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  1. I'll always remember this Ballard hit on Jamie McGinn.
  2. Reaves has lead the NHL in hits each of the last two seasons. When Reaves hits it hurts too. I'd love to have that in the playoffs as it can really wear the other team's defense down in a playoff series. He's also posted 54 takeaways to 18 giveaways the last two years, which is a 3 to 1 ratio.
  3. Stecher gets no love. He actually leads the team defenseman in goals against per 60 minutes at even strength with just 2.2 goals allowed per 60.
  4. I think I'd rather the Canucks go after Nate Thompson instead as the price would be cheaper. Thompson can play center or wing, is solid on faceoffs, kills penalties and has some bite to his game.
  5. Canucks are up against the cap as it is. Having Seabrook on our roster at about 6 million would mean that we could not have signed Myers. If the Canucks had Seabrook and Myers (minus Jordie) on our team they would be about $4 million over the cap.
  6. Making the playoffs with less than 90 pts does happen. These are the teams I found that made the playoffs with under 90 pts going back to the 2005/06 season. Minnesota - 87 in 2015/16 Philadelphia - 88 pts in 2009/10 Montreal - 88 pts in 2009/10
  7. I wouldn't say that's exactly what we have right now. Tyler Myers has actually averaged more even strength ice time per game than any other player on the Canucks so far this season.
  8. I really like what I've seen out of Fantenberg so far. He hasn't looked out of place, which is pretty amazing considering he's playing on a new team and didn't get a chance to get in the lineup for the first two months. Seems to play a solid all around game, without being elite at any one thing in particular. Kinda reminds me of Jordie Benn, but with a little more offensive potential. If this is what Fantenberg brings as a bottom pairing/7th defenseman, then sign me up.
  9. After a terrible 1-7-1 start to this season, the Stars have gone 16-4-2 since. Interested in seeing what exactly this unprofessional conduct entails.
  10. I believe the shot attempts that it's showing on are for the entire team when that player was on the ice. Do we really think Edler has averaged 16 shot attempts per game since the 2009/10 season? For instance, Brock Boeser leads the team this year in total shots attempted with 124 in 30 games, which is just over 4 attempts a game.
  11. The Province is reporting that Roussel is expected to play tonight. They're showing him in a projected lineup on a line with Gaudette and Leivo.
  12. Has anyone on the Canucks hit the post/crossbar more than Jake has this season? Hopefully some of those start going off the post and in for him.
  13. Keep hearing what an easy schedule the Canucks have had to start this season, but if you combine the records of the teams the Canucks have played thus far against the rest of the NHL(minus their games against Vancouver), it's actually a surprising 85-77-22 for a .522 win%. Records of teams vs rest of the NHL Wsh 10-2-3 Stl 9-3-2 Edm 9-4-1 Fla 7-2-4 Anh 8-6-1 Phi 6-5-1 NYR 5-4-1 Cal 7-7-2 LA 5-7 played twice Det 4-8-1 played twice SJ 4-9-1 NJ 2-5-4 -------------------------- Total record 85-77-22
  14. Winning a lot of games, especially if they are blowouts, will allow the Canucks to keep Quinn's icetime down. This season Hughes has averaged 19:18 on the ice when the Canucks win and 22:28 when they lose.
  15. Seems almost crazy to say 283 goals in a season for the Canucks but the goals you predicted of each player seems to be realistic. I like it. My own bold predictions for this season. 3 of Baertschi, Sutter, Tanev, and Edler play 65+ games Virtanen scores 20+ goals Hughes puts up 40+ points Pettersson put up 80+ points Canucks finish season top 3 in their division with 98 points and make playoffs eventually losing in the 2nd round