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  1. The forums always wonky on mobile for some reason
  2. I don’t follow politics much or oil and gas, but with all these big companies in Alberta being predominantly American owned..why not build our own Canadian refineries and refine it ourselves?
  3. Would be nice if we had lime scooters and uber.
  4. Hahaha, pretty much this but I actually like the guy.
  5. Dana White says fights on; Nate ain’t no cheat!
  6. Heard Husky is laying off upwards 500-750 ppl today in Calgary and of course the people will blame the election results.
  7. Ahh, I always see that recipe advertised on the tv at GoodLife. Actually looks delicious but I’ve never tried it. Sometimes you gotta just piss on that seat and mark your territory. I hope you made the little man look up when you told him the squat rack was now yours. Dumbell press is pretty easy I find..at least for myself to control the weight on the way down on last rep and not chuck them. I guess it’s understandable if it’s a much heavier weight but at times; just seems like some mfers like bangin around weight for attention.
  8. Sounds like a recipe from GoodLife fitness.
  9. Thomas Delaur should post a video about what steroids and amount of HGH he cycles.
  10. Seems doable, you’d still be pushing less than your body weight. More mind over matter at that point imo.
  11. Prob to protect the players from the mean streets of Stockton