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  1. I have watched Kole live as a WHLer about 10 times, all when playing the Royals in Victoria. I believe his skills can translate to a top 6 forward with speed, skill, strength and an edge. This depends somewhat on injury luck and determination which he is showing he possesses. But realistically, he needs to be Boucher, Baertchi, Goldobin good in the AHL while being younger to exceed how far each of them has progressed. With that in mind, Kole needs one more breakthrough summer while turning in a near PPG season this year.
  2. Patience guys. This is not a third or fourth line player we are trying to build. He will get better yet.
  3. I guess it was silly of me to stop in and see if Madden played today.
  4. I agree Madden is an NHL player in time. Really see him as that missing center in Utica in a few months and can not wait to see him between Lind and Gadjovich next season down in Utica and all three in Vancouver the year after.
  5. I wonder if when we get healthy if we can try a Petey Gaud Boeser or Miller Gaud Petey line to try to confuse the opposition and load up an offensive line that gets offensive zone starts.
  6. I agree with the let him develop thought pattern. He is doing very well but he needs grow more and do more. When he grows into what he can be at the AHL level bring him up for a taste. Then he can begin to grow into the next level. Kole does not need to be an NHL player next year to have an NHL career.
  7. So seems it seems Hall is moving from NJ soon. Would you double down on the Miller trade and flip Miller for Hall? We upgrade the first line more and Jersey gets a longer term replacement for Hall (who seems to be leaving anyway). Of course Hall would need to sign an extension but what talented offensive winger would not love to play with Petey?
  8. I think we need to start including his hit stats after last night.
  9. Just do not forget that Demko is at 1.64 gaa and .943 save % after three NHL games this year. Awfully similar numbers one league up. The future does look bright, especially in goal.
  10. Gaudette is not making it easy for them to send him down.
  11. I just think Jake is able to contribute to physical play but not be the initiative and sole force. He needs to be part of a physical group. Thus think Ferland needs to play with Jake. Anyway I see Miller with Brock and Petey. Then we have Bo, Pearson, Leivo, Ferland, Virtanen, Baertchi and Gaudette fighting for spots in the Middle 6. Then we still have Sutter, Beagle, Motte, Schaller, eventually Roussell and god forbid Ericksson amd then the challenging youngsters. We do need to move some bodies out to some team lacking NHL depth. Edmonton air Arizona? Sutter would look nice in the desert for a 5th rounder. Lol.
  12. Complimentary? I was thinking Ferland AG JV18. Punishment, puck separation and finish.
  13. So does Ferland become the linemate and mold for Jake?
  14. If Myers makes Tanev the second unit RHD penalty killer this is a win. Hughes as first PP spreads Edler a little thinner and we are a little better.
  15. The Kole carried Foote in Kole's 4th year I am not in on Foote.