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  1. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    Definitely! Few good tilts coming up INV September: Garcia v Porter - Sept 8 GGG v Canelo - Sept 15
  2. *** Big Brother 20 Thread ***

    Lol, you can add Fessy to that list as well.
  3. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    Most disagree but I got Fury>>>Wilder>>>Joshua. The promotion for Fury and Wilder has already kicked off in Belfast with a a lot of crazy videos comin up on YouTube. BJS apparently chucked half a chicken at Wilder in Nandos and ran off.
  4. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    Deontay Wilder will be ringside for Tyson Fury’s second comeback fight and pretty much signifies that we will witness a massive tilt by end of 2018. Fury looks better than ever and may very well shake up the whole heavyweight division.
  5. The Workout Thread

    Anyways..good to see people of all ages, genders and sexual orientation doing different types of diets/workouts and staying motivated when it’s so easy to stray away during the summer months.
  6. House Music/EDM Appreciation Thread

    Strong Avicii vibes on this new unreleased Mike Williams track: Another newly released track by Mike Williams: and some sick Martin Garrix tracks:
  7. I don’t think he’ll be as good as his brother; but he’s a sure fire NHLer given Sens don’t mess it up.
  8. Security is pretty relaxed around planes if you have a red pass or mechanic badge at Canadian airports.
  9. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    Huge huge risk and reward for Wilder or Fury. If we see the Fury who made Klitschko look like an amateur the heavyweight division is in for a rude awakening. In my opinion whoever wins this fight will be officially the A-side and this is a huge mess up on Joshua’s side. No chance he gets his 80 million up front now. Charlo vs GGG would have been huge, I was really hoping for this when Carnell failed his drug test. But now one of the Charlos just got charged with something, I’m not sure if it was Jermell or Jermall. But that may put back a potential bout for a little while.
  10. *** Big Brother 20 Thread ***

    I like this season.
  11. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    Love what Garcia, Crawford and Charos are doing. They ain’t backing down from anyone and trying to fight all the toughest challengers out there. Joshua ducked Wilder but word has it we’re going to see an even better and a true heavyweight tilt in December 2018. Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder
  12. The Workout Thread

    Asset your dominance early and let him know you’re the man in the relationship.
  13. ***The UFC/MMA THREAD***

    Jose looked like the body snatcher there; he really put in some work with Robert Garcia to improve his boxing.
  14. “Not everyday you can live a childhood dream”
  15. MS13 guys have been in Calgary for a long time, wouldn’t surprise me to see them all across Canada.