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  1. NHL Players you've met- The Good & The Bad
  2. NHL Players you've met- The Good & The Bad

    I live in Dallas and me and a friend of mine used to go get autographs from the visiting players on their way to the morning skate back in the early 2000s. The majority of visiting teams stayed at the same hotel that was just up the street from Reunion Arena and usually the players would just walk down for the game day morning skate. Met a few hundred NHL players doing that. Most would sign autographs and some would also take pictures with you. Some of the players liked to collect their own cards and a few times had players ask if they could keep the card as they didn't have that particular one yet. Funniest moment was when the Canucks were actually in town the day after Ed Belfour had been arrested. Me and my friend were to talking to Chris Joseph I believe it was and we asked him if he had heard about Belfour getting arrested. He hadn't so we told him the story and he was like "hold on, the guys gotta hear this", so he gathered up a number of the other Canucks and we told them what Belfour had done and they died laughing. One of them asked us if we heard whether Belfour was gonna play that night or not cause they wanted to chirp him about it. Some of the ones that I remember for being really nice. Craig Conroy Jarome Iginla Jeremy Roenick Peter Bondra Rob Blake Garry Galley Jason Blake Greg Adams Gino Odjick Igor Larionov Dan Bylsma Brad May These guys stood out for being jerks. Scotty Bowman Mark Messier Chris Pronger