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  1. Some countries are even suggesting home made masks. Think they’re just saying that cause we need to save what’s left of that masks for the health care workers.
  2. A lot of start up tech companies that had moved to Alberta due to tech grants are already leaving, as those grants were cut by Conservatives. Finger Food Technologies I think it a called recently move their from Coquitlam, not sure what agreement they had with the city of Calgary. Alberta may have burnt a bridge to diversify by supporting tech and innovation.
  3. Lol, I really pinched penny's today on MMED stock. Bought at 0.72, sold at 0.73 (7500 shares) Bought at 0.68 sold at 0.69 (8000 shares) Fees: $27.80 Gainzzzz: $127.20
  4. Just continue to average down and enjoy the Baileys!
  5. I don’t know what’s happening with the markets, but I was lucky enough to snag a quick $1000 today. I don’t think I’d make a great day trader.
  6. Seems a bit optimistic, been hearing so much mixed news on how long this will last.
  7. Khabib won’t fight him for a while cause of Ramadan. They should just strip him of the belt.
  8. You live in Alberta, go to Cambridge Heights in Conrich. My gf family owns that land, taxi drivers are living in mansions with 800k mortgages.
  9. Just grabbed a bucket of beers, dusted off the xbox, subscription to Xbox line and downloaded call of duty war zone.
  10. My cousins built a new house 5 bedrooms and a bonus room room on top floor, 1 bedroom on main floor (for my grandma) and 2 bedrooms in the basement. (8bed, 8bath, 2kitchens, 1 spice kitchen or whatever). 5 people (grandma, parents, two cousins) in the house, each bedroom as its own washroom and walk-in closet. It’s bit of an open concept, so that basement won’t on rent, unless they make changes to the current layout later. Most Indians tend to have big houses as the parents tend to stay home with them (not sent to old folks homes as often).
  11. You know Knicks fans are celebrating!
  12. Dudes prepping to hump the poll, once everyone leaves
  13. On my sixth beer watching Alex Auld
  14. If they public will pay, why have his daughter fork it up
  15. HI5

    NBA Discussion

    This was sent to me by a friend, good documentary on Dennis Rodman for those who miss NBA right now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rg9JxurLzav-MGGnXZev4DOw3jmKEclH/view
  16. That’s what happens when you get bought by Americans and no longer “always fresh”.
  17. Yep, I don’t think he was very old either.
  18. IMG_1028.MP4 IMG_1055.MP4
  19. Lol, I’m in the same vote as you guys with AC. Like someone above mentioned we know it will go higher at some point, so I don’t think it would hurt if you bought now and average down if it does go lower. But I am still surprised it continues to climb, sure theirs positive stories about cargo jets, emergency flights and I guess the layoffs save them some cash. I think this is just one stock a lot of people are watching, but at some point people will run out of money and will be selling cause they have too.
  20. My niece and nephew have 1 on 1 zoom calls with their Kumon instructors every other night. Teachers should be able to email the parents and if need be spin up a zoom call to help. The fall out will be interesting to see how many jobs can actually be done remotely.
  21. Parents would definitely protect the youth.
  22. Had a solid workday, clean eating, and workout yesterday..destroyed it by getting wasted last night.