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  1. For those that were worried... DEMKO Calm as a Cucumber..
  2. Love the GREEN with BLUE. I could get used to more of that GREEN tho. Looks great!
  3. Shut out last game. 0 for 10 on PP. And now it's Markstroms fault...
  4. This is the line up from pre-season play in my eyes to start anyways: Ferland Pettersson Boeser Pearson Horvat Miller Leivo Sutter / Gaudette Motte Beagle Schaller Virtanen Eriksson - Roussel returns Waive Eriksson or Schaller? (depending on play) & or trade Virtanen if he doesn't start to put it together while he still can fetch a decent return. Zack MacEwan can fill his boots from what I've seen... (unless Virtanen decides to play to his fullest) - If we lose Biega on waivers claim Schenn... Wednesday can't come quick enough. Now drop the puck for puck sakes...
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth... I was reading and wanted to quote a few guys on this but I thought someone would've already done that... than here it is. I'm liking what Leivo brings. Cheers bro.
  6. Played the body... ok... Everything you said about Goldy, Gaudette, Eriksson, MacEwan, Motte, etc. can do just as good and better. Goldy needs to score and play in the top 6 if he wants to be in NHL. He just doesn't bring enough of that... Miller, Pearson, Boeser, Ferland, Baertschi, are all ahead of him now for the 4 top 6 winger spots.Maybe even Eriksson?
  7. Yes looking like it's time to move on from Goldy. No time to develop another Baertschi type. We have to many guys now & coming. Trade him with Eriksson + Gadjovich for a draft pick. (retain some of LE $)? whatever it takes... Ferland Pettey Boeser Miller Horvat Leivo Pearson Sutter Virtanen Motte Beagle MacEwan Baertschi Gaudette Hughes Myers Edler Tanev Benn Stecher Fantenberg Juolevi Markstrom Demko Stacked with depth