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  1. Yeah it would likely be an add on our side but not a ton as it would be for others. If I’m not mistaken he’s mostly playing third pairing now. Not a perfect choice but an adequate replacement for Tanev. Personally my main target would be Ristolainen still as he’d give us a young puck moving/gritty D, which gives us another offensive option. Would cost a lot but with the rumours out of Buffalo last year he may not require a premium like Ekblad.
  2. What about an Eriksson swap with Colorado for Erik Johnson who I think is in the cap dump realm too if I’m not mistaken. We take on one more year of bad contract but get somebody who could play the shutdown role to replace Tanev. May still need to add but maybe not much. Then maybe sign Tyson Barrie with Tanev’s money: Hughes Myers Edler Barrie Joulevi Johnson Not perfect but likely an upgrade from last year.
  3. Dallas Team Awards: 2022-23 MVP - Nico Hischier 2022-23 Leading Scorer - Phil Kessel 2022-23 Most Goals - Phil Kessel 2022-23 Best Defenseman - John Klingberg 2022-23 Best Goaltender - Alexandr Pugin 2022-23 Top Rookie - Mark Regula (*Not a rookie but first full season - No other rookies) 2022-23 Unsung Hero - Nik Ehlers
  4. Dallas releases the following to FA: Alexander Radulov Madison Bowey Joe Pavelski
  5. Alright, here we go! Final stretch and we have loaded up the team with experienced vets. Zibanejad, Kessel, Skinner, Burns have all joined the team before the trade deadline to help battle against the Central Division juggernauts. Team is on a bit of skid while chemistry is built (Obviously Kessel and Burns will be best buds at the end of this) but they are going to all push for the playoffs. Some of these guys are in the twilight while others are still learning the ropes. Good mix of energy and leadership, so we'll see how it goes. This team is way better than the real Dallas Stars who are in the cup final IRL so we have to think there's a chance: Ehlers - Hischier - Kessel Skinner - Zibanejad - Radulov Kane - Horton - Pavelski Hintz - Faksa – Virtanen Byram – Klingberg Lindell - Burns Zadorov - Regula Pugin DiPietro
  6. It's more that just being able to sign free agents. We have now moved to becoming an attractive team to sign with. To even consider this cap is king. We need to move out some of the previous regime and to do that, we have to add likely. Eriksson requires an add for a team to take him on, Sutter is close to neutral value so we may get something small in return but based on how free agency goes I think there are a lot of other options for teams. Freeing up room to sign someone like Hall, retain Toffoli and Tanev and potentially add a player through trade like Ristolainen, cap freedom is key. So essentially it would equate to Eriksson, Virtanen, Markstrom, Sutter, 1st, 3rd for Hall, Ristolainen, Toffoli, Tanev, Koivu and Miller (Or some other vet backup). If you summarize it that way, I think we come out ahead. I agree that Hall and Koivu could get some more in UFA as well, but I think we won't see the major money we have seen in other years.
  7. I agree with this. Not signing Tanev is more than half way there if you assume 8-9mil for AP. So how do we may up the rest? Lots of options. Go the Demko route and we save 6mil (Markstrom) minus a backup cost. Throw a 1st with Eriksson to make him go away, there is 6 million right there. There are actually a few options here. Before everyone goes and talks about throwing away another first, you need to tell me that the overall summary of that move would be a bad idea: 2021 1st + Eriksson for Alex Pietrangelo......
  8. -I think Detroit would take on Eriksson's cap with low actual dollars to get Markstrom and Virtanen -I think a team would take on Sutter as he's still valuable along with a 3rd. It's arguable that somebody would take him on for free. -Ristolainen trade may be a little light but a 1st and Gaudette (Maybe equivalent to a 2nd rounder) is in the ballpark likely. Hard to know based on his name being floated for 2 years. -Miller may be too old, but if we go the Demko route and mentor/coach type goalie would be the best option. Lots of options here. -Hall will likely be in the 7.5-8.5 range, so it's not too far off. Flat cap world will affect this a bit. Definitely the reality will always be a bit different, but it's mostly around boosting some of the needs.
  9. So I may as well throw my hat into the ring to be flamed. I think the Canucks will only do minor tweaks in reality, but here is my take on what I would like to see if Jimbo was on the phone 24x7. Trades: Trade Eriksson, Virtanen and Markstrom's rights to Detroit for future considerations Trade Sutter with a 2021 3rd to Buffalo or Ottawa for future considerations Trade 2021 1st, Gaudette and rights to Stecher for Rasmus Ristolainen Signings: Sign Ryan Miller again for 1.5M x 1 (Plays some games and provide mentorship for Demko) Sign Taylor Hall for 7.5M x 5 Additional scoring threat Sign Mikko Koivu for 1.5M x 1 Sign Tyler Toffoli for 5M x 4 Sign Chris Tanev for 4.5M x 3 Hall Pettersson Toffoli Miller Horvat Boeser Pearson Koivu Motte Roussel Beagle MacEwan Hughes Ristolainen Edler Myers Joulevi Tanev Demko Miller Obviously some other line options, but this gives additional scoring threats to the top 6, a true warrior in Koivu for the bottom 6 and more puck moving threats in Risto. Cap savings for the signings/trades comes from moving out Eriksson, Sutter, Markstrom, Virtanen. Didn't run the numbers but it's likely workable cap-wise.
  10. Thanks to @EP40. for the once again productive negotiations. Another Florida/Dallas trade in the books. Obviously a big loss for Dallas losing Barkov, but everyone needed a change. He is back home where he's more comfortable. Dallas is excited to bring in Zibanejad who can replace his minutes plus Burns who still has enough in the tank to make a big impact this year at least. Dallas will keep working to move up the standings in the red hot central division.
  11. I definitely agree that if I was Florida’s GM there is no need to move Ekblad. To me the two pillars are #1 D and # 1C. They have both and couldn’t see a scenario where they move those two. Only thing I could see is a move for economic reasons which they would never state publicly, otherwise all their top players would request a trade. It’s the only reason the GM would even listen rather than stating that they are building around Barkov and Ekblad. It’s definitely odd that they are even listening on him.
  12. Stayed across from it, but it was closed. One day I’ll go back if the world doesn’t end first....
  13. Because: 1) It’s a Canucks discussion forum 2) Florida is not moving their #1 D in a hockey trade. Only reason they do it is to save money for a potential move out of Sunrise, hence a boatload of picks. Yes could be two firsts but you get the picture. 3) Oh yeah, back to #1
  14. Basically we need to move some high value assets to Florida to secure a top pair D like Ekblad. Then we need to move smaller assets to clear cap: -Ekblad for 2021 1st, 2nd, 2022 2nd, Stecher RFA rights -Eriksson + Virtanen to Ott for futures -Sutter + 3rd for futures -Sign Toffoli, Tanev, M Koivu Miller Pettersson Toffoli Pearson Horvat Boeser MacEwen Koivu Gaudette Roussel Beagle Motte Hughes Ekblad Edler Tanev Joulevi Myers Still not sure on goalie situation....