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  1. Actually an interesting hockey trade and we would get a first to compensate for the difference in value. It’s makes sense if you take emotion out of it.
  2. I’d hate to do it but it would make sense with Virtanen if we re-sign Toffoli. I think DiPietro could be a key part of the deal too.
  3. I would like to see us stop moving all of the existing deck chairs around. We need a D that compliments what we want to do at F and as a system. That appears to be an up-tempo pace with grit/pushback so we should find players that compliment that. Bringing in Tryamkin, one more bigger name (still thinking Risolainen is the right fit which would cost a bit), and maybe a rookie to bring in some youthful jump (Joulevi or Rafferty). I am a big Tanev fan, but unless his cap is neutral to his current contract, it likely doesn't make sense. Stecher I like as well, but not at his likely new contract. He doesn't process the game fast enough to pay 3M per year to be an energy guy. So something like: Edler Ristolainen Hughes Tryamkin Joulevi Myers This gives us puck movers at every position with a balance of offensive and defensive awareness. Plus, the only players that give limited grit would be Hughes and Joulevi. That D would also likely be the largest average D grouping that the league has ever seen.
  4. Agreed on re-signing Toffoli. Makes it worth it if we have Toffoli for 3-4 more years. Need an Eriksson compliance buyout and everything works out okay.
  5. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/canucks-hoping-win-lottery-michaelis-lockwood-signings/ There is another........ Benning has somebody else in his sights. Wonder who?
  6. These signings make up for trading away mid picks. All for it. Keep the pipeline going.
  7. As some of our players graduate or get moved out, it's good to backfill with some free prospects. Never know how they may turn out.
  8. This is a nice surprise. I think he could end up being a energy guy with some offensive upside on a third like a lot like Matt Cooke. Without some of the Cookie antics.
  9. It would likely depend on who would have to actually pay the money as well. Owners may be leery after losing a lot of money and the risk of it in the fall again.
  10. Agreed. I think they would rather throw away this season before impacting this season and next. However, the interesting part of this is that the virus will likely re-emerge at the start of next season after a flattening over summer.
  11. That would actually make a lot of sense as the 84-88 likely can't happen anymore. Drop it down and allow teams to take out 1 contract to make it work. Would be interesting if a change like this could actually positively impact the Canucks from a hockey operations standpoint.
  12. Many organizations are shutting their office doors. I am part of the group at work responsible for this, and we have put it in place already. Everybody has started to work from home if possible. Not all companies can do this obviously so it will have an impact. Flattening the curve to keep the health care providers from exceeding capacity is pretty key.
  13. Well I tried to but now I can’t.
  14. Let’s not forget that the other flu strains cause around 290 000 - 650 000 deaths every year. If that was reported every year with maps and death rates people would also freak out: https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/influenza-(seasonal) This strain has a slightly higher impact and is more contagious and the issue is the potential overwhelming of health care setups where they can’t help everyone at once. Definitely worth the precautions but don’t forget how deadly the other strains of flu are.