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  1. The numbers in no way authorize our health officials to keep us from our right to gather for a Canucks game or any other reason. The way we’re allowing our officials to come dangerously close to seriously damaging vital economic industry based on research that has at no point proven true is a bit frightening to me. Oh and it’s about time we start allowing elective surgeries for those in pain. Hospitals have been at 50% capacity for a while now. It’s time.
  2. Got it. No, not an engineer. Just tired of the non-stop Green bashing. There are some legitimate critiques and then and whole lot of bullsh*t. I can’t separate the sarcasm from ignorance anymore.
  3. At some point we have to stop giving up 40+ every damn game
  4. Shots: 22/33 Sedins are with us. Lets GO
  5. I'm just glad we have IMac to explain the inner workings of the team to us. Bet Green's happy about it too
  6. BO with a ton of heart tonight. Took a BIG step as our Captain