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  1. Otc markets have been kind to me early, up just over 200% Just need another DLOC so I can retire.
  2. This old lady had no business being in the ring, someone needs to be fired.
  3. Hope Teofimo drops the vastly overrated Lomochenko. Oscar throws Ryan Garcia to the wolves after Garcia disrespects him in the media. Luke Campbell will be a nice test for the kid. Fat man Gervontais Davis and Leo Santa Cruz match will be interesting. I like both guys, but Tank not as much as I used too, so I hope Santa Cruz humbles em.
  4. The fire within Tyson has lit up again, you could hear it in a lot of his interviews. This would have been a great match back in the day, but I don’t think Jones reflexes are there and he’s been knocked out hard by nobodies at the tail end of his career. This could be very dangerous for Jones, I don’t like this and hope they come out unscathed.
  5. What are your guys best dividend yielding stocks/reits that you would recommend for a long term hold, that I can leave alone and not worry about? RioCan is the first that comes to mind for me, and Canadian banks. I also have a tendency to go almost all in on companies but if I’m not paying attention I don’t think this will work, so im open to recommendations on diversifying strategies as well!
  6. I’ve seen a few guys in prison who spend their time doing these things.
  7. She’s broken, don’t waste your time trying to fix her when you can just buy another one.
  8. Works been kickin my ass lately, glad y’all cashing out! lol, I flipped $BOXL for a $0.10 gain few weeks ago and intended to buy back in at some point. Today I finally had some time to look at the markets and it’s pushing like $4.
  9. Sweet! I’ll finally have a place I can call home temporarily.
  10. Ahh man, I sold Ayro last week for a measly little profit and figured I could get back in. Would have been a nice double up today!
  11. Lol, this is my fourth time in $IDEX --today I got in at $1.75
  12. Lol, already triggered at $1.50 --only lost $100.
  13. Got 12 dbl Big Macs w/extra sauce on pre order, expect an afternoon spike in share price to take profits!