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  1. If his golf game is what you are concerned about then you envision the Canucks future goals quite differently than I do. Lind is not a mental midget on ice.
  2. I would be happy to get any player who can get the puck in our zone and get it out. We so need another good PK dman that will not hurt the other areas of our game.
  3. The D man on that play is former Canuck prospect Gustav Forsling who is having a pretty good AHL season himself. Not good on that play though.
  4. Will keep getting better as well. Need to trade a few players this off season. Stecher, Roussell, Ferland?, Leivo, Erickson, Benn all need to go to give the kids some room.
  5. Remains to be seen. Could be second round talent or could even be elite first round talent. Might take a few more years to find out. I certainly see some parallels between Gaud and Horvat.
  6. He defintely looked good last night. Looked like what we hoped Ferland and Jake would bring. Hope he can keep it up.
  7. Anyone still want us to pick Cassie Middlestat?
  8. The reality of this is Pettersson make plays while Horvat makes space. Any sniper can play with Petey, guys that thrive in space need to play with Bo. Miller Petey Brock Pearson Bo Toffoli Jake Gaud (eventually Kole)
  9. Hughes woo Juolevi Rathbone Brisebois rafferty In a few years should be amazing. Could see 4 of that 6 next year in some games.
  10. Well, you do not have to worry about sitting or playing Schaller now.
  11. No Pearson will not be in the top 6 or even top 9 in 2023. But Kole Lind will.
  12. Toffoli is a player. Schaller needed to go. But a second and Madden? This is a trade I would pass on.
  13. Honestly, I could see Tanev try the market to see if he could go to Pittsburg and play a season with Brandon.