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  1. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    With all the injuries its time to give Jake a real shot to step up, hes not gonna put up any numbers with Gaunce and Chaput. Yes they have been an energetic line but Gaunce and Chaput have a total of 7 career NHL goals. They can find someone else with speed to replace jake on that line. He needs to be playing up in the top six, and let him start putting up some numbers and get his confidence up. I'd love to see him try up on the left wing with Boeser and maybe Gagner in the middle. He has a good shot as well, why not put him in that Boeser spot on the second unit and set him up for a couple one timers, or maybe use his speed on the penalty kill. I know they are trying to play the long game with him and make him earn it. But right now with the injuries, just cut him loose and see what happens. I just get the feeling he is so close to busting the doors down but hes on a line with a couple offensive anchors.
  2. Olli Juolevi | D

    Lets see what Olli does with NHL talent around him, sometimes its easy to play down to your opponent and your teammates if they are at a lower level. I can see him rising up to the higher level. Also Montreal defence <<<<< Vancouvers. So realistically Olli probably would have made that team too, they have Shea Weber and nobody else.
  3. 2017-2018 line up (with what we have)

    Baertschi Horvat Boeser Daniel Henrik Granlund Eriksson Gagner Vanek Burmistrov Sutter Rodin Dorssett Edler Tanev Hutton Stecher (really want to see these guys play together, could go either way though) Del Zotto Gudbranson Weircoch Biega I want Virtanen to stick but i think he goes down and plays top line with PP and comes up first injury when there is a need in the top 9. The way the lines are set up the ice time will probably be broken down quite evenly, the 4th line is more of the shutdown line and doesnt really suit Jake with the other 3 being scoring lines. Rather him come up in the right situation and put up some points. This team might not win too many games but they should be alot more fun to watch at least. I'm actually really looking forward to this season, i think Rodin could be a real darkhorse and surprise alot of people.
  4. [proposal] Van-Dal-Col

    Thats kinda the point of the proposal, i think we are better off with losing a late second round to slightly overpay but getting a second top 5 pick. likelihood of that 55nd overall turning into a superstar is unlikely. If its the difference in getting a deal done or not I would just throw it in. I dont think taking Niemis contract holds as much value as some people have suggested but i also may have de-valued it abit. So what about: To Van: 3rd Overall Niemi Dal 2nd Round (39 overall) To Dal: Tanev Van 2nd round (33 overall) CLB 2nd round (55 overall) I think the 3rd overall pick would be really good to have, like we saw last year with Pulijarvi. Players drop and if Patrick actually drops out of the top 2 we can grab him. But like i proposed earlier if he doesnt we can either take Heiskinen and be set on D for years or see of Colorado wants him more than us as they desperately need Defence and are willing to move up.
  5. I wonder if we can take advantage of Colorado being desperate for D. TO VAN: 3rd Overall Niemi TO DAL: Tanev 33rd Overall 55th Overall This is the rumoured price for the 3rd pick, as i would rather not give up both second rounders i think we can get one back quite easily. WE leverage the 3rd overall pick to colorado who im sure wants Heiskanen. Heiskanen would be redundant with Juolevi coming up, as i see them being very similar. Never a bad thing to have two D men like that but a dynamic player like Makar might compliment Juolevi better. We also have the freedom to keep this pick if one of patrick or hischier fall to 3. I think there is a real chance Patrick falls to 3 and then the colorado trade goes out the window but we are still looking good. To VAN: 4th Overall 32nd Overall To Col: 3rd Overall So after that we end up with 4th & 5th Overall, a back up goaltender to help markstrom until Demko is ready, and actually move up one spot in the second round but lets call it a wash. And all we end up paying is Tanev & the 55th overall (which is free money, because honestly its a joke we get anything from losing Torts). So we get our pick of all the remaining centres (Vilardi, Middlestadt, & Glass) at 4 and then can take a D at 5 (Makar) or trade down a few spots if Makar will still be there and possibly pick up another late first or second rounder as well. Let me know what you guys think, this is my first proposal.