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  1. Many pundits picking Deontay Wilder by KO for the rematch tonight. But I gotta stick with the Gypsy King tonight; I like both fighters but Tyson Fury a tad more. Both fighters carrying a lot more weight than their previous fight as well. First Fight: Wilder: 215.5lbs Fury: 256.5lbs Second Fight: Wilder: 231lbs Fury: 273lbs
  2. Lol, only hoes with tramp stamps believe in karma.
  3. Wow, Tkachuk trolled Edmonton management into extending Kass four years
  4. Wonder what Stephen A Smith, thought about this fight.
  5. Make Canada Fun again! Legalize everything from cocaine, prostitution and human trafficking.
  6. It would be the equivalent of leaving the Bloods for the Crips gang. They’d be on the taxi mafia hit list and we all know how easy it is to get away with murder in the lower mainland. Realistically, they probably don’t want to switch jobs, get reduced wages, decreased value to taxi plates and be subject to a rating system. Bottom line is the industry has been comfortable for so long; have been aware that Uber will potentially move in on their territory and made no changes to their offerings to compete.
  7. Tank just gonna end up like Broner.
  8. Came here to post this. The guy has had absolutely zero involvement in any of these epic battles between these two teams. Literally should be a healthy scratch next time they meet again. Think this deal officially favours the Oilers.
  9. Kass got his fight; wouldn’t be a shocker to see Tkachuk level him again. Must say these battle of Alberta games have been a treat.
  10. Zack need to fire his agent for not landing him the typical 6x6 contract Edmonton offers.