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  1. If they are deciding to run a top pair of Reilly - Muzzin then they should be fine. However, if they are planning to have Muzzin play on the 2nd pair then they are still missing a top 2 right side Defenseman. on top of that, reilly expires at the end of next season. They will be right back in this same situation next TDL
  2. That’s uh, quite steep. Just turned 31, average offensively, skating already slowing down. I get he a good defenseman but that’s a lot of money per year for a LHD when you have no RH options
  3. Revisiting this... it’s was only about 13 months ago that people were on the fence if Jacob markstrom is even a #1 goalie. Maybe the 6 million dollar price tag i see people floating around for his new contract is a bit too high for a guy who has been really good for only a season and a half.
  4. Not sure if this was posted back in the previous 200 pages on this thread, but though this would be good for a laugh... a popular Instagram page with 250,000 followers named NHL.discussion ranked GMJB 29th in the league in their pre-season rankings based mostly on the idea that the miller trade was the worst one he’s ever made. THE WORST ONE HES EVER MADE! just hilarious to think about how wrong people were about this trade when it happened
  5. Gaudreau 1st Star monahan 2nd Star but the flames lose? Not sure how that makes any sense. and I thought Garret was a homer
  6. As far as I’m aware, Rafferty was never pegged as an offensive d-man. He’s viewed more as a all-round 2-way sort of guy. Unfortunately, due to AHLtv’s stupid prices and the lack of meaningful statistics, we can only really go off things like his points per game for comparison to other players. Eye test and fancy stats aren’t really available I wonder how he is doing as a two-way guy. I did notice in the highlight package from the game last night that he blew the zone to try and create an odd man rush which resulted in a 2 on 0 the other way for one of the Tigers goals
  7. I like that a lot. I was thinking bracco and a pick (3rd round maybe?) but if Toronto is willing to part with Kapanen Canucks should be all over that. Maybe send motte back as well to even out the cap
  8. 2nd in AHL defense scoring behind only pouliot
  9. Rafferty hype is real. Genuinely believe this guy will be our 3rd pairing rhd D next year. One of Stetcher or Tanev not returning
  10. Only way this team runs into cap problems is if they want to make a serious add in free agency in the next two years (ie Barrie at 8 million or something). Even if that happens, there are still ways of staying under. Don’t worry about the cap, it’s fine
  11. Couple goals demko should have had (especially the last one), but also made a few ridiculous saves. Both teams giving up a lot of chances in the slot. pretty even game, Canucks probably had the edge 5 on 5, but really could have gone either way.
  12. It’s actually really weird how similar gaud’s and madden’s points-per-game numbers are at similar ages. draft year: Gaud 0.6 ppg USHL Madden 0.68 ppg USHL D+1: Gaud .73 ppg NCAA Madden 0.77 ppg NCAA D+2: Gaud 1.4 ppg NCAA Madden 1.4 ppg NCAA (so far)