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  1. Nice pick. Was ranked 3rd ova for most of the year. Dropped because of the Russian factor. Once Zegras off the board I'm excited for this pick.
  2. I get that it might be a step back for now and I'm not saying I'd do it but Turcotte is going to be a great player. Barrie isn't going to be cheap. Canucks would have to give up a lot to get him. Just saying this cause horvat got mentioned.
  3. What about something like horvat + 1st for Barrie and 4th OA if Turcotte is available?
  4. Sounds like NJD want to compete soon and Hall has said he wants to be on a playoff team. I think they'd trade 1oa for Horvat ,10oa + prospect or 2nd. Worth it for bucks? Meh