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  1. Get wrecked leafs. It’s weird how Boston’s top players can out play toronto’s, even though Toronto has all high picks in their top 6
  2. Hughes and Pettersson both need to be re-signed in 2 seasons. Eriksson, Roussel, Beagel, and most likely Edler if he re-signs will all still have one year left on their contracts at that time. That’s probably around 18 million on contracts for guys who will be secondary players on the team at that point. I think it’s definitely in their best interest to get rid of LE if they can. That also gives them some flexibility to sign other contracts for higher end players if needed
  3. Late to the party here but here goes. The thing the oilers need need more than anything else is cap space. Not only are they awful, but their pressed against the cap as well. Their worst contract is lucic. Second worst is sekera. I’d say to Van 8th OA and Sekera to Edmonton joulevi joulevi played with bouchard in London and even though he’d not worth 8th overall on his own, the Canucks are doing a huge favour taking Sekera back from them
  4. Louis Eriksson is obviously the worst contract on the team. right now, it doesn't really hurt the Canucks since they have no other major contracts on the horizon. however, in 2 years Pettersson and Hughes will both need to be re-signed and LE will still have one year left on the books. I think the best option for the Canucks is to try and trade LE for a different bad contract that only has two years left. Canucks would have to add a sweetner (draft pick or prostpect) and retain on LE to make the cap hits a wash (eg if trading for a 5.5 million dollar contract, retain 500 k on LE), but I think I've identified a couple players that could be good swaps: Brenden Smith, D, NYR, 4.35 m x 2 yr remaining Marc Staal, D, NYR, 5.7 m x 2 yr remaining Dion Phaneuf, D, LAK, 5.25 m x 2 yr remaining Gologoski, D, ARZ, 5.475 m x 2 yr remaining Ian Cole, D, COL, 4.25 m x 2 yr remaining Jake Allen, G, STL, 4.35 m x 2 yr remaining (this one seems a bit far fetched, JA is still a good goalie after all) Andre Sekera, D, EDM, 5.5 m x 2 yr remaining Gaborik, F, OTT, 4.875 m x 2 yr remaining Corey Perry, F, ANA, 8.625 m x 2 yr remaining (yuck, I know. but canucks would not retain or add sweetner in this trade I think) James Neal, F, CGY, 5.75 m x 4 yr remaining (This one is a gamble because it adds another year of bad contract, but Neal may rebound w/ Canucks) I don't which option is best but I'm leaning towards Phaneuf or Gologoski as I think both could be serviceable for the Canucks and wouldn't require much retention nor much added sweetener on the Canucks side. Is it worth exploring these options for the Canucks to try and get rid of the LE contract?
  5. Washington already has Wilson and oshie on rw making over 5 million. Backstrom at 6.7, kuznetsov at 7.8, ovi at 9.5. They have to re-up vrana this year who has more upside and is younger than connolly. They have 3 defensemen making 5 million or more (Carlson makes 8 million). The only way the can make room is by getting rid of a different member of their core. They don’t rely on Connolly or use him to his full potential because they have better (though more expensive) assets instead. Just because a player goes UFA doesn’t mean the team doesn’t want him. Connolly is just too good for the role the caps need him to play and they can’t afdord him
  6. Yeah this is fine but It just means Canucks probably aren’t making the playoffs next year. I’m fine with being patient for another, I guess it just depends on what management and ownership think. But realistically have a 25-30 point rw in your second line is not a recipe for success. Better off trying to swap him for a bad D contract maybe. Swapping LE for phanuef would be very beneficial for Vancouver, imo. DP can play bottom pairing minutes and his contract expires same year as Petterssons canucks might have to add, though
  7. Remember when all the media pundits were saying it’s one of the weakest drafts in over a decade leading up to it? it looks pretty good right now
  8. Makar is incredible. I genuinely believe Benning had makar as the only player higher on his 2017 draft list than pettersson
  9. Bruins look bad this period. I missed game 1 so I don’t know how they were for that but this is bad hockey rn
  10. Anyone else find it weird that the leafs use marner in the pp? One shot block and he’s out with an injury. Weird to put your top scorer in that position
  11. 4th line is the only matchup leafs win in this series. Paid off for them tonight
  12. It’s a good problem to have for sure. Jets set themselves up really nice to the point where they basically have to many good things