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  1. THE SPECIAL ONE POSING WITH P.K SUBBAN This kid is killing the men's league in the moment. - will go top 10 - few nhl scouts have already been scouting him in the preseason - 2 goals in the second DEL game a new star is born.
  2. J.D. Burke: recommed that you listen to this report beginning at the sequence from 11:40. It's worth it.
  3. ? = lots of options: Olli Juolevi, Guillaume Brisebois, Sautner, Biega
  4. Jordie Benn comes way cheaper (2 M $ x 2 years) than Patrik Nemeth (north of 2.5 M $ x 2 Years.).
  5. Some quotes from Jim ahead of the upcoming free agency frenzy: “Our goal was to address our defence and hopefully we can get that accomplished (Monday), but what hurt us was taking that Luongo recapture,” Benning said Sunday. “We were hoping to add another forward to our group, but taking on that money is going to restrict us. “We were planning all along for the cap (ceiling) to be at $83 million and when it came at $81.5, and then losing the recapture (and Spooner), we lost over $4 million in five days. And that’s another pretty good player.” Sounds like Canucks don't have the Cap Space to add a top 6 forward like Nyquist in free agency to the roster.
  6. @SabreFan1 I guess you as a Sabre Fan having some more info on the following info: GM Botterill won’t comment on Ristolainen and if there was a trade request Lance Lysowski: Sabres GM Jason Botterill wouldn’t say if defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen had requested a trade. Will keep any conversations with his players private.
  7. Benning said, we want to add a top - 4 D-Man in the video below. Let's assume they sign Myers in free agency. Myers played on the 3rd pairing for the last 3 years with the Jets. Oh, wait, in the canucks world he is a top 4 guy.
  8. - The truth is: Yes, he is a third pairing guy. He actually played 3rd pair for the last 3 years - see the tweet below. - The truth is: he was not only slotted in behind Byfuglien & Trouba, but also behind: Morissey + Chiarot + Beauliau I suggest you go on twitter and read the twitter post below in full. Once you have done this you have a much better idea of Myers stats and deployment over the last 3 y.
  9. Sounds like you are an insider and you already know something other users don't. Even if it''s 5 years at 5,75$ I don't like this move for the Canucks. Several reports saying that Myers is a thrid pairing guy, struggled in the Top 4 with the Jets last season. Report on straight.com provides a pretty good summary of what to expect from Myers and what better not to expect. https://www.straight.com/news/1258871/vancouver-canucks-chasing-defenceman-tyler-myers-free-agency-report But the underlying numbers for Myers aren’t so pretty. He started 56.8 percent of his shifts in the offensive zone, a higher mark than any other regular Jets defenceman. And he still posted a negative Relative Corsi. He also got demoted to Winnipeg’s third pairing at times last season. In short, by looking at his numbers and slotting him in as a fourth defenceman (but remember, he couldn't hold that spot down in Winnipeg), you’d think the price would be somewhere in the $4.5 million range per season. That would be OK.
  10. Quote below from Friedman (much better credibility & more substance compared to Gaffar - hope it does get some credit and no discredit like the Gaffar quote ) On what the Leafs might do to address their defense: I think the Marner situation is holding up a lot of their other ideas. I would suspect they have a few balls in the air with trade. Before Ben Hutton was not qualified in Vancouver, I know the Leafs were in on that and had interest on him. They talked to Vancouver and couldn’t work anything out. He will be a free agent on Monday and I think the Maple Leafs will be in there but there will be a lot of interest. There are probably some other trade targets around the league — that’s how it most likely is going to come, by trade. I think they have to see how much cap room they’ve got once they figure out Marner.
  11. an eye - opener for all Myers proponents: Tyler Myers will get way too much money This one already seems like a given at this point in time. Some of the projected contracts that have been floated around Myers' name have been totally absurd, with the rumored ask being around $7 million a year or more. If Myers sniffs even close to that number on an AAV it will be a massive overpay, especially if he gets significant term on the deal. The Winnipeg Jets want to keep him (it's part of the reason they traded Jacob Trouba to the New York Rangers for pennies on the dollar) but they may not be able to afford him at this rate, and that could be a blessing. Myers is a decent defenseman and he might be able to provide immediate help to a team that wants some defensive depth, but he's not particularly great in any area of his game. He's okay offensively but is a notable liability in his own end and doesn't fare well against top competition. At the end of the day, he's a second-or-third-pairing defenseman who is most likely going to get paid like a first-pairing guy for some wild reason. (Spoiler: it's largely because he's 6-foot-8.) His contract will be an albatross for whichever team is dumb or desperate enough to hand it out.
  12. A Canucks return for Ben Hutton seems doubtful … The Kings have inquired Sportsnet 650: Irfaan Gaffar on Canucks UFA defenseman Hutton: “I don’t see Ben Hutton returning to the Vancouver Canucks, not for what he’s asking and what the Canucks are offering. I’ve been told multiple teams have been in contact with Hutton’s camp.” Dennis Bernstein: Have heard that the Los Angeles Kings have inquired on Vancouver Canucks defenseman Ben Hutton.
  13. Some hold the view that Hughes should be slotted in at the 2nd D-pairing. Personally I would like to see Hughes - mainly for development reasons in his 1st rull rookie season- on the 3rd pairing. 1st pairing: Edler + Stech 2nd pairing: Myers + Dillon 3rd pairing : Hughes + Tanev. Jim made it clear that he aims to improve the D-Corps. The emphasis should clearly be on improve. Dillon would indeed be an upgrad on Hutton, a far more impactful D than Hutton ever was.
  14. If Canucks offer Myers 4/5 years at $ 5-6 mill. he would laugh at it (most likely). On what Myers contract could look like Sportsnet on 650: Renaud Lavoie on pending UFA Tyler Myers: “I do believe Myers will be a 7 year contract. it could be $8 million per season. $6 million might be a bit low. GM’s are looking at the cap being lower and demand for young players – could be less money spent in FA but there’s a lot of demand for defensemen.”