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  1. I don't think Benning really wanted to walk away from Hutton, but I think losing Hutton is better than paying him 4 million dollars because of arbitration,, I think Hutton has a team in mind he wants to sign with but might be waiting for RFA's to sign before the team is ready to put pen to paper If POOliot can get a deal, Hutton surely will
  2. Sounds like 2010/2011 Edler,, definitely didn't think this was true as I haven't seen any OJ, only highlights and what other CDC posters have put up
  3. I'd give no more than a second rounder, there's no guarantee he'll even sign with us honestly
  4. Why are you talking about Spooner? Also hate to be that guy but there's a way higher chance Spooner scores 20ish goals than Ganger sooooo
  5. Hutton would be traded if that's how much he'd make
  6. Let him not report to Utica then you can terminate his contact for failure to report to the team
  7. Odd we didn't draft a single defenceman,, gotta be something else right?
  8. Honestly what's the big deal here? Everybody was already in agreement that we would make the playoff 2020-2021 and maybe make it this year so if we don't make it this year it's the year afters pick and we should be contending by then anyways,, this would be terrible if it wasn't for the condition but with it I think it's a good hockey trade
  9. Miller is a top 6 winger, the other guys you mentioned are all much worse in comparison, Pearson is similar if it's the Pearson the Canucks had at the end of the season
  10. Kaliev would be great but doubt he's there, heard lots of people talking about Dorofayev and Höglander as well though