little while since we had such an entertaining second. No quit and a bit of grit. Great to see.