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  1. The Province is reporting that Roussel is expected to play tonight. They're showing him in a projected lineup on a line with Gaudette and Leivo.
  2. Has anyone on the Canucks hit the post/crossbar more than Jake has this season? Hopefully some of those start going off the post and in for him.
  3. Keep hearing what an easy schedule the Canucks have had to start this season, but if you combine the records of the teams the Canucks have played thus far against the rest of the NHL(minus their games against Vancouver), it's actually a surprising 85-77-22 for a .522 win%. Records of teams vs rest of the NHL Wsh 10-2-3 Stl 9-3-2 Edm 9-4-1 Fla 7-2-4 Anh 8-6-1 Phi 6-5-1 NYR 5-4-1 Cal 7-7-2 LA 5-7 played twice Det 4-8-1 played twice SJ 4-9-1 NJ 2-5-4 -------------------------- Total record 85-77-22
  4. Winning a lot of games, especially if they are blowouts, will allow the Canucks to keep Quinn's icetime down. This season Hughes has averaged 19:18 on the ice when the Canucks win and 22:28 when they lose.
  5. Seems almost crazy to say 283 goals in a season for the Canucks but the goals you predicted of each player seems to be realistic. I like it. My own bold predictions for this season. 3 of Baertschi, Sutter, Tanev, and Edler play 65+ games Virtanen scores 20+ goals Hughes puts up 40+ points Pettersson put up 80+ points Canucks finish season top 3 in their division with 98 points and make playoffs eventually losing in the 2nd round
  6. I'd waive Loui before I waive Leivo or Motte. I like Leivo as the 13th forward as I feel that he can slot onto any line and do a decent job. Motte definitely earned his place on the 4th line last year and I expect he will continue his hard working style of play. I think Goldy is gonna have to have a great preseason to pass Loui. With Goldobin it seems to be either top 6 or AHL and it looks like he may be hard pressed to crack the top 6 this year in Vancouver. Schaller would probably be first on the list of players to waive.
  7. Here's a stat comparison for Ben Hutton vs. Jordie Benn over the past 4 years. Ben Hutton Games - 276 Goals - 11 Assists - 59 Points - 70 plus/minus -75 Hits - 183 Blocks - 376 PPP - 28 SHP - 2 even strength pts - 40 shots - 451 ATOI - 20:20 Jordie Benn Games - 293 Goals - 16 Assists - 50 Points - 66 plus/minus +11 Hits - 368 Blocks - 519 PPP - 3 SHP - 2 even strength pts - 61 shots - 325 ATOI - 17:52
  8. Just putting this here for those who like stats Over the past 4 NHL seasons Gustav Nyquist 321 games 72 goals 191 points 16:59 ATOI 2:33 per game on PP .035 pts per min Brett Connolly 288 games 61 goals 121 points 12:19 ATOI 0:55 per game on PP .034 pts per min
  9. If the Canucks retained 50% on Sutter I think a lot of teams would be interested in acquiring his services.
  10. JT Miller had 47 pts last year playing just under 15 minutes per game. That placed Miller in the top 100(tied for 78th) in the NHL last year in pts per minute. This ranked him ahead of such players such as Kevin Hayes, Brock Boeser, Mathew Barzal, Filip Forsberg, Kyle Connor, Jeff Skinner, Ryan Johansen, and Evander Kane to name a few. I think it's likely that Miller will see 17 or 18 minutes a night in Vancouver and I think a 55 to 60 point season this next year is quite possible.
  11. I'm not crazy about giving up the 1st round pick but Miller has averaged 51 pts per season over the past 4 years and his cap hit for the remaining 4 years of his contract is very reasonable at $5.25 million per. Definitely a top 6 player that can play any forward position. A decent faceoff guy, with good size (6'1" 218) and a solid skater. At 26 years of age he's got lots of good years left in him. I'm guessing the Canucks make the playoffs this upcoming season.
  12. I think it's more his contract that people made a fuss about. As good as Weber still is that contract isn't looking pretty, as he's currently 34 years old and under contract for 7 more years at $7.857 million per season.