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  1. Adam Gaudette | #88 | C

    Gaudette just has 'it'. He's the straw that stirs the drink. A heart and soul type of player. Whatever his offensive ceiling is, we can already see the emotion and passion he brings to the ice. If he has what it takes to be an NHL player, that energy will do wonders for this team.
  2. [Proposal] Vegas and Vancouver

    You won't get flamed, but it's worth noting that if such a trade were even considered, it would have happened during the ED
  3. You find players where you find them. The only thing top 5 does is give you betters odds at a 'hit'. There are lots of great prospects throughout the first round. Rather than blow all our assets trading up in this draft, save it for next year's when there are more elite prospects available. I'm with you. We need top 5 talent. But that top 5 talent looks a lot better next year, and this year's first round has a lot of evenly rated prospects. Double up.
  4. Now that we know Vegas is going to end up with several 1st round picks, it might be a good idea to see if we can trade down with them. 5OA for two 1st round picks (10-25). They already have the 6th pick, so 5OA would give them 2 top prospects, just like we have been clamouring for. As much as we all want that, maybe it's a smarter move to try and trade down, and trust Benning's scouting to snag two players instead of one; and we get to keep Tanev for this season, and possibly do a trade at the TDL for picks in next years draft. Then maybe we can trade up for Dahlin if need be. My 2 cents
  5. Petterson is a project, but his ceiling is higher than most players in the draft. If he maxes out his potential, he could become one of the most dynamic players in the NHL. But he is young, and needs to fill out his frame. I think Petterson would likely need at least two more years of development before he could crack the lineup. For some, that might feel like too long. I myself am leaning towards Cody Glass in part because he could fill a spot in our lineup next year or 2018. He's more pro-ready, and has the body to keep up in the NHL. But Petterson has such a high ceiling that you shouldn't be sad if we draft him.
  6. Hard to go based on goals and assists, because these guys play in different leagues with different styles and levels of competition. That being said, Petterson is a guy that jumps off the screen and certainly passes the eye test
  7. Expansion Draft, Who's protected, Who's not

    The deal with Gaunce is that he's a player we want to have in our system. But he hasn't shown enough to warrant a spot on the protected list. Good news is he very possibly won't be taken.
  8. Long time reader, first post. Here are my thoughts on the draft: 1. Stand pat at 5OA and take either Vilardi or Glass. Both are great prospects and we need one of the in our system...bad. If by some chance the top 4 centres go 1-4, I think you have to go best player available, and at that position it would probably be Makar or Hesikanen. 2. There has been a lot of excitement about the idea of trading Tanev in a package to Dallas for #3OA. I think if we're trading Tanev we will get a lot better value to trade to a team in the 8-12 range instead. There are a lot of similarly graded players in that range, but many are still great prospects and would be relatively similar in value to a player we could get at #3. Really, all that trade does is guarantee us Vilardi, but it would cost a heck of a lot more than trading for a pick in the 8-12 range, and getting Petterson, Necas, Tolvanen, etc. Better return on investment. 3. Petterson is going to be a stud, and the prospect of him playing with Dahlen for another year in Timra is icing on the cake. His puck skills/awareness is very impressive, and he's pulling that off against men in the Swedish league. He's young, and needs time to grow, but he has a very high ceiling. If the Canucks land this kid, whether at 5, or another pick acquired by trade, we should be happy about that pick.