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  1. Ahh man, I sold Ayro last week for a measly little profit and figured I could get back in. Would have been a nice double up today!
  2. Lol, this is my fourth time in $IDEX --today I got in at $1.75
  3. Lol, already triggered at $1.50 --only lost $100.
  4. Got 12 dbl Big Macs w/extra sauce on pre order, expect an afternoon spike in share price to take profits!
  5. Jim Cramer trolling all the twitter pumpers and IDEX taking a beating in after hours too.
  6. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin is on Netflix --classic kung fu movie
  7. I was up a cool $9.10USD today, treated myself do a dbl bigmac
  8. I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that, but I might if I feel like I am missing out on too many opportunities.
  9. How do you guys trade on US OTC markets? Looks like CIBC i'd have to call in and pay higher commision.
  10. Damn, whoever bought SINT is getting paid.
  11. @Sp3nny Not sure if you bought IDEX, but I’ve come across people saying all sorts of crazy stuff about it. SP, ranging from $3-$20 this coming week and long term $100. Even possibility of fraud as they’ve got accounts in the Cayman Islands. If it spikes up next week, you might want to sell enough shares to get your original investment back and risk the rest unless you really believe in this company.
  12. Yep, I think i'm more of a basic coffee person, It was like a hazlenut chocolate blend from Honolulu Coffee.
  13. I tried it in Bali, personally I didn't like the taste especially considering the price. A friend of mine brought me some Kona Coffee from Hawaii which I liked, but I think it was from a mainstream coffee shop there.
  14. Lol, why not! I'm stuck in a zoom meeting trying to multi-task and will probably stay on the sidelines. Definitely a lot more excitement/gambling on the Nasdaq Also, noticing these IPO's blowing up for a quick cash grab first thing.
  15. Theirs a guy on Twitter who’s just been pumping both those stocks and has a pretty decent following. Wonder if all those followers have an adequate exit strategy in case things start to fall apart.
  16. I was in for $2.17 at open and out for $2.50 on the run up. I didn’t re-enter but was watching the ticker and noticed it dipped to around $1.80 at one point around lunchtime. Pure guess here, but if you can get in below $2, it would be solid. Seems like people are really bullish on it long term, it’s spammed everywhere. Edit: I’m going to add the DD disclaimer here. I never did any deep diving into IDEX, I just saw an opportunity to take advantage of an early run up yesterday. Today is quadruple witching, I’m not sure how that’ll impact IDEX or rest of the market, so I’ll be more of an observer and holding cash over the weekend. Im also a degenerate gambler. ————— On a side note, anyone have any good resources for studying understanding charts on a deeper level, ema/sma, trend lines etc?
  17. Lol, that comment reminded me of Oscar Dela Hoya in fish nets
  18. Lol, well today was $2000 USD. I wouldn’t call myself a day trader, but I try to pick my spots on the TSX where I find patterns. More of a weekly/bi weekly trader, and there id move 10-20k. But those were in companies I’m fine with holding if I were to get caught. Diversification hasn’t really been on my radar just yet.
  19. Definitely true, though if you have no game their will definitely be some chicks that will flock to you just for your abs. I’ve never tried it, just hear ppl say they’re gassy all day long.
  20. Lol, man I been going all in and pulling out of stocks till I got trapped in MMED. Worked well for a while, but now I’m holding the bag for a bit. Cool, cool, cool, thanks for the feedback.
  21. Say you had $5000 to invest in a company you were day trading, do you guys split the amount in chunks to average down in case? I read some people suggesting they keep buying more but their positions are so small it just seems like they'd get killed with fees.
  22. NASDAQ, so far has been an interesting experience; I cashed in IDEX with all the social media hype, first thing in the morning within 15mins did a quick flip to add another couple hundred for my fun stash before work. I have downloaded StockTwits now and damn, that GNUS board depressing af but jokes.