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  1. Third line is our potential third line in regular season if they go for a third scoring line. That would make the fourth: Sutter Beagle Virtanen That would leave Motte, Leivo and Eriksson out. Really hard to know what will happen if all are healthy.
  2. Here is the updated roster for the Anaheim Ducks. The roster is rounding into shape, however the Ducks are still looking at some moves before the season gets started. Every player has their price, so open duck season. Primary focus is on a few more younger forwards. Message @Kobayashi Maru for any trade discussions. Forwards Jamie Benn – Anders Lee – Patrick Kane Mikael Granlund – Colin White – Jakob Silfverberg Valtteri Filppula – Jason Spezza – Dillon Dube Carter Rowney – Robert Thomas – Zach Sanford Defence Kris Letang – Jared Spurgeon Sami Vatanen – Ryan Murray Haydn Fleury – Michael Del Zotto Andrei Markov Jacob Larsson Goalies Tuuka Rask Jack Campbell Forwards Carsen Twarynski - Adam Ruzicka – Nando Eggenberger Erik Foley – Semyon Der-Arguchintsev – Yegor Afanasayev Daniel O-Regan Defence David Quenneville – Jesper Lindgren Gabriel Carlsson – Joni Hakanpaa Martin Hugo Has – Vladislav Yeryomenko Goalies Calvin Pickard Andrew Shortridge Jon Gillies Filip Larsson
  3. Laine Pettersson Puljujarvi Miller Horvat Boeser Pearson Sutter Ferland Eriksson Beagle Virtanen alright, have to say that would be exciting, haha
  4. Mentioned this in the GDT but I think the strongest forward group we could ice would be: Ferland Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Miller Pearson Sutter Virtanen Eriksson Beagle Gaudette Goldobin Leivo That means there is only one extra D but I think that makes sense due to the forward depth and managing our assets.
  5. We have so much depth I wonder if we make a trade. We certainly have the flexibility to do so. I still feel our top six is set at: Ferland Pettersson Boeser Baertschi Horvat Miller Then so many options after that. Maybe the following: Pearson Sutter Virtanen Eriksson Beagle Gaudette That would be an extremely solid bottom six. Leivo, Goldobin, Motte all battle for the 1-2 extra forwards.
  6. Rafferty is clearly comfortable at the NHL level. Wonder if he beats out Fantenberg as the 7th defenceman and I wonder if that’s the right thing for him. He certainly seems to deserve being on the NHL club.
  7. Exactly. Goldobin had his showcase for the 2nd line and now Baertschi gets his showcase on the second line. I really think this is Baertschi's to lose and Goldobin will be the 13th forward to fill in for top 6 injuries. With the chemistry we know Bo and Baer have and the chemistry that appeared instant with Bo and Miller I think we have a really strong second line. Can't wait to see it tonight.
  8. I also see your point, but I don't think it's a guarantee. Not all of them will hit their ceiling. I could see Joulevi hitting a 3.5-4.5 million average which means we replaces Tanev and Podz being a 6mil player replacing Eriksson, MIller etc So many moving parts that they likely all fit if we want them too.
  9. I wonder if we can send him back and forth from the Canucks to Utica every day just in case some team accidentally hits the claim button one day.
  10. Have to say I really impressed with Myers. Such a smooth skater that is deceptively fast. Doesn’t back down as he threw a guy into the boards after he lost his stick. Stabilizing force on D
  11. I would not be in favour if Aquilini was the only one doing this, but there is no way that is the case. JB was the primary negotiator, but if there is an element with that that Aquilini helped with to get to where they are, then great. Could be a good cop, bad cop type scenario with the agent.
  12. This is absolutely key. This is more than just Boeser's contract, it sets the stage for Pettersson and Hughes and then determines the next contract for Boeser while he is still an RFA. This is another key reason why it was good for Benning to be signed. He has it figured out.
  13. Wow that seems like quite the decent contract for Boston. Very good for a second pairing , 6'5, 22 year old D man.
  14. I didn’t realize he was that creative. That was nice to see plus the instant Bo chemistry.