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  1. Why does everyone assume Podkolzin is falling past 3? Seems like nearly every draft ranking has him at #3 and he's like the consensus best player after Hughes and Kakko
  2. Listen pleeease just answer my one question. Can you name one team that signs college free agents that doesn't burn a year of their contract? Just ONE please.
  3. The Brassard thing actually isn't that complicated, it doesn't matter if hypothetically he put up 100 points. If our scouts watched him and identified that his skating is not even close to nhl or ahl level, and that he hasn't made major strides in improving it, there's no reason to use a contract spot on him.
  4. 1 game might not mean much, but from what I saw he looked kinda lost in the defensive zone at times when the other team had puck control.
  5. When all of Lind, Gadjovich, Palmu, and Dahlen are struggling in the AHL after having really amazing seasons the year before, it looks bad on Trent Cull. Now is it technically possible that these four just happen to be not ready and it's more their fault and Cull is doing a decent job? Yeah I guess so. It's just that it should definitively be alarming that good prospects who took significant development strides the year before all look out of place in Cull's system. Honestly the worst thing that you can definitively pinpoint to Cull is having guys like Jasek randomly getting scratched many times despite having strong games the night before, it's just bewildering sometimes tbh.
  6. Any Matt Brassard watchers out there, could you let us know if this is more of a Carl Neill situation where he didn't get signed despite good numbers because his skating was not close to NHL level or has Brassard taken steps in that area of his game?
  7. Wow man you got me, a 3 game sample size where Gaunce got really lucky goals totally destroys my entire point of him not being productive and looking like an offensive black hole from over a 100 game sample. Nice point bud.
  8. Gaunce is an offensive black hole, he has shown absolutely nothing in terms of production at the nhl level, he doesn't produce even near enough for a fourth line roll. This is the reality and it doesn't matter how much cdc complains or praises his ahl play.
  9. B-b-b-but Jake Wise just hasn't got enough ice time yet guys! - Canucks Army
  10. Except the 100 point guy is making 12.5 mill........
  11. So when I was in grade 10 we received a presentation from an OHL player Connor Schlichting. During the Q&A session afterwards, the topic of work ethic came up, and Connor basically said that what he noticed during training was that generally the better NHL players put much more effort into training than everyone else. But then he said there was an exception of the Russian players on his team, that they didn't really train that much, but regardless were still really good because of how skilled they were. I was thinking back to this story today and went on Hockeydb, and surprisingly enough, found out that the year that he gave this story, none other than Nikolay Goldobin was the leading scorer on the team. Now it's also possible that he was talking about the other Russian import on the team, but just something to consider.