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  1. Focusing on Buffalo's 32 OA pick (Discussion)

    Depends on who is on the board at the moment, but I would say two of Goldobin/grandlund/Hutton could get it done. Yes those are our spare pieces, but all of them have the possibility of turning their careers around. That’s the best you can hope for if your dealing your second, imo. The other her option is Tanev, but we know for sure GM JB won’t sell Tanev unless it’s an overpayment if favour for The Canucks, not the other way around
  2. Tweet doesn’t mention that they also gave away a 6th and a 7th as well as a pretty promising defense prospect as well. Overall they came out ahead but I think they would have been better off getting at least 1 roster player instead of a couple of those picks
  3. Yeah the picks are actually pretty nice. Maybe will keep their window open a while longer. Thing is, they have a very obvious window over the next two years, wouldn’t you want to keep the 20 goal scorer you just gave up a roster player to get? Unless they’re confident they’re landing one of kovalchuk/Tavares/van remsdyke etc. But if they come up empty in free agency then imo this was a bad move
  4. Basically, with the trade to Florida now, it was boedker, Bergman, a 6th and a 7th for a 2nd, a 4th and two 5ths? not gunna lie I think San Jose should’ve kept hoffman
  5. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Imagine if tkachuk somehow falls to the oilers... he’d inmediatly be put on McDavids left wing and would basically be a smarter, faster version of Maroon but with nicer hands. Battle of Alberta would be fun but the Canucks would get beaten up by both those teams for the next 15 years
  6. San Jose trading for top 6 LW for cheap. First Kane now Hoffman. Let’s see if they don’t actually choke this year...
  7. Could see Edmonton offering up Lucic for Hoffman, straight up. Edmonton unloads lucic’s contract and gets a player who can actually keep up with McDavid. Ottawa sheds themselves of the Hoffman drama while receiving a capable (if slow) Top 9 winger. If the deal happens after July 1st then Ottawa also doesn’t have to pay Lucic’s signing bonus this year
  8. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Yeah I’d love Zadina if he falls but if not I’m riding the Wahlstrom train all the way. Wahlstrom + pettersson + Bo + Brock. Doesn’t matter who the left wingers are you can make a VERY capable top 6 with those guys
  9. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Only way I can see Zadina falling mtl-koketniemi ott-tkachuk arz-boqvist? det-hughes van-Zadina seems pretty unlikely
  10. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Dougie Hamilton would be nice! But I’m not sure why the flames would be covering tkachuk. Left wing is the only forward position they don’t need help in
  11. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    The four defensemen not named Dahlin who are ranked in the top 10 (ie Dobson, Bouchard, boqvist, Hughes) are all so close. I can see any one of them becoming the best out of the four in their careers. There just so many factors To consider and they’re all different types of players so directly comparing them will be hard. Imo JB can’t go wrong with any of them, but one way to avoid having to decide between them is to take wahlstrom/koketniemi/tkachuk (basically whichever one is available) because they all seem like can’t miss picks. Defensemen can be acquired via trade based on need later on towards the end of the rebuild. Forwards at this age are easier to predict, so the smart money is picking one of those three
  12. In the past 20 years the Hart trophy has been awarded to: 8 centres 7 wingers 4 goalies (hasek twice, technically) 1 defensemen the Conn Smythe 7 centres 5 goalies 4 wingers 4 defensemen forwards and goaltending are more important than defensemen
  13. I agree. I’d say in order of importance it goes 1. Elite goaltending 2. Elite centre 3. Elite goal scorer (could be same player as number 2) 4. Elite defenseman you probably need at least 3 of the 4 to win a cup (plus a lot of other stuff) but goaltending and goal scoring are the most important aspects to winning
  14. Yeah sorry if I’m coming off contentious because I do agree with this. Spreading the money around is the best option, but elite players will demand a large chunk of that money. if you have to pick between an elite 9 million dollar defensemen and an elite 9 million dollar forward, you should pick the forward in almost every situation. Unless you have 6 elite scorers already, the money is better spent on forwards than defensemen.