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  1. Line up idea if no Sutter, beagle, motte, Roussell, or ferland next game. Levio Petey Boeser Baertschi horvat miller Pearson Gaudette virtanen Eriksson Schaller MacEwan
  2. good outing for the hogman today
  3. Athanasiou is a big fast forward capable of putting up 30 goals. In 31 thoughts Elliot Friedman speculates Edmonton might have interest in acquiring him. 5 days ago TSN had him at #8 on their trade bait list. He can play centre or wing. 1 year left at 3 million and then becomes an RFA with arb rights. Having a very poor start to the season on a very poor Detroit team. I think he would look really good on Horvat’s wing what would the Canucks have to give up to get him? I think it would take a young forward prospect, a 2nd round pick, and a top 9 forward or top 6 D with the same cap hit. Might cost more though if a bidding war arises. Worth it for the Canucks to pursue or no?
  4. Oilers playing some very unsustainable hockey from the surface. Out shot, out chanced, playing comeback all the time, high shooting percentages for drai and Neal, riding top players for most of the game, and relying on 37 year old mike smith to steal them games. Pp is slowing down, depth scoring is still not there, and one major injury could derail a whole season. it will be interesting to see if McDavid and Draisaitl can drag this team to the playoffs, kicking and screaming the whole way
  5. Really like the idea of Toffoli, just depends on the cost. if Canucks send one of Sutter/Baertschi back the other way and a B prospect, i think it’s a good move. But I think that sort of deal is a pipe dream. that being said, Canucks got Pearson last season and only gave up gudbranson. It is possible that they could toffoli for cheap other players the Canucks could look at as rentals: chris krieder Miko Koivu Martin Frolik Vlad Namesnikov connie brown ryan strome out of all players listed, I think Toffoli is the best target as he can fill the 2nd line rw role well and won’t cost as much as say, Chris krieder. I also think frolik may be a good target though if the Canucks can send a contract back the other way
  6. Edler was in the 2nd unit when he got that penalty for a guy to the head. Then the devils took a 2 min roughing so the Canucks stayed in the PP anyways and Quinn Hughes and the first unit came out. edler lead the team in shots on goal this game and set up several scoring chances. Canucks were much better than devils 5 on 5, but the devils played the most boring, frustrating, defensive type of hockey possible and the Canucks couldn’t burry any chances they created. I think we can’t over react to one game. Team played fine. Not good not bad. Still were clearly better in all areas compared to the devils besides one pk.
  7. Love everything you’re saying but thought I should point out the Comets have only played 4 games, not 5, and Baertschi missed one of them. so 6 points in 4 games for Lind and 5 points in 3 games for baer goldy 7 points in 3 boucher 6 goals in 4 (1 a) macewan 4 points in 4 jasek 4 points in 4 probably others too who are high scoring right now. Obviously not all these guys will finish at above a ppg but this is pretty promising stuff. DiPietro playing lights out as well
  8. Wow. 4 straight wins to start the year. Production from young players. Dominating games. Comets are for real this year
  9. Yeah I wouldn’t either. What I’m saying is if joulevi was taken 23rd overall and boeser was taken 6th overall, no one would be complaining. Ditto Jake and Demko. I really like jake and joulevi. While they may not be full value for their draft positioning, JB has found players later on in the draft who more than make up for the lost valur
  10. Think he means Jake and Joulevi However I think this ignores jim hitting home runs with picks outside the top 10 in Demko and boeser. If Demko and Jake were drafted in switched draft positions and Boeser and Joulevi were drafted in switched draft positions, everyone would agree we got good value for our picks. where JB list value in some places, he gained in others. Add in to that the Petey and Hughes are greatly outperforming their draft positions, I find it hard to believe that Jim Benning has done anything worse than an above average job in drafting.
  11. Not worried about it. Healthy scratch him for every single game from now until his contract expires. Maybe he retires with one year left, but even if he doesn’t the Canucks can survive with that cap hit
  12. Any time I think about Myers’s play, I just compare him to gudbranson. Bigger, faster, softer hands, better vision, greater offensive instincts, better shot, better positioning. Yeah he $2 million more, but wow is it ever a huge upgrade. Last year Stetcher was probably our 3rd best defensemen behind Tanev and Edler. So far, Stetcher Has been the 6th best D-man despite playing just as well as last year. Myers is a huge upgrade over Gudbranson, Ben is an upgrade over Hutton/pouliot/Del Zotto, and Quinn Hughes is a game breaker (we have TWO of those now with him and Petey). The defence is undeniably improved even with just the 3 game sample size. The top 6 is improved as well. Leivo probably ended the season as our 5th best forward last year, now he’s probably 7th. Miller and Pearson are perfect complimentary pieces in our top 6. I’d say we’re only missing one more winger, hopefully ferland takes that role over. Bottom 6 is better too despite the complaining we’re hearing. Sutter healthy, Gaudette playing very well, and one of Leivo/ferland makes the 3rd line way better than the spooners/ mottes/ goldobins/ leipsics/ erikssons we had rotating through that line last year. 4th line is basically the same. Once Roussel gets healthy I think it will be better. Depth this year is much better. Motte, Baertschi, joulevi, fantenberg are all up grades over anything we’ve had in the past.