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  1. Easy remove Sutter 3rd line and put petterson there We will not draft a tavares potential player for many years
  2. i would sign this guy and give him a chance he is only 23 and prob wouldn't be very expensive yakupov+goldobin+grigorenko line!
  3. they should sign yakupov and grigorenko, i don't think they will be very expensive and could have some offensive potential they are both young too at 23 yak+goldobin+grigorenko line!
  4. [Discussion] Jaromir Jagr Rumors 2017 FA

    for some reason i think jagr would play well with the sedins they could be the old school line that way we can stop trying to force the younger guys to play sedins game and let them develop their own style
  5. ofcourse he would waive instead of playing 3rd pairing d in winnipeg he will play 2nd pair or higher on vegas and a chance to start some of those vegas franchise records