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  1. Like to thank @Tony Romo and @Dak Prescott for the healthy and productive negotiations. We are happy to bring in Monahan to further stabilize our C position while some of of younger players learn the ropes on the W. We are also happy to bring in Hanifin, as we still believe in his commitment to being a top pairing defenceman. Young Nylander has taken a few bumps in his development but is getting used to being a full time NHL forward. We feel these three solidify our young core for the future. We thank the others who were key members for their fantastic contributions to the team.
  2. IR: Calgary Flames place Justin Schultz on IR: https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/injuries Recall: Calgary Flames recall Libor Hajek from the AHL @Nail
  3. If Tryamkin comes in and plays like he does in the KHL or even like he did in his first stint he will be protected. He’s a unique talent that you just can’t find or draft. Chara, Myers types don’t grow on trees (pun intended ). As much as he is a fan favourite Stecher is the one that likely gets exposed in expansion if Tree comes back.
  4. Oops I was going off the roster sheet and forgot what moves I had already made. Here is my edit: Waive: Cgy places Cory Conacher on waivers for the purpose of sending him to the AHL Recall: D - Sami Niku to the NHL @Nail
  5. We are pleased to welcome Jacob, Anthony, Nolan, Valeri, Jack and Julius back into the fold for the upcoming season(s). As we continue to establish our new young core we know that everyone here will play key roles in their spot in the lineup. As we teeter on the brink of a playoff spot this year we know next year begins our bigger push for the playoffs. Veterans on our team could be available for younger players with potential or picks. We’ve also never been adverse to projects of highly touted prospects who haven’t rounded into form yet or are bordering on busts.
  6. Assign: Calgary Flames assigns D Libor Hajek to the AHL (No waivers) Recall: Calgary Flames recalls D Sami Niku to the NHL club
  7. Recall: Ducks recall D - Jacob Larsson @Primal Optimist
  8. Anaheim places Ryan Murray on IR and recalls Valentin Zykov. https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/injuries @Primal Optimist
  9. Cgy activates Kotkaniemi from IR and assigns Joakim Blichfield and Libor Hajek to the AHL. No Waivers required. @Nail
  10. With the recent change in Letang’s NTC open to 15 teams he is officially on the block as the Ducks continue to get younger. Most of you have inquired but haven’t been able to offer as he was limited. PM me with new offers.
  11. This is a low risk high reward no brainer. No assets to give up which is key where we are at. Minimal cap on a big body scorer. Virtual guarantee that he finds some chemistry with Horvat or Pettersson even with his age. Tryamkin would likely be on the first flight to Van once his season ends to play with a legend.
  12. I think this would be the D pairings if the trade went down like that: Edler Subban Hughes Myers Benn Tanev Hughes gets more mins on the PP and Tanev on the PK.
  13. Activate: Anaheim Ducks activate Jared Spurgeon of IR Waive/Assign: Anaheim Ducks waive Chris Stewart with the intention of assigning him to the AHL @Primal Optimist