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  1. Man our back-to-back presidents trophys feel like ancient history. I have felt so devastated during this slump. Maybe because first time in years I had slight expectations for this season. Well its long season ahead, hopefully boys recover.
  2. How is paying Marner seventh most money in whole league a "steal"?? And by the way Marner isnt nowhere near seventh best player in the league.
  3. No matter how much you polish a turd its still a turd.
  4. IMO biggest bummers during Jim's tenure has been constant injuries to Guddy Sutter and Baer. I cheered for them all so hard and now it seems they are nearly done. Had they stayed healthy I think things would be very different. And now Roussels injury.. when this will end?
  5. That right handed Austrian who took angry slapshot on a breakaway and scored.
  6. Yeah baby! Been fan of Miller since his Rangers days! He brings physicality and leadership attributes to our young core. And whats best is that he is in his prime years with good contract. Now lets make a move for top4 d-man. Im not worried about the 1st rounder. Our rebuild is almost done and we have our new core in place. If we cant make playoffs in two seasons then we are fked anyway.
  7. Love the pick! Now that we got started might as well go with Dorofiyev next! Vlasic would be real gud also
  8. You can never have too many top4 guys who play 40 games per season. Bogosian.... seriously????? Ffs I pray this wont happen. RR55 surely if the price aint too high
  9. Good. Theyll be paying all Karlsson Couture Burns and Vlasic 8-11m per season until they are almost 40.
  10. Yeah me neither but I think Vegas values Tuch highly. (Just as they should) This kind of deal would make more sense for me than those rumours of Zucker JT Miller etc who wont fit so well in our group agewise. Edit: also for that Stecher Miller swap it would make sense for us to acquire bigger guy for Troy because he is small and in my view NHL team can withstand only one small d-man in their top6 and that guy is obviously Hughes. And even if they play on same team they just cant be paired together due their small size so we dont have too much versatility in our pairings.
  11. Vegas needs to shed cap and Alex Tuch is after Stone acquisition behind him and Marchessault in RW depth chart. Colin Miller had down year and was even healthy scratch during the season. He would still arguably be our best right shot d-man considering Tanev is almost always injured. So the proposal is: Van trades Jake Virtanen + Troy Stecher + 10 overall pick To Vegas for Alex Tuch + Colin Miller Vancouver gets better players but pays the price of 10th overall pick. Vegas still has strong team and Virtanen suits better for that role of 3rd liner than Tuch who is clearly top 6 calibre player. Stecher and Virtanen could thrive well in lesser roles in contending team. So Vegas cuts their payroll with just as young players without loosing TOO much quality. We get the player we hoped Virtanen would be by now and upgrade top 6 defenceman for bigger top 4 defenceman of similar age. So in nutshell Vegas stays contender with big amount of cap released and stay just as young. Van gets big upgrade for 2nd line RW and top 4 RD and pays 10 overall for it. Tuch is obviously in really friendly contract and is the best player in this trade and we cant know does Vegas consider him as untouchable but I think this would make sense for both teams. Our top 6 would be almost set for next decade and Miller would be solid addition to our poor d-group. We loose our high pick but leap couple years in our rebuild. Lets say we could convince Panarin and Myers to come here: Panarin Petterson Boeser Pearson Horvat Tuch Roussel Sutter Eriksson Schaller Beagle Motte Edler Myers Hughes Miller Hutton Tanev Markström Demko We could start taking baby steps for the Stanley Cup.