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  1. The Travel Thread

    Ended up booking 1 day in Charlottetown, 2 in Moncton and 3 in Halifax. Best part, if I can’t find my much to do..theirs gyms within walking vicinity of all my hotels.
  2. The Workout Thread

    Two days till summer
  3. The Travel Thread

    You’re going to want more than a day in nyc. You’ll never run out of things to do there.
  4. 2018 FIFA World Cup

  5. Think Habs got the slight edge in this one. Just solely for grit factor; I guess we’ll see if Galchenyuk can handle the rugged west.
  6. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    Errol Spence Jr fighting tom night on TSN. Spence and Crawford looking like they’re bound for collision.
  7. Thank, I’ll check it out. Just noticed theScore on the tsx..could be interesting
  8. Jetlines is a $&!# show right now, so I don’t want to pump anymore cash in that company for the time being. Any other companies you guys got your eyes on that may may be worth a look?
  9. NBA Discussion

    Be sure to eat your Flinstone vitamins in retirement
  10. 2018 FIFA World Cup

  11. CFL Thread

    Take an umbrella incase you don’t want to see her when the make up comes off I barely watch CFL but I am curious to see how Manziel performs. TSN has been lighting my phone up with notifications after every little thing he does.
  12. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    Theirs videos on the interwebz..
  13. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    The Crawford fight was a masterpiece, amazing skill. Crawford vs Spence will be a big fight, Crawford being the more skilled and Spence being the harder hitter. It seemed like AJ was ducking Wilder the way contract negotiations were going. Looks like theirs a rematch guaranteed in America that’s being negotiated in the deal as well. I think Wilder can win it, but we’ve never seen Wilder go down. AJ got dropped and got right back up and won vs Klitschko. It could literally boil down to who lands first, and AJ has been shedding some muscle to move quicker.