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  1. really meant comical opinions.
  2. Alflives Canucks Hall-of-Famer Members 33,520 47,843 posts Location: Vancouver I have not been around as much as past but I still drop in to always catch up on my favorite team in the world. One thing I've noticed only cause I've always respected this Old School man (ALFLIVES & his Canuck diehard comments) is that I don't see his much respected opinions anymore. After just viewing his profile I see he hasn't been around for a few months now. Pray all is well with you "Alflives" as you are & always will be a well respected Vancouver Canuck Fan & someone we all loved hearing from. You're one of a kind my friend, & a True Hall of Famer. Hope to hear from you soon again. Love, All of CDC.
  3. The players get it, it's some so called fans that don't.
  4. Going to lose Demko in expansion draft anyways. Nobodi wants Oli...
  5. Rathbone is the real deal.
  6. AT this point it's SIMPLE now, Stay the F*@# HOME EVERYONE...........
  7. I wouldn't trade Q. Hughes for any D in this league. I think he is the best already at 19 years old. Yes better than Dahlin to. That's what I've seen with my own eyes. Q. Hughes > Dahlin.