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  1. AT this point it's SIMPLE now, Stay the F*@# HOME EVERYONE...........
  2. I wouldn't trade Q. Hughes for any D in this league. I think he is the best already at 19 years old. Yes better than Dahlin to. That's what I've seen with my own eyes. Q. Hughes > Dahlin.
  5. Maybe it's just me but I feel we're a much better team with Myers... LOTS of people said the same thing about Edler not too many years ago even after he proved himself 2011... Our team seems much better this year with Myers to me. Game winner tonight to boot to further prove my point.
  6. If there was anybody in the Canuck organization that didn't want Tkachuk it was Linden. If you watched hockey when those 2 were growing up you'd know this. That is part of the reason he isn't here anymore. If there is a theory to your madness. Tkachuk family wanting no part of Vancouver? Problem child??? Please stop the *$... That was Linden's view not Benning. That's why Linden gone Benning still here for a long while... How's that for a better theory... Never seen a problem child become alternate captain of a NHL Team at such a childish age...? People need to get over it, Tkachuk was the better pick BY FAR. We missed on that. But we stole 2 potential 1st overall picks in Pettersson & Hughes. Boeser was a steal at #23. Gaudette was a steal in the 5trh round. Demko was a steal. Hoglander looks like a steal. Miller was a great deal. Pearson, Myers, Rousel, etc. Lets just enjoy what JIM BENNING has built cause in the big picture he's done an astounding job so far with the potential to be MUCH better in the very near future. This team is coming a long better than anyone thought. And this time we're actually for real. That is a fact. .. Give it up on the Juolevi vs Tkachuk already people. We've won more than we've lost in recent drafts, we've hit home runs actually. No one bats 1000 but JB has the bases pretty loaded right now & for the future...
  7. Doesn't matter what year he's in, he's still GREEN...