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  1. Guys power just doesn’t fade at all.
  2. Lol, crazy how blatantly the Conservatives accused NDP. Acting like OPEC world oil prices had no impact on the reason why things are so bad and lack of diversity which they still don’t seem to acknowledge being another key point they ignore. This CBC budget tracker is interesting, you can see how all the Conservative budget cuts are impacting diversity in the economy. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/ucp-cuts-budget-funding-united-conservative-party-jason-kenney-1.5371156 I know a few people who left Vancouver to Alberta in order to start up tech companies due to the tax grants being offered. Be interesting to see if they comeback.
  3. Most coppaz are alcoholic nerds; always the strangest and creepiest personalities (most of the time, not always).
  4. What a dick, he just robbed a homeless guy from eating.
  5. Aliu would have been the next Jarome Iginla, had Peters not derailed his career.
  6. Basketball >>> Hockey so far this year
  7. Lol, seems kinda like a half ass apology. His words were not targeted towards anyone in particular? Lol Also, who tf leaked the letter to the GM? Edit: Nvm open letter.
  8. Rod Brind’amour with the nail in the coffin. Be interesting how it plays out, otherwise Billy P may sue for defamation and lost income.
  9. Imagine the awkward meeting they’re probably having with Oliver Kylington as a part of the investigation.
  10. Top Boy series was revived thanks to Drake. They’ve renamed the first two seasons Top Boy: Summerhouse and new season which is about 6-7 years later just Top Boy. If you’re into gritty uk shows you might like this. Season 3 was good but not as good as seasons 1 & 2.